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  1. Neal McCulough

    I like to do things differently
  2. Neal McCulough

    Moving on to Shanghai Pushing back from gate E15 at VHHH Taxiing out to runway 07R, looks like the fog has lifted Take off Climbing past 10,000 feet, lights off Climbing through 31,000 feet Cruising at 39,000 feet just passing back into Chinese airspace Descending through 34,000 feet as we approach teh Shengzhou VOR Fully configured for ILS runway 35R We might have a tail strike to check out Parked at gate 12 at Pudong, Shanghai
  3. Neal McCulough

    Our proposed route to Hong Kong Take off from runway 25 Climbing 11,000 feet Climbing through 29,000 feet Just reaching our cruising altitude of 41,000 feet as we enter Chinese airspace Descending through 19,000 feet, just after entering Hong Kong airspace On short final We land on 07R, but someone in the tower is getting sacked in the morning for clearing us to land with another aircraft already on the runway preparing for departure Parked at gate E15 at Hong Kong
  4. Neal McCulough

    Heading for Vietnam Pushing back from gate 22 at Bangkok Taxiing out to runway 21R Take off Climbing through 5,000 feet Keeping our climb going through 18,000 feet for our cruise altitude of 41,000 feet Beginning our descent shortly sfter entering Vietnamese airspace Passing the Catbi VOR at 7,000 feet, we get a glimpse of the fog. Apart from Bangkok, the last few airports have been really bad with fog and they are killing my framerates Taking the VOR approach for runway 25, in the fog, only to discover the frequency wasn't working until it was too late. We ended up taking a "blind visual" approach and we hit hard, but we're still in 1 piece Who's bright idea was is to fly to an airport with no parking? Oh, yeah it was mine
  5. Neal McCulough

    Now we move onto Bangkok Pushing back from gate 46 at Calcutta Taxi out to runway 19R Take off Clmbing through 6,000 feet and it looks like we could be in for a bumpy ride Continuing our climb through 25,000 feet for our assigned cruise altitude of 39,000 feet We hit our TOD just as we pass into Thai airspace Descending through 11,000 feet, our VNAV has taken us a little lower than we should be. On short final for runway 21R Landing Parked at gate 22 at Don Mueang International, Bangkok
  6. Wow, those are amazing shots.
  7. Neal McCulough

    Off to Calcutta Ready to push back from gate 22 at Mumbai Taxiing out to runway 32, the fog from the past few days still hasn't shifted, and Active Sky tells us that Calcutta isn't going to be much better Take off Climbing through 10,000 feet, we get a look at the new Rex Texture Direct with Soft Clouds that I recently purchased. I wish they would hurry up and update their HD Airport package for P3Dv4. Climbing through 28,000 feet and the cloud is beginning to thin out Cruising at our assigned altitude of 37,000 feet Descending through 11,000 feet No runway in sight at 800 feet We land on ILS runway 19R. The default frequency is wrong, and when we figured it out it was also slightly offset to the left Parked at gate 41
  8. Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    And what about people who would like to ask valid questions? I agree that the release date questions get tedious, but many people ask really good questions.
  9. As BuddyDog says, your existing buses will NOT work with v4. The new version of the buses will be available for a reduced price, as you already own the old version.
  10. When I say "you need to follow the flight director", I mean you literally need to be as close as possible to it. I don't just mean it needs to be switched on. You need to adjust pitch and bank so that you are right on it.
  11. Neal McCulough

    Next we move on to Mumbai Pushing back from gate 22 at Karachi Quite foggy as we taxi out to runway 25R Climbing out of runway 25R where we will get vectored onto the DANG3A SID Crusiing down the west coast of India at FL390 Really tricky VOR approach for runway 32 in the fog. We hit hard, but we were safe enough, even managed to get on the centreline. It's not easy hand flying when your framerates drop to stupid levels because of fog. I need a new PC Parked at gate C3. Apparantly Mumbai doesn't have any suitable gates for a 747. So it looks like the Ryanair NGX will be out for the next leg to Calcutta
  12. I've noticed that it won't engage at all, unless you are following the flight director. Are you following it as closely as possible?
  13. The AS A318/319/320/321 buses are getting a complete overhaul, and they will be compatible with the latest version of P3D (v4). Unfortunately there is no release date. However, I'd still advise you to go for P3Dv4 as opposed to FSX. It's just so much better in every way you can imagine. FSX is old and decrepit. P3D is a futureproof sim. I'm not sure if AS Amsterdam is compatible with P3Dv4 (I don't think it is) but all FlyTampa scenery is. At the moment, you need to download the old installer, and then you have to apply a hotfix, but FT are currently working on proper v4 installers.
  14. Neal McCulough

    On to Karachi, Pakistan: Finishing up preperations at gate A3 in Dubai Taxiing out to runway 12R behind an Emirates 777 A routine take off onto the RIKE3G departure SID Climbing for FL390 Cruising along the Iranian southern coast at 39,000 feet, just entering Pakistani airspace Taking the ILS for runway 24R, it's quite foggy today at Jinnah International, Karachi. Also, the ILS seems to be slightly off-centre Taking manual control we land safely Parked up at gate 22 where we will rest over. Our next stop will be Mumbai.
  15. Ground Ops in 4.1

    Are you on version I had this issue before, but since updating to the latest versin (and adding the hotfix afterwards) I haven't had this problem.