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  1. Well said. We have only 2 kinds of people. Those who buy. Those who don't. Nothing in between.
  2. Cities Skylines, Football Manager and Pro Evolution Soccer 2017.
  3. Welcome. Rule #1. Read. Rule #2. Use the search box. Rule #3. Don't mind the dislikes.
  4. Flight Sim Community in few hours -- "Mathijs, the project manager at Aerosoft, announces the development and imminent release of an Aerosoft A380 in late 2017. The company may also consider an A350, or A340."
  5. If I was as skilled as Stefan, I would design an A330 for P3D.
  6. Wait till you see the coffee stains in the VC.
  7. A very professional response, except for the mistake in the word 'professional'
  8. What was it before?
  9. You just pulled off a Trump. The only guy I have seen on this forum who talks about an Aerosoft A340, and gets likes on that post. But great post, indeed. Are you telling me that even Airbus wastes money on eye-candy stuff, that has no real usage?
  10. I am not a developer, but this doesn't exactly look like something in their scope of work. This has more to do with lighting than cloud texture files. And since Aerosoft does everything, I thought I might as well put it out over here.
  11. Guys, I noticed a major shortcoming on flight simulation that makes night time flying boring. In real life, the clouds and atmosphere around a city reflects the lights on ground. In FS, the clouds don't reflect anything. If Aerosoft can make this small functionality, I think it will be a big difference maker.
  12. Hearty Welcome.
  13. You know it is old when... "For IBM"
  14. How I wish you had stopped talking after writing 'Yes.' Our forum culture is our forum culture. We down vote even if someone gives us half a chance. Our way of saying 'Welcome'