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  1. Mathijs weighed in on this and following comments have staked out the opposing response. Time to move on, so no further comments on this please. This is an Aerosoft sponsored and hosted outreach tool and they get to call the rules.
  2. Since I had some free time, I went back to the beginning of this thread and hid all the posts that were quoted in an answer, earlier questions about release dates, and other clutter. That should reduce the page count for our frequent readers and add focus for our newer guests. Also, by hiding instead of deleting, a post can be reinstated if it's later found to have value. Update: I had no idea it was so time consuming, as it was about 1+45 for the first 10 pages. Probably have to limit the internal explanations for the hides. Since mods can see the hidden posts it's a real revelation to see how much content is repetitive and how much is answered in the sticky post.
  3. For the same reason the start date for the Allied invasion of France in WW II was termed “D-Day.” When the start date needs to change, as it did with the invasion (twice) and with this project, the many subsequent events are counted from the initial date (such as D+14) to avoid having to revise multiple instances/documents containing day/month dates. Then as now, there are so many references dependent on the start date that some are bound to escape revision, and with specific dates used, confusion results around events with day/month dates. Also, by now, D-Day is commonly used to denote the launch of many projects with potentially changeable dates.
  4. From Watkin: A quick question to you on that new goal Mathijs, since this is a back office delay, will this also delay the A320/321 + 2 Weeks?   Watkin, I would expect so. While the back office change is the cause, I'd anticipate the testers and code fixers will welcome the release delay, since it will allow more time to assess/incorporate P3D v4.3 impact and allow a break before digging in to the follow-on projects. As you seem to know, all the following releases are downstream of the A318/319 with previously stated sequence and intervals between each described in the pinned topic at the top of the page. Here they are, copied from the pinned topic: A318/A319 Professional D-Day A320/A321 Professional 5 weeks later A318/A319 Professional & A320/A321 Profession service Pack 1 This Service pack will replace the current PFD and ND with newer version that are better in resolution and designed to be used in 2d mode (the other gauges should already work in 2d mode at that time) Unknown period later, but we guestimate something like 4 weeks. A330 Professional Unknown period later 318/A319 Professional & A320/A321 Professional & A330 Professional service Pack 2 Note we skip the A330 SP1 to keep the names uniform. This service pack will bring all aircraft to the same status and will update the smaller busses with the knowledge gathered in the meantime.
  5. Herman

    Problems LGKR Aerosoft - double Runways etc.

    In the Windows File Manager, click on your sim main folder, then enter "LGKR" (without the quotes) in the Search box in the upper right of the window. The resulting list will show all the files containing the search term, along with their location. Anything in the Aerosoft folders is fine, as is anything in an add-on utility or aircraft related folder, such as NavDataPro, Navigraph or PMDG. Anywhere else is suspect. For any you find outside the safe folders, deactivate (NOT delete) the file by adding "OFF" to the filename extension or moving it to a backup folder you create in the upper level folder it's in. Then, open the sim and confirm the issue is fixed. Because there may be some useful files containing LGKR, once the duplicate runway and taxiways are gone, you could go back and selectively undo the renaming/moving one at a time until you find the culprit.
  6. Herman

    Aerosoft A320/321 autopilot glitch

    There's a dedicated section of the support forums for this. I moved it there for you out of the general one.
  7. Herman


    English in English forums, bitte. I moved this for you.
  8. Considering it's the weekend and anyone that really knows might not be haunting this site, please try some patience.
  9. Herman

    Editing Flight Plan in A320

    Moved to the Airbus forum.
  10. Herman

    Invisible ground equipment

    I'm out of ideas then. Let's see who else will come in with something that works.
  11. Herman

    Invisible ground equipment

    Just for clarification, which sim? If you're using FSX:SE, AES is not compatible with it. Also, just a guess here, but ensure you're not using DX10 Preview. If you are and have Steve's DX Fixer running, I don't know it that can cause issues or not.
  12. Herman

    Brakes Aren't Holding

    IRL, you'd never rely on the parking brake alone to hold the aircraft still while under more than idle power, especially on run-up. Feet always on the toe brakes and at runup power, full braking is the norm. Of course, if you're using physical rudder pedals with toe brakes, make sure they're correctly calibrated. By the way, many require the two axes be reversed, so be sure to test after calibration. Not sure about your second issue. What you describe would be normal if you're in beta/reverse thrust. If you're on the brakes with power on (especially a lot), and then reduce power quickly, the oleo in the nose wheel strut will de-compress some and let the nose pitch up a little. Not enough to put the tail on the skid though.
  13. Herman

    Invisible ground equipment

    Try turning off ground shadows in the sim settings and see if that helps.
  14. Herman

    LIRN Napoli X Runway 06 alignment

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  15. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.