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  1. PFPX hotfix 1.28.8

    Help! After installing the two hot fixes the Briefing Package is not being saved in UTF-8 format. I need this format for testing a 3rd party utility. Can the option be selected in PFPX? I can't see it.
  2. PFPX hotfix 1.28.8

    Thanks Stephen. I assumed I had the latest version when checking in PFPX. Nice to see that 'bug' fixed.
  3. PFPX hotfix 1.28.8

    No I'm not. How can I get that? Ignore that. Just seen the link in the first post.
  4. PFPX hotfix 1.28.8

    I was going to post a new topic but searched for alternate airports and found this one, not updated for nearly 8 months. I have v1.28. My problem is the alternate choice is mixing civilian and military airports. I only want to choose from Civilian ones. But if I display the destination alternate airport dialogue box and filter on Civil it shows both types. Selecting Military shows civilian ones and All only shows Military ones. This seems like such a simple thing to fix. Why hasn't it been?
  5. Brussels International preview

    Mathijs, you take me too seriously sometimes. My tongue was firmly in my cheek when I posted earlier. I understand it must be a nightmare with these huge projects especially if the airport is undergoing improvements. I look forward to its release.
  6. Brussels International preview

    Given he was not able to continue his work and it was passed to someone else I doubt that. I don't think Aerosoft would countenance another switch unless it was absolutely necessary.
  7. Brussels International preview

    Four and a half years and still no product. Having flown into my old EBBR for FSX/FS9 this morning it reminds me how much a new version is needed. Can't the developers get an EU subsidy to fund their work. The HQ is in the city. But I suppose we Brits will have to pay a higher price unless Theresa May can negotiate a deal!
  8. No, please don’t close it. I want the author to respond here.
  9. I’ve raised a ticket on that link. Let’s see what happens. I a,so provided the link to this topic.
  10. Hi Richard, A licence (including a commercial one) for TOPCAT is still on sale here. http://www.flightsimsoft.com/pricing/ But no support forum after it was hacked and so far, no response from its author @FlightSimSoft.com. Some form of statement might be in order. How can you sell something when there's no support? The PC12 is not exactly a complicated aircraft. I wonder if there is a freeware utility that can load payload and fuel?
  11. Emanuel, It was more of plea to the developer really. I see several posts by Christian Grill who signs his posts PFPX & TOPCAT Developer. Perhaps he can be encouraged to comment.
  12. I'm using PFPX for my Pilatus PC-12 flight planning so having created an aircraft profile for it I was keen to do the same for TOPCAT so the fuel and payload could be loaded directly into the aircraft. This saves a fair amount of time from doing it manually. But in order to create a new aircraft in TOPCAT it has to be based on a template and the PC-12 is not listed. These template files are encoded so cannot be created manually. Essentially TOPCAT is useless for me for the PC-12. I don't understand why no-one else could pick this utility up if the owner no longer has any interest in it. It is very good at what it does but unless you fly an aircraft that uses one of the supplied templates it's no use whatsoever. If TOPCAT really is dead are there any alternative programs that can move data from PFPX into P3D?
  13. SimStarterNG v1.6.7 - sun not appearing in P3D v3.4

    Hi Peter, Happy to report the sun is back. I loaded a few saved flights and also tested for current conditions. All passed with flying colours. Confirmed too that suneffect.cfg is UTF8 via NotePad++. Thanks very much for the quick fix.
  14. SimStarterNG v1.6.7 - sun not appearing in P3D v3.4

    Thanks Peter. I'll check everything tomorrow morning if that's okay and report back.
  15. SimStarterNG v1.6.7 - sun not appearing in P3D v3.4

    I can create the problem. Load P3D with suntest as startup flight.after having repaired contents.msi and deleted suneffect.cfg. Result? Sun is visible. Exit P3D and load suntest as startup in SimStarter. Result? No sun visible. Exit P3D. Close SimStarter and repair contents.msi and delete suneffect.cfg. Start P3D with same flight. Sun visible. I have generated a Debug Pack and will forward it when requested.