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  1. Ray Proudfoot

    SimStarterNG on new PC - unable to read options

    I saw a pinned topic about "no internet connection" and went to the store to download the latest version. v1.8.4 (rev 6) still presents a blacked out option for choice of sim but clicking it does now let me into the program. That colour thing needs sorting please. Win 10 Pro English here.
  2. I've installed SimStarterNG on a new PC (uninstalled on old one). and I'm presented with the attached. How do I make a selection? Only P3D v4 is installed. If I click the blacked out option the next screen mentions a critical error and suggests I close the program which I do. Dark grey on black is not the ideal colour choice. 😉
  3. Ray Proudfoot

    Any word on PFPX update?

    Nice to hear from you Christian. Congratulations on the arrival of your second daughter. No wonder you haven't had much free time! The new features look great and I look forward to seeing more in the days to come.
  4. Ray Proudfoot

    Any word on PFPX update?

    @pracines, I believe their business was in danger of going bankrupt. That would have been a couple of years ago so you would hope that may have been resolved one way or another by now. I agree that expecting the occasional update from them is not unreasonable. Judith did post here to clear a problem when I had PFPX installed twice so they do visit on occasions.
  5. Ray Proudfoot

    Brussels International preview

    Anders, I agree with you. Perhaps if names were shown for down votes it would make people think a little more carefully before they act. I’ll say it again. I see no gain for having the downvote option. If someone fundamentally disagrees with a post they should post a reply instead of hiding behind a keyboard.
  6. Ray Proudfoot

    Centre SimStarterNG on launch

    Thanks Otto!
  7. Ray Proudfoot

    Centre SimStarterNG on launch

    Just a minor issue. Each time I open SimStarterNG part of the display is off the screen and I have to drag the application upwards to see the buttons at the bottom of the application. I run at 1920*1080 so a perfectly normal resolution. Can you please correct this so it centres on the display please?
  8. Thanks Jespersson. The problem as I see it with Aerosoft is they are the sellers, not the designers. LatinVFR, FlyTampa and FSDT design their own airports and if you're not happy about something or need a question answering more often than not you talk to the people who have written the code. That does make a bit difference. I have no idea who wrote Aerosoft LPPT and cannot discuss anything with them. That is a problem.
  9. Mathijs, my criticism was not directed at Aerosoft but at the designer. Given LPPT was a second generation offering it was very disappointing moveable jetways were not added. Perhaps you could take on board my suggestion that for every Mega Airport airport insist on a certain standard which should include moveable jetways. I'm seriously considering removing this scenery and trying the default. I know I only post here when I'm complaining about something. I suppose that's just the way of the world. I do have many of your airports and on the whole am pleased with them. Lisbon though has been a disappointment.
  10. There's another problem with the design of the buildings and static jetways at LPPT. The jetways are part of the building so there's no way to remove them to allow users of GSX to create animated jetways. Perhaps Aerosoft can insist on certain rules before they accept an airport from a 3rd party developer. Either supply animated jetways (CTRL+J) or SODE or allow the static ones to be removed without taking the whole building with it. It's a very poor show.
  11. Ray Proudfoot

    Plan export question

    I've worked out how to export both my plan and the EFB plan to my Z drive. Pretty simple once you understand the path rules. The attached screenshot shows the details. The key entry is the Document folder. Everything is stored under that. As I want to export to a NAS drive mapped as Z I need to create folders that will hold the relevant exported files. So my Document folder is Z:\Plans. P3D requires a folder to hold the plans. Under Z:\Plans create Prepar3D v3 Files. That is where your P3D plan will go. Back under Z:\Plans create a second folder and name it Aivlasoft. Within that create EFB then UserData and finally Routes. So the path to that folder will be Z:\Plans\Aivlasoft\EFB\UserData\Routes That's it. Press Export and the two plans will be created in their respective folders. You can use batch files to copy or move them to their folders on the PCs where P3D / EFB is installed. Hope that helps anyone wishing to use a NAS box to temporarily hold the plans when their FS PC is off and they run PFPX on a separate computer.
  12. There aren’t and had I known that I wouldn’t have bought it. At least v1 didn’t break the PAPI lights which required fixing with a patch from a German source. Better looking buildings and that’s about all. Not sure how it qualifies as a Mega Airport.
  13. Ray Proudfoot

    Plan export question

    Yes and I can create new files too so permissions are okay. Mine is the only account set as Admin so that should be default shouldn't it? From what I can work out unless the folder structure is correct the files won't be exported. I've had to setup the required folders on my laptop to satisfy PFPX. I really don't see why it insists on that.
  14. Ray Proudfoot

    Plan export question

    Thanks Otto. There is a red X against the mapping on my Win 10 laptop and apps cannot gain access whilst it's in that state. But a single click of the drive does then show the contents. In this case I had already accessed it several times today. The manual is otherwise excellent but doesn't cover this export in any detail at all.
  15. Ray Proudfoot

    Plan export question

    I've got around the problem by creating the required folders on my laptop and then using a batch file to copy the files to the required destinations. But I'm sure there's a better way. I just can't recall what it was.