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  1. Haha, I don't have any pictures older than 2 years. All my pictures were uploaded on the RTW tour which I completed in 18 months.
  2. Thanks Heinz. Yes, the rule don't really clarify what airports should be used. I would like to use Cairo and Tokyo, as there is better scenery available for P3Dv4. I'll await further instruction.
  3. I tried uploading an image of my proposed route last night and I had a problem. Having done the RTW tour I now seem to have hit my limit on uploading images. Is there anything I can do about this? Of course I can always use an external image uploading site, but these sites are unreliable and images can disappear. I also fear that other people who have completed the RTW tour will have the same problem.
  4. Just looking at other people's planned routes and it seems that there is bit of confusion as to which airports we should be flying to. Some seem to be flying to Tokyo while others are going to Yokohama. Also, there are others who have mentioned Cairo instead of Port Said. I have put Port Said and Yokohama in my route, as I thought these airports were mandatory. However I think I'd prefer Cairo and Tokyo if that was allowed. So I suppose I'm wondering can someone clear up where we are supposed to fly to?
  5. gazoeller

    Hi Gernot. Nice to see you taking part. I was starting to think I was going to be the only English speaker haha.
  6. Neal McCulough

    This is the route I plan to take. I hope it's ok: I'm choosing London Gatwick as my starting and finishing point. Here are the list of stops I'll be making, with all mandatory landmarks highlighted in red: London, United Kingdom (EGKK) Nice, France (LFMN) Corfu, Greece (LGKR) Heraklion, Greece (LGIR) Port Said, Egypt (HEPS) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (OEJN) Dubai, United Arab Emirates (OMDB) Karachi, Pakistan (OPKC) Mumbai, India (VABB) Calcutta, India (VECC) Bangkok, Thailand (VTBD) Catbi, Vietnam, (VVCI) Hong Kong, Hong Kong (VHHH) Shanghai, China (ZSPD) Yokohama, Japan (RJTF) Yuzhno, Russia (UHSS) Petropavlovsk, Russia (UHPP) Adak Island, Alaska (PADK) Anchorage, Alaska (PANC) Juneau, Alaska (PAJN) Vancouver, Canada (CYVR) San Francisco, USA (KSFO) Denver, USA (KDEN) Chicago, USA (KORD) New York, USA (KJFK) Gander, Canada (CYQX) Kangerlussuaq, Greenland (BGSF) Reykjavik, Iceland (BIKF) Dublin, Ireland (EIDW) London, United Kingdom (EGKK) Hoping all goes according to plan. I haven't filled in any dates because I'm not really sure myself what my exact dates will be. Best of luck to everyone.
  7. Hi all. Looking forward to getting this tour underway. I enjoyed the RTW tour, so this one should be just as much fun. Mathijs said that using different aircraft is encouraged, so in that case I'll be using the PMDG 737, the Aerosoft CRJ 700 and the Aerosoft Airbus A320 (if it's released). I've also recently purchased Carenado's Phenom 100 business jet, so I hope to try and learn how to fly it if I have time. I'm using P3Dv4, so you have to excuse me for using a lot of default airports. I will try and purchase some more airports as they become available. I've recently become a single man so I have a little bit more money to spend than usual lol. I'd probably be better off saving up for a new PC, but I'm rubbish at saving. I'll be using Active Sky for P3Dv4 for real world weather, and I'll be using PFPX for flight planning.
  8. Just putting it out there, the iFly 747-400 is a really nice aircraft and very reasonably priced. It seems to have quite a good depth of system detail as well. Not quite up to the standards of the PMDG 744, but for me at least, it's more than good enough. If time weren't an issue, I'd opt for doing shorter legs across the berring straits, like we did on the RTW tour, except in the opposite direction obviously. But doing this in a 22 day period could prove challenging.
  9. About Airbus 2018

    That's a fair question. I'm not sure if non P3Dv4 users will benefit from the new product. I think one of the staff would be better to answer this one.

    I'm using MyTraffic 6 with P3Dv4. It's working flawlessly for me. Strictly speaking, it's not compatible but if you take care and install it properly and follow the instructions, you should have no problems. I'm also led to believe that Ultimate Traffic 2 Live is working fine in v4. I believe the textures of the AI aircraft are much better nicer too. The only only reason I'm using MT6 is because I already had it when I was using v3.
  11. Dublin Airport is getting a new runway, so I don't think it would make much sense to release a new version at the present time. The new runway will be on the north side of the 2 main terminals, parallel to the existing runway 28/10. It will presumably be named 28R / 10L. Construction has already started on this project but I don't know anything about when it will be finished. Ideally I'd like to see a compatibility update for Aerosoft's existing Dublin Airport soon, and a new version in the future, with the new runway.
  12. PMSL at this topic. I think this is something you need to take up with Bombardier rather than Aerosoft.
  13. you honestly think Aerosoft don't have release plans? Just because they don't give dates, it doesn't mean they don't have a plan. Many big developers, including PMDG also don't give release dates, and with very good reason. So your post is nonsensical and it also comes across as very insulting to Aerosoft. I never downvote posts in this forum, so I won't start with you, but you can prepare yourself for the worst because that post doesn't come across in a nice manner.
  14. I agree there. The NGX is nothing like the 777 or 747. The only similarity I can see, is that they can all fly lol. But yeah, the 777 and the 747 are very similar, the biggest difference being the absence of fly-by-wire in the 747. I'm imagining the differences between the A32x series and the A33x series are something just as subtle.