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  1. Correct, in fact most developers only have one product they are working on. So it's logical that it's impossible to bring-to-date all products at once.. it takes time.
  2. I believe this has to do more with immersion/eye-candy for us. Looks much better when you can control the light intensity. In real life I can see pilots adjusting the lighting to dimmer when not wanting it all bright. I believe we are now in an era where "we think we have seen it all" when it comes to what most developers do. However, simmers want to see new things, new effects, new things we are not use to see that will make us go...." ahhhhhh... that looks so beautiful...never thought that was possible."
  3. Are you a pilot for an Airline? Pretty cool!
  4. What a beauty !!!...... I really miss my AS Airbuses.. but, patiently waiting. In the mean time I'm enjoying the wide-bodies from BSS. I am content that we have Airbus now for all tastes. A few years ago, Boeing was the only thing that seemed to be able to be modeled. But, not anymore, and that is a joy to enjoy! I strongly support those who not just think about their pockets but about the customers, too. Oh, have you seen the Brake: fire/smoke effect on the BBS when you hold on the brakes for too long? (smiles). ... The exact suggestion I made to Aerosoft a few weeks ago, now- with the latest update- we see it on BBS. (heads-up guys.. heads-up) Immersion, immersion.
  5. Well, I must say... I don't know this guy, but he gave the best response I have ever read. Correct, if an airplane wing was straight and stiff, it would break as soon as it lifts from the ground. However, in the A320, that curvature (or bend) you see in other airplanes is minute; thus, you don't see it so pronounced as in other airplanes. Therefore, you will not notice it flexing (bouncing).. Well, unless the airplane falls to the ground , I assure you, those wings will " bounce." (but, that is called crash. lol)
  6. Oh boy. Where are you trying to go, J and E ? lol
  7. For my liking, honestly, I like the antennas but not too many. Something about them makes the a/c look more "hi-tech."
  8. Thank you much , Stefan. Beautiful work!
  9. Any of these is possible. Yes, we'll need to wait some time to know. I strongly appreciate what Aerosoft has done and is doing for the sim community. I imagine the folks working on these projects are capable of doing things like rain effects and many others. As far as the rain effect... yes it's darn beautiful. We wish all of our fav a/c had it. The more realistic, the more we enjoy what we like so much. (Post edited by staff. Incorrect information and assumptions removed).
  10. Ahhhh, the internet. Speaking about Wing flex, people seem to have different opinions and impressions of what a wing-flex means. I believe the A-320 wings flex (or bend) slightly- not very much.. To the point where it's vaguely noticeable . Then, you have people on the internet going: "Wow, look at the 787 wing-flex; that's amazing." And, I'm like.... folks, please, that's just how Boeing manufactured the wings...with a very high-fixed degree of up-ward bending- that's it! Relax. Yes, the longer the wing, the more you will notice the "bending" of the wing... Or the bouncing (flexing up/down {dependent on the a/c weight, speed, and weather}) The A-320..mehh, very minute.. that's just how Airbus designed it. Don't expect to see more than what it wasn't designed for. If you want to see a lot of wing bending go fly a glider. haha kidding guys.
  11. Thank you, amigo Stefan. I must admit, I really miss my A321. Feels like an eternity. But, nothing good comes easy. Patiently waiting ... Thank you so much for all your hard work!
  12. Don't punish yourself. Remember this is a simulation, not real life. Heck I even fly JKFK to KLGA on a 777. Fun, fun. The most exciting part is the take-off and the landings. I really don't get people letting their simulator run 4-8 hours across repetitive graphic blocks. Some traditional approaches are unnecessary.. Like........Like folks who stress-test their CPU an entire night to see if it is stable. lol I just follow the best known settings and configuration for my components, fire-up the sim, fly a demanding a/c and scenery and see if it's stable (or will crash); then I adjust accordingly. Bammm, only takes a few moments.
  13. Honestly, I did not know aircraft had fans for their brakes until a couple of years ago. But speaking about brakes, smoke , and fans, I don't think the fans will be necessary. Honestly, no one will notice if it has fans, unless you zooom all the way in, or the developer mentions it. On-the-other-hand, smoke can bee seen from the condensations on the engines and wings... It adds so much realism; thus engaging you in a more immersive manner. (The more alive a scenery or an airplane behaves, the more appealing it is).