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  1. If you have the new Pro version that recently came out, you can already see her. Her run route is described in this post. It may be she's "developed" a little more since appearing in the Pro version.
  2. Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Since most default and add-on aircraft have tunable radios where you have to have the correct frequency dialed in to receive ATIS or communicate with ATC (if you use that function), it's not clear what you're asking for.
  3. Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Aerosoft already has one in the works. See this tread for more.
  4. Excellent point, Otto. I bit the bullet a while back and bought one of the X-Rite consumer models and was amazed at how much better the color calibration was after using it. So much faster too than the built-in Windows "Color Management" tool. Also, I thought at first the talk about color drift on monitors was just a sales pitch, but now that I have the reminder set in their software, I can see it happen on my name brand monitor over two months, so I know it's not hype. For under $200, their basic line is well worth it to me.
  5. Anchorage glitches

    This may turn out to be one of those difficult to diagnose and fix issues where a small minority have an issue the majority don't. That doesn't mean it isn't real for that minority, rather, it will likely take some time for SimWings to come to the rescue. I'll leave this thread open so that others that may have the same issue will have one place to track for a resolution instead of starting individual threads with the same concern.
  6. LIRN Naples airport

    You didn't say which LIRN you have, and I don't know how many are out there. This is the current support list for AES from its shop page. As you can see, LIRN from one specific developer is supported. If your LIRN isn't from that developer, it's not supported. Since you stated you know where the request for new AES support page is, that's what you'll want to do.
  7. To start with , which sim, which sceneries and which aircraft?
  8. Problème avec le Livery Manager

    Moved to the French forum. Originally posted to an English only forum.
  9. Anchorage glitches

    From a working and correct installation of Orbx Southeast Alaska, I simply installed the scenery by the Aerosoft installer, selected a different install location ([P3Dv4 root folder]\Ecosystem) and selected the SAK installed option as I see you did. I didn't need to turn off any Orbx or other files to get a correct looking airport and vicinity. I'm not seeing any obvious issues with your install method, since what should have been the key one (checking the SAK option) you noted you did. Please check the following and reply with what your settings are: Confirm Sim and OS Are you using any third party mesh? Have you checked to insure there are no conflicting AFCADs, as for example from copying over the older Aerosoft/SimWings Anchorage while waiting for the new one? Is your "Mesh resolution" set to 5m and your "Texture resolution" at 7cm?
  10. LPMA - Runway Bump

    Please try turning "Crash Detection" off in the sim (if it's on) and let us know if that resolves the issue.
  11. Anchorage glitches

    Do you have Anchorage Pro above your Orbx entries? My scenery looks as expected, so it's not duplicated for me.
  12. Getting stranded on Lake Hood

    Thee seaplane ramp works fine with the newest Aerosoft Twin Otter. As an experiment, I started in Lake Hood with the amphib Twotter, taxied up the ramp on the west side of the lake, crossed two streets while on the taxiway (IRL, there's signs warning car traffic to give way to aircraft) entered the air carrier side by following the "Lake Hood taxiway" (see the 30-2 airport chard provided by NavData Pro), departed runway 15, entered left downwind for the seaplane runway at Lake Hood, triple checked gear "UP" before landing, then taxied back to my start point. Two airports for the price of one pattern. Fun! Here's an example of the signs from when I was there a few years ago.
  13. Getting stranded on Lake Hood

    Oliver, when I used the stock file AFCAD while in the Aerosoft Twin Otter, even full reverse wouldn't pull me off whatever the barriers were. No way could I get around the long island no matter which runway end I used. After replacing it with your AFCAD, I was able to taxi completely around the lake and island without any issues. It's got my thumbs-up. I plan some more testing to see if the amphib version works correctly on the seaplane ramps on the west end of the lake. I used them a lot with the older FSX version of Aerosoft PANC during the beta on the Twin Otter. We'd get a lot of jumping going up that ramp until Finn got the contact points worked out so I want to see if the new scenery works as well as the old one in that spot.
  14. Slow Download, Anchorage Pro

    Tom would know better than me. Let's see what he says. That's an unbelievable speed. No wonder you're trying to find out what the deal is. When I downloaded it on Thursday, I was getting 1.6-1.7 Mbs on a DSL line.
  15. Slow Download, Anchorage Pro

    As Tom and Otto noted, Aerosoft uses third-party servers to distribute software. There's nothing Aerosoft can do about any bottlenecks between those servers and you. The issue could be anywhere between the two and as you might know, a blazing fast connection to one given server doesn't mean any other connectioin will be that fast.