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  1. Expect something like the Aerosoft A320. Not detailed to save on performance. Just a very rough model, primarily because this add-on is for people who like to simulate the operations of a pilot, not of passengers. What exactly do you mean by interior sounds? Everything that is heard in the cockpit is packaged. But don't expect flight attendant's announcements.
  2. Just develop it.
  3. There is finally a 'reader' on this forum. A post of mine on PAGE 2 just got liked.
  4. I rather install the icebergs and wait for the A330 to fly over 'em. #AircraftCommitment/Loyalty
  5. I appreciate the response. I am sure you tried to address my query... but the only thing I understood from the entire post is... "Mathijs is right"
  6. Fair demand. I sign this petition. Oh. Oooh. Oooooooooh. I didn't know that. Are you telling me that a 64bit platform will not necessarily give better frame rates? Just no OOM?
  7. Thanks and apologies...
  8. Maybe because you haven't been paying attention.
  9. 20XX. You have a uniquely sweet way of delivering controversial statements. Verdict: One 64 bit, please.
  10. Hello everyone, I think I spotted a gap in the market. IATA: DWC ICAO: OMDW Such a big gap that not only has no developer made a scenery for that airport, even P3D default doesn't have it. And as operations of Emirates SkyCargo and FlyDubai move to it, this will become a prominent destination. What does Mathijs think?
  11. In India, it is called "Give them a finger, and they sit on your head." #Improvisation Calm down my friend.
  12. If you are talking about simulator saves, I won't be too worried. A320 saves the cockpit state very well, and then I resume my flights mid-flight (as unrealistic as it may sound---but it is good for landing practice). So I would assume the A330 won't be too off. 1. When you join any forum, learn the culture. 2. There is a periodic update. And there are some questions that I promise you, will get disliked. (Example - Can we do an A340 or A350 next?)
  13. Don't worry about the liveries. Those are free anyway, and very easy to install.
  14. Your first post on this forum, and it begins with criticism.
  15. OMG!! The insane wait is about to start all over again.