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  1. Saving flight on the deck

    I found the solution. Just above Simonground=False there are some speed data. I set them to 0 and the plane spawned still. As for the location, I just played around with the spawn point's GPS coordinates - yes it was a pain - but I eventually managed to have the plane spawned where I wanted.
  2. Saving flight on the deck

    Sometimes it's on the carrier just further back than were I saved. My other problem is that when I unpause the plane rocks violently as it spawns with 0 speed, but the carrier is moving.
  3. Saving flight on the deck

    Hi, I followed all the instructions, paused before saving, set "simonground=False", it's all fine, except I spawn behind the carrier, parked in the air, not where I saved it! I'm trying to edit the mission file to move it 20-30 seconds earlier (when the carrier was still there), but I'm not sure which line to edit and how? Any ideas please? Thanks
  4. "Meatball" Visibility - Any Way to Adjust?

    Is there any news on this please? I still cannot see the ball from outside cca 0.4 miles. Thanks!
  5. Tomcat stick!

    It's been hinted that VKB sim is going to release a joystick with an F-14 Tomcat grip
  6. CV63 FLOLS visibility in P3D

    Sme here, Ican never fly the ball....
  7. 50 traps

    Today I did my 50th trap since I installed the new version of VLSO. I never had such high GPA and BR, so let me proudly show it to you
  8. Single Engine Approach

    I managed but I got waved off...I landed nonetheless. Thanks for the advice! It's really tricky though...
  9. Single Engine Approach

    thanks, will give it a try today and report back!
  10. Single Engine Approach

    What is the standard procedure for this? Do you extend the airbrakes? It seems that if I add too much power I cannot control the yaw moment, if I don't, my AoA goes out of control. How do you guys do it?
  11. Hydraulics & startup - qestions

    Wow, thanks a lot for the explanation! It was very helpful!
  12. Hydraulics & startup - qestions

    Hi, I have 2 questions regarding the startup procedure. Before engine start, the manual says the starter switch should be cycled: left, off, right, off. Why is this needed? I read somewhere it's meant to bleed all remaining hydraulic pressure, should there be any, before testing the HI/LO emergency flight hydraulics. Is this true? Also, after starting the right engine but before starting the left one, you're supposed to crank the left one, hydraulic transfer pump to normal, build about 2500 psi combined pressure, then starter off, hydr. shutoff. Why is this needed? Also, the pressure that builds up like this bleeds off rather quickly if I don't start the left engine right after it. Thanks in advance!
  13. The Tomcat Screenshot thread

    Some more bones: