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  1. Ray Proudfoot

    How do new versions of SimStarterNG get to other retailers?

    Thanks Mathijs, That sounds the logical way to do it. You will have more success with PC Aviator Australia who did reply to the topic on AvSim and said he would send a message to PC Aviator USA. They're letting themselves down badly by not replying to messages.
  2. Although I now have the latest version of SimStarterNG I would like to know how other retailers get the update. Logically, the author of SimStarterNG will notify all retailers (including Aerosoft of course) that a new version is available. Those retailers will then update their database and send out a notification to customers where necessary. Is that how it works? There is considerable frustration over at AvSim Hanger sub-forum about the failure of PC Aviator (US) to respond to customer requests for the latest version of software available. They still have not updated SimStarterNG. PC Aviator (Aus) have now responded saying they will contact PCA (US). Could either the author of SimStarterNG or Aerosoft staff please explain how the process works?
  3. Ray Proudfoot

    PC Aviator slow to make v1.8 available.

    Gents, I've resolved the problem. I needed to re-register at Aerosoft and I was then able to add SimStarterNG to my products together with the serial number. That has allowed me to download v1.8. Thanks for your help.
  4. Ray Proudfoot

    PC Aviator slow to make v1.8 available.

    Peter, I thought I could only do that if I purchased via Aerosoft. Does it still apply if I bought from another retailer? LATER: I've just tried logging in to that link and I am refused with the following message:- Your access data could not be assigned to a user!
  5. Ray Proudfoot

    PC Aviator slow to make v1.8 available.

    Thanks Mathijs.
  6. I bought SimStarterNG from another retailer - PC Aviator. Despite sending two messages asking them to make v1.8 available only v1.7 can be downloaded. Are you able to contact them behind the scenes and get them to make the latest version available please? Their customer service appears to be slipping.
  7. Ray Proudfoot

    PFPX - Unable to find route

    Yes it does. I just saw "your trial period has ended and you need to buy". At that point I just exited the program but on checking just now it does continue working. Still prefer zips.
  8. Ray Proudfoot

    PFPX - Unable to find route

    Thanks Jude but Stephen was kind enough to send me a zip. I have Windows 7, does it work for that OS? I've installed the supplied files and pleased to report LIMJ-LFML can now be planned.
  9. Ray Proudfoot

    PFPX - Unable to find route

    Thanks Otto. I come across RAR files very rarely and for zips I find Windows is fine for my needs.
  10. Ray Proudfoot

    PFPX - Unable to find route

    No I haven't, thanks. No chance of a zip I suppose. My trial period of RAR has ended.
  11. Ray Proudfoot

    PFPX - Unable to find route

    Okay, thanks. I'll try again later.
  12. Ray Proudfoot

    PFPX - Unable to find route

    Thanks Clive. Strange it shouldn't work for me. I'm running 1.28.9i. You on the same? I've switched to LFMN now and that was okay.
  13. For the first time PFPX is unable to find a route between two European airports. The Advanced option fails too. LICJ - LFML. Tuesday 12 June departing 10:25UT. Anyone able to assist please?
  14. Ray Proudfoot

    Honeycomb Products.

    Thanks for that info Mathijs. I'm surprised the release date has been put back from Q1 2018 to Q4 2018 without any real explanation as to why. I have read there was a certain amount of redesign and a change of some components to keep the price at $199. A lot of people wrote on Fly Honeycomb Facebook page imploring them not to compromise quality to keep to that price. I hope Nicki Repenning (CEO) has taken that on board. I'm pretty sure people would not complain paying an extra $20-40 to keep the quality. The whole point of these units is to fill the gap between Saitek (cheap) and PFC (expensive) so it's important the quality is there.
  15. Hi Manfred, Thanks for your reply and latest info. Without wishing to slow you down with too many questions could you confirm if this is for P3D v4 only please? I do intend to switch to v4 at a future date but it depends on when FS Labs Concorde-X is ready. A 32-bit version of GCLP would be appreciated by many I'm sure.