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  1. Thanks mopperle and Stephen will get to work correcting these issues.
  2. How do I add P3Dv4 to the add-on section. All other versions of P3D are represented.
  3. tgroth

    Active Sky 16 P3Dv4

    Srcrooke that worked !! Thanks so much for your help.
  4. tgroth

    Active Sky 16 P3Dv4

    Miguel I am using versionVersion 1.28.
  5. tgroth

    Active Sky 16 P3Dv4

    Yes and there was once I deleted the two previous entries and restarted AS16
  6. tgroth

    Active Sky 16 P3Dv4

    Hi srcooke, Did as instructed. Same response from PFPX. It can not download AS weather data.
  7. Hello, Attempting to use AS16 as the weather source for PFPX. I have reviewed the Feb 4th Topic that Tom covered concerning this very matter. PFPX states it cannot load Active Sky Weather data. Screen shots enclosed. Thanks in advance for your help.