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  1. the livery doesn't work
  2. the plane works now.... but the texture is like black... and the cockpit is also black
  3. hello?
  4. And yess... its stansted Sorry for responding so late xD
  5. Is there any news?
  6. Here is my list -Stockholm Bromma Airport (Sweden) -Stockholm Västerås Airport (Sweden) -San Sebastián Airport (Spain) -Kiruna Airport (Sweden) -Oulu Airport (Finland) -Luleå Airport (Sweden) -Fuerteventura Airport (Spain) -Halifax Airport (Canada) -Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (Canada) -Kirkenes Airport (Norway)
  7. hello!!! can someone make this livery?:
  8. @Davetunes I will say.... Memphis!
  9. Aerosoft Stockholm Västerås?? or Aerosoft San Sebastián
  10. Can you make a livery for UD Las Palmas? is the team of Gran Canaria, a small island near Africa.



  11. Thomas Cook Scandinavia PLZZ, i know im a nerd of that airline XD