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  1. I dont think the a330 will comes this year, or mathjis did say it that it comes before or at christmas?
  2. there will be the sharklet livery for lufthansa too? The sharklet version will only be different in the model, or u add rlly the sharklet version with the new software or the improved flight and fuel characteristics/range?
  3. Amirco

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Anyone wants in the future to build my homeport hanover professional? (Eddv, haj) Or the a350-1000,-900/ 787-10/a380?
  4. When we will see an promo video for the a320/21 like at the a318/19?
  5. and what for a professional product? :D
  6. ok thank you U can close the topic
  7. but i think that i rode smth. that there is a old navdatapro and navi graph cycle included? Or if i buy this one: i will get a full cycle of all charts?
  8. English: I've bought the a320 family professional bundle, but how i use the included NavDataPro Charts? I have the ndp program but i only can use the offline mode, wich have only my 3 airports eddf egll and lebl. German: Ich habe das a320 Family Professional bundle gekauft,aber wie benutze ich jetzt die enthaltenen NavDataPro Charts? Ich habe das NDP Programm aber ich kann es nur im Offline Modus benutzen, welcher nur meine 3 Flughäfen EDDF EGLL und LEBL beinhaltet. Best greetings Schöne Grüße
  9. Thanks @mopperle, And it has rudder axis, right ? greetings
  10. ok but i have to choose: The Extreme 3d Pro with a rudder axis and the joystick, this is what i need or a thrustmaster t flight hotas x joystick with a thrust lever, wich i dont need. Then i have to buy the rudders extra, mby i will buy the thrust lever a bit later, but thanks to u all
  11. Thanks, Where i can see the NavDataPro Chars wich are included? So i need a Joystick, like the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro? And a rudder like(can u help me at this?): Edit: Do the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro have a rudder axis? I see that i can move the thrust Lever with F1 -F4 and with the mouse, so i dont need the combinded joystick with a thrust lever, right?:||||p|Computer %2B Büro > Gaming %2B Gaming-Zubehör > Gaming Joysticks|&gclid=Cj0KCQjwm6HaBRCbARIsAFDNK-gdTcEzMg69NG-JoyqKjpg5VxYE_fAigNh3AHFT_AVuMY3AKHRUo_YaAla4EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=COHiru-NndwCFUsX4Aod2qIFJw
  12. Do i really need Rudder pedals?(If yes, pls tell me some cheap rudder pedals, ty :)) Can i use my Logitech G29 Pedals? And where i can see the NavDataPro Cycle Charts were are included? Greetings