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  1. .solved

    Yes, it probably did. I updated few days back, and it was working perfectly until yesterday. As per your advice, I reinstalled, and it is back to normal. Strange.
  2. .solved

    I am going to uninstall and reinstall. I just hope my configs don't get changed. SIMstarter NG.log
  3. .solved

    Hello, SimStarter NG was working just fine till last night. Now when I run it, it shows a license error and shuts down in 5 seconds. I am a paid customer. Salman Khan. Please help. Khan
  4. You are one of the very few people on this forum who's first post wasn't "When will this be released?" Congratulations, and welcome to the forum.
  5. They do. I am going to take that as a 'Yes, PMDG approached us'.
  6. Great going team.
  7. EFB is, in my honest and humble opinion, an eye candy addition. Many people that fly with that level of realism, either have 2 monitors, or don't fly Aerosoft anymore. They fly FSLabs. It would certainly be a great addition, but I am only reluctant to vote in favor of it because I want the performance to be great. If we can have an EFB that provides me access to charts while taxing, I can't ask for more. Because that is generally the pain for people with single monitors. Have to switch back and forth to figure out the taxi path.
  8. Mathijs understands the technicalities very well. But I am sure there are many other great developers who understand things as well as him, or maybe even better. But the way Mathijs explains technical aspects to laymen, I doubt if anyone else can.
  9. Well said. We have only 2 kinds of people. Those who buy. Those who don't. Nothing in between.
  10. Cities Skylines, Football Manager and Pro Evolution Soccer 2017.
  11. Welcome. Rule #1. Read. Rule #2. Use the search box. Rule #3. Don't mind the dislikes.
  12. Flight Sim Community in few hours -- "Mathijs, the project manager at Aerosoft, announces the development and imminent release of an Aerosoft A380 in late 2017. The company may also consider an A350, or A340."
  13. If I was as skilled as Stefan, I would design an A330 for P3D.
  14. Wait till you see the coffee stains in the VC.
  15. A very professional response, except for the mistake in the word 'professional'