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    Auto pilot disconnect

    As pedroquitas1 said above, it's supposed to do that. The bigger question is, why would you be moving the joystick when the autopilot is controlling the plane?
  2. I tried manually installing NavDataPro into the CJ2 but it kept crashing my sim every time I loaded it up. It seems it needs Navigraph.
  3. Just to translate for everyone: Well of course there will be wingflex and that wingflex, assuming you want wingflex, you could very well say that this will be the best wingflex ever modeled.
  4. I believe you could be right. I never thought of that before. It certainly makes sense. For me it's always a fairly brief pause, so I never had a problem with it.
  5. nealmac

    Aircraft Pushback (Done manually!)

    "all engines clear for sta.....NOOOO! NOOO! CORRECTION! NOT CLEAR! I REPEAT NOT CLEAR!"
  6. Yeah I get this too. But every few seconds? Nope. Every few minutes maybe. And considering I only need PFPX for 5 to 10 minutes to create a flight plan, I have learned to live with the issue. Certainly not a show stopper for me.
  7. Actually, if you look further down the page, you'll see that I made a similar thread, and the answer was given quite quickly.
  8. PFPX is working really well for me too. However, I'm still interested in an update, because I have the CRJ since it was released last year, and we STILL can't export a flight plan format for it.
  9. nealmac


    Thanks Mathijs. Even at those prices it sounds like a bargain.
  10. June IS the release month. The 26th to be exact. For the A318/319 anyway.
  11. nealmac


    Just to clarify, I own the current A320/321 product. Does this mean I only get a discount on the A320/321 professional, or will I get it for all products?
  12. Nice route. I might try this myself some day.
  13. I'll take a stab at Beauvais, LFOB.
  14. Sorry guys, but this was too funny not to quote
  15. nealmac


    Is it just me or have the "Club" forums been removed?
  16. Hi all. Looking forward to getting this tour underway. I enjoyed the RTW tour, so this one should be just as much fun. Mathijs said that using different aircraft is encouraged, so in that case I'll be using the PMDG 737, the Aerosoft CRJ 700 and the Aerosoft Airbus A320 (if it's released). I've also recently purchased Carenado's Phenom 100 business jet, so I hope to try and learn how to fly it if I have time. I'm using P3Dv4, so you have to excuse me for using a lot of default airports. I will try and purchase some more airports as they become available. I've recently become a single man so I have a little bit more money to spend than usual lol. I'd probably be better off saving up for a new PC, but I'm rubbish at saving. I'll be using Active Sky for P3Dv4 for real world weather, and I'll be using PFPX for flight planning.
  17. nealmac

    Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

    I've used the trial of EFB and I have to say, I really liked it. However, it's quite pricey. I'd love to buy it, but there's always something more important that needs to be bought . I've never seen it go on sale either, which is a pity, because if it did, that would sway me into buying it. Although maybe I'm better off waiting for version 2 at this stage.
  18. I believe it depends on what part of the world you are flying in. From what I have read in the past, in the US, flight crews are required to enter their most likely approach before departure. If conditions change mid-flight, then they will amend the approach. In Europe most flight crews wait until later in the flight to enter the approach info. Probably somewhere in the cruise phase, or early descent when the workload is low. Like I said, I'm not sure if this is the case. It may be the other way around, and also it may depend on company SOPs.
  19. Once you have programmed your approach into the MCDU, the correct ILS frequency should be automatically set for you.
  20. Hi Jon, I'm not seeing a profile for the DC-10 on your site. Are you sure you uploaded it?
  21. nealmac

    Neal McCulough

    Final leg, to London Gatwick. I'm sure Rupert will be pleased. Pushing back from gate 107 at Dublin Taxiing out to runway 28 Take off to the west Making a left turn at 3,000 feet At our cruise altitude of 33,000 feet along the north coast of wales Beginning our descent, just passing Birmingham Turning onto our downwind leg at 3,000 feet Fully configured for runway 08R at Gatwick Landing ....and parked up for the last time. No idea what gate number we're at but it doesn't matter. We've finally completed the trip. Really enjoyed taking part in this tour. Unfortunately a lot of personal issues got in the way and I wasn't able to stick to the schedule, but very enjoyable all the same. A big thank you to Mathijs for organising it.
  22. nealmac

    Navigation Display

    The knob for the ND has 2 parts to it. one for adjusting the brightness of the main ND display, and one for adjusting the brightness of the weather/terrain radar, (I can't remember which is which off-hand). Are you sure you are adjusting the correct knob?
  23. nealmac

    Just (a big) suggestion

    Well considering P3Dv4.2 already has all of the above features you mentioned (plus a lot more), I think it would be catastrophic move for anyone to take over that project. FSW was always doomed to fail. It was bad all round management on their part, coupled with the fact they had a lot of competition. I feel sorry for the guys that worked for them, particularly Chris and Aimee who used to deal with support issues on the Avsim forums, because they genuinely seemed like good people, very helpful to their customers, and very passionate about their job.