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  1. Neal McCulough

    On to Chicago Ready to push back from gate B32 at KDEN Taxiing out to runway 35R Take off Climbing through 12,000 feet. Bring it on baby Forgot about getting en route screenshots, so here we are landing on 10R at O'Hare International, having taken the ILS approach Parked at gate M10
  2. I don't see why we can't keep going just for fun. Surely it's not hurting anyone? I fell behind very early on due to personal circumstances, but I still want to finish the tour, even if I'm late. I'm currently parked up in Denver, so I still have another 5 or 6 flights to do yet. But why should I stop? Rupert, if you don't like people running late, or it somehow offends you, you always have the option to put these people on your "ignore" list
  3. In any case, the Carenado CJ2 is already P3Dv4 compatible. I use it myself.
  4. Neal McCulough

    On to Denver next Pushing back from gate F86 at KSFO Taxi out to runway 28R Take off Climbing through 13,000 feet Crossing the Nevada Desert at our assigned crusie altitude of 39,000 feet Descending through 18,000 feet On short final for ILS runway 35R Touching down Parked at gate B32 at KDEN
  5. Neal McCulough

    I keep getting my pictures mixed up and now I can't edit it. The bottom pic should be at the top, as it's in Vancouver.
  6. Neal McCulough

    So we move on to San Francisco. Take off out of Vancouver from runway 26R Coming toward our top of climb Cruising at 31,000 feet Descending through 27,000 feet At 8,000 feet Bit of a long landing on 28R Parked at gate F87
  7. Neal McCulough

    So we are heading for Vancouver next Doing our final checks at gate 3 at Juneau Taxiing out to runway 08 Very short runway, for our full load, but we manage to get airborne in time After making a sharp right turn to avoid the mountains, we keep out climb going through 4,000 feet Cruising at 37,000 feet Beginning our descent into Vancouver Descending through 9,000 feet ILS 26R landing Parked at gate 32. Next stop will be San Francisco.
  8. Neal McCulough

    On to Juneau International Departure from Anchorage from runway 33 Climbing through 16,000 feet Levelling off at out assigned cruise altitude of 37,000 feet Descending through 30,000 feet Continuing our approach at 3,000 feet, just before making a right turn onto final Lining up our RNAV approach for runway 08. Got the approach wrong. I didn't realise there was a last minute turn. I thought there was a mistake on the approach so I went very wide. Luckily we didn't hit any mountains. Bit of a long landing, but we had plenty of runway to spare Parked at gate 3 at Orbx Juneau. Our next stop will be Vancouver.
  9. Neal McCulough

    Haha, cheers lads. I'm really struggling for time these days, but I'll get there eventually.
  10. Neal McCulough

    Proposed route to Anchorage Departing Adak Island from runway 05 Climbing through 12,000 feet Not much to see on the cruise, so now we are descending through 16,000 feet ILS for runway 07R Touchdown Parked at gate A11 in a very wet Anchorage, and for some reason GSX isn't working. it seems to think we are at the neighbouring military airport
  11. Neal McCulough

    So we are off to Adak island. Here is our proposed route. Starting out take off roll on runway 16R Take off Climbing through 7,000 feet for today's assigned cruise altitude of 39,000 Cruising along the Berring Strait Descending through 21,000 feet Visual approach for runway 05 Safe landing Parked in the middle of the apron, because the gate positions are wrong, and even if they were right, none of them can accomodate a 747 anyway
  12. Neal McCulough

    On to Yeliz Take off from runway 19 Climbing through 13,000 feet for FL410 Descending through 33,000 feet Landing on 16R Parked at gate 39 UHPP
  13. Never thought of the P3D logbook. Thanks Otto, I'll give that a shot.
  14. I noticed the total hours in my entry has gone missing I have no way of tracking it now.
  15. Neal McCulough

    Not going to make the deadline unfortunately. Real life got in the way. But we will get there eventually. Next stop will be Yuzhno. Here is our proposed route We are currently parked at gat 42 at Tokyo Haneda Take off from runway 34R As we are climbing, we hit an altitude restriction of 12,000 feet, so we have to level out for 5 minutes or so Crusing As we descend through 30,000 feet we are taking a right good battering from a 140kt crosswind Making our approach, coming down to 5000 feet Landing on runway 19 Parked at gate 6