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  1. Does the PSS 777 flare in auto land?

    I assume you're talking about the Phoenix Simulation Software product. You'll have to ask somewhere else, as this whole forum is for Aerosoft developed or sold products only.
  2. Release dates are not yet known, so asking a roundabout way for one won't work. For sure release won't be affected by something external like a VatSim event.
  3. Duplicate post. Keeping the first one open.
  4. Repaint request: Nordic Seaplanes

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  5. Repaint request: Nordic Seaplanes

    Repaint requests go here. As noted in the other repaint requests a bit below this latest one.
  6. Darrien, there are many past comments about wing flex/bend. Please don't add more. What you saw is accurate for the smaller, stiff-winged Busses. All, please don't comment on Darrien's comment on wing flex. Thanks!
  7. Mega Airport San Francisco

    If you bought it from the Aerosoft download store, simply go to the page in your Aerosoft shop account where you originally ordered it and the current version will be there, along with your serial number/key in case you forgot it. If you bought the boxed product and it's the Aerosoft version, you can register at the Aerosoft download site and you should be able to pick up the current version there. See this link for more info. If you bought it as a download from anyone else, you'll have to go to the on-line store that sold it. The contract of sale is between them and you, and they have the obligation to support you.
  8. Not quite. The contract of sale is between you and PC Aviator. Aerosoft is out of the picture since PC Aviator bought the licenses for the individual re-sales, along with the obligation to service those they sold. Aerosoft doesn't have any of your money, only PC Aviator's. Take a look at this post for further insight into what should be their responsibility along with Aerosoft's. I wish I had better news for you. I do hope PC Aviator will do right by you.
  9. Question abt updating EDDF to Pro

    The issue may lay with how you're entering the serial from your earlier version. Did you buy it from Aerosoft or from a third party? If from Aerosoft, the best way to ensure you're entering the serial correctly is to go to your original order page, copy the serial without including any spaces, and then paste it in the Upgrade field.
  10. Aerosoft Dublin v4

    When there is, you'll see it announced over at this site. There's no point now in keeping this thread open. As Mathijs, noted above, "not very soon for sure."
  11. Frankfurt Professional NO ILS in sim

    That listing and screen shot is not from the "FMC" in the airplane but from the airport selection page in P3D. That listing correctly shows the only runways at EDDF available for takeoff. That's not the same thing as runways with an ILS or indeed not even a list of runways with some kind of an instrument approach. And why they're in the P3D generated screen where you set your location on the airport to start your flight. As I explained, not all runways you can take off from have ILSs (18) and not all runways with an ILS (07L/25R) are available for takeoff. This exactly replicates the real life configuration at EDDF. I trust that clarifies for you the purpose of this selection screen. Here's the same screen in FSX (not FSX:SE, although it should be the same). As you can see, it also only shows the EDDF runways available for takeoff: You wrote, "yes those are the runways i can se in the FMC in the airplane." As for that, this is what I see in the PMDG 737NGX in the "FMC" for EDDF for ILS approaches. All are shown, including the two each for 07L and 25R:
  12. Update to Professional not working

    Good chance you miscopied or otherwise didn't enter the correct code. I suggest you go to the page in your shop account where the download is for your MA Heathrow Xtended is and copy the key from there to paste in the purchase page tab for Heathrow Pro. Do be sure you don't inadvertently copy any spaces before or after the key, because that will cause the entry to fail. If that still doesn't work, best to go to support@aerosoft.com for assistance.
  13. 320 Professional Series

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. 320 Professional Series

    You're in the wrong place. You'll want to follow the A318/A319/A320/A321/A330 Pro page here. Please review the summary post at the top of the current page, where you'll find the answer to your question.
  15. Heathrow-Extended & P3D v 3.3

    Also, do you have Orbx England installed, as it too includes a fairly detailed EGLL that needs to be accounted for? If so, you do so in the Orbx England scenery Control Panel.