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  1. It's hidden in Mathijs post. Only to be uncovered by a magical hover.
  2. That's what has been said by TFDi about RealLight in the update post: "We created a new texture processing system to allow better compression without reducing visual quality of RealLight textures. This has allowed us to reduce texture memory consumption by approximately 66%." So, if Aerosoft gets those updated files as well, this should have a positive performance impact on the Buses. (Lowering its VRAM need, to be a bit more precise.)
  3. I for one enjoy the preview policy Aerosoft uses. If you're not willing to wait for something to be released just don't check the forums. But others like me love to stay informed about projects they're interested in, this includes everything from good to bad news. And if I learned something about software development, then that sometimes there simply isn't anything to share. I can understand your point of view, but in my opinion it's a bit silly to demand on information for something you haven't paid for yet. Even if you're owner of other products.
  4. How would this be beneficial for the simulation? That you have to alter the cabin temperature?
  5. Yep, that would be RealLight. I couldn't find a similar statement in regard to TrueGlass tough.
  6. The printable weather information is an insanely cool feature! You guys said that you're testing out TrueGlass right? You reckon you're going to implement it?
  7. 19_Invictus_21

    Any Update Dear Developers

    I'll write that down in my curriculum vitae
  8. 19_Invictus_21

    Any Update Dear Developers

    Surprised but highly appreciated that Friedrichshafen gets some love! Oh and did I read correctly that Zürich will get animated Jetways in P3D V4?
  9. 19_Invictus_21

    TFDI Export,

    I'd also love to have this implemented.
  10. Actually a short search for "x plane" showed me a post by Mathijs stating that this is not planned for now.
  11. 19_Invictus_21

    Pisa X preview

    Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the release of this scenery and I'm glad you decided to make the jetway animated. Happy holidays!
  12. I know that this really is a complex product. And I also understand that they won't tell us a date until they're 100% sure about it. But the first post of this Topic says "Release expected 2016 (but hey, shit happens)". All I wanted to know is if shit happened, or if they're still going for 2016
  13. I'll probably get beaten by the dislike hammer now. But I'll ask it anyway. Are you still going for a 2016 release?
  14. 19_Invictus_21

    Calvi lights not showing (P3D v3.2)

    Hello there! I have the exact same issue. I can see all the lights from a distance. But when getting closer to calvi, about 5NM away from it, the lights disappear. I'm on P3D V3.3.5 Sincerely Invictus
  15. Yup, Swiss does that too on their A330s. If a flight is so long that they need three pilots, Swiss reserves one seat in the first class for them to sleep. But of course, sleeping in a flight sim wouldn't be that interesting.