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  1. I believe it's because a forum is used for customers (and potential customers) to participate, discuss, converse, ask questions, give opinions, and interact. It's a natural human behavior to ask when within such an environment. For instance, you see a funeral go by, do you run and "search" the news, the police-station, or with the mayor to find out who died? No! You ask the people around you if they know who died- it's a natural human behavior. (just an example of a natural human behavior.. we want to know something.. we ask) Having said this, when I participate in a forum and someone asks a question I either answer the question if I know the answer, or keep my mouth sealed if I don't intend to offer any assistance.
  2. Johnny767

    AN-2 SP1 preview

    Wow, did I just read correctly? Never I had I ever seen such a word (P--sy) in this forum. Strange
  3. How can you not be an "Airbus guy"? It's the most advanced and beautiful a/c in the world. True non-fiction.
  4. If I were you, I would fry that potato; enjoy it with some spicy ketch-up, and get yourself a nice.. "apple?" Or, just build a new one.
  5. That's going to be some serious stuff.
  6. ^ What a beauty, Frank! Yes, it has been a long wait, even for us hard-core Aerosoft loyal's; however, it is very well understood. This amount of detail, and being an almost complete new product takes some serious time and skills to develop. (Thank you so much) Amazing how the coffee in the cup does not tilt even during pronounced left bank. The amazing "effect" of a bank even in real life.
  7. Only 1 post and 46 down-votes. Ahaha... Oh boy. Can't blame any of those down-votes. I don't think you'll be around here for too long, amigo.
  8. Hmmm, I'm not the developer nor have specifics on performance. However, I can assure you we are looog past "potatoes" sim such as FS2002 and FS2004. Today's sim and add-ons have nearly tripled in improvements; therefore , high-end systems are recommended to have an acceptable/ great experience.
  9. Oh boy, the same words Johhny767 posted above- just in a simpler form. That's the beauty of some languages, you can express a meaning using different words, while describing the same.
  10. Hahaha.. you just contradicted yourself. Have you had a chance to read other forums such FSL and PMDG.? (Smiles)
  11. Howdy! Well, got to keep checking. it's been a while, and my fear is LM keeps updating their product which further delays development for some developers. Like most loyal customers and Airbus 'lovers,' days are becoming months and months feel like years. But, hey, good things take time. The wait has/ is long; however, though I am no where a developer nor programmer, I understand it takes lots of work and time. I wish the very best to Aerosoft and the teams. (And to us all) Cheers
  12. Smart and voted. (What else can I say?)
  13. My slow brain tells me that it's not released because they are still developing some part of the airplane. Maybe (maybe) Aerosoft doesn't want to release the a/c with a missing wing, or a missing engine, or a missing yoke , or a missing ............ well, maybe you get it- maybe. lol
  14. LoL, You would make a great sales-manager.