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  1. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Ahhhh, the internet. Speaking about Wing flex, people seem to have different opinions and impressions of what a wing-flex means. I believe the A-320 wings flex (or bend) slightly- not very much.. To the point where it's vaguely noticeable . Then, you have people on the internet going: "Wow, look at the 787 wing-flex; that's amazing." And, I'm like.... folks, please, that's just how Boeing manufactured the wings...with a very high-fixed degree of up-ward bending- that's it! Relax. Yes, the longer the wing, the more you will notice the "bending" of the wing... Or the bouncing (flexing up/down {dependent on the a/c weight, speed, and weather}) The A-320..mehh, very minute.. that's just how Airbus designed it. Don't expect to see more than what it wasn't designed for. If you want to see a lot of wing bending go fly a glider. haha kidding guys.
  2. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Thank you, amigo Stefan. I must admit, I really miss my A321. Feels like an eternity. But, nothing good comes easy. Patiently waiting ... Thank you so much for all your hard work!
  3. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Don't punish yourself. Remember this is a simulation, not real life. Heck I even fly JKFK to KLGA on a 777. Fun, fun. The most exciting part is the take-off and the landings. I really don't get people letting their simulator run 4-8 hours across repetitive graphic blocks. Some traditional approaches are unnecessary.. Like........Like folks who stress-test their CPU an entire night to see if it is stable. lol I just follow the best known settings and configuration for my components, fire-up the sim, fly a demanding a/c and scenery and see if it's stable (or will crash); then I adjust accordingly. Bammm, only takes a few moments.
  4. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Honestly, I did not know aircraft had fans for their brakes until a couple of years ago. But speaking about brakes, smoke , and fans, I don't think the fans will be necessary. Honestly, no one will notice if it has fans, unless you zooom all the way in, or the developer mentions it. On-the-other-hand, smoke can bee seen from the condensations on the engines and wings... It adds so much realism; thus engaging you in a more immersive manner. (The more alive a scenery or an airplane behaves, the more appealing it is).
  5. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Hi Emanuel... Yes, that's what I meant.. That visual anuimation. As you mention, in real life we don't see smoke just for brakes running hot. But, in our sim world, you know sometimes we can make things happen. Sometimes we hold on the brakes for too long which could cause some "fire". And with fire comes..... smoke. Ok, we don't need a smokey Airbus. haha. But, you get what I'm trying to say. -- By-the-way, you can also add an option to turn it on or off from the "options" list on the FMC.
  6. Wow, guys.. And.... lift off! Updated to 1.01 and we have a beautiful lift. Thank you sooo much, guys. Couldn't be happier !!
  7. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Hi Dave.. I understand simulating normal pilot operations; I was/am thinking it would be a really nice addition to Aerosoft aircraft.. something like adding the sneezing sounds, or the coffee cups. Any way, just a thought that would be very welcome by simmers. Great day!
  8. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    A Thought: I was wondering how this would look or if it would be possible. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a smoking and light fire effect when the brakes are held for too long? Currently we see wheels turning red in a particular a/c; but I would love to see some dark smoke and maybe a bit of fire like effect. It would really add to the experience. Currently, I don't believe there's any developer out there who has simulate this. Just a thought... not sure if its possible (at least the smoke part). But anyway, "small" things like these will have folks more engaged due to the immersion. (I know I would purposely now and then apply those brakes to see the effect).
  9. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    I'm guessing as soon as it completes, which no one knows.. they call it "work in progress". Meaning they are working on it.
  10. Emanuel, thank you for your response. And, yes you are correct, it is a different kind of aircraft and it takes learning its new systems and behavior. I am learning it more and more and find myself enjoying this aircraft more than I thought.
  11. Sure.. thank you for your input. I'll make sure the weight is well balanced, as well.
  12. Sure, I also believe it's simulated correctly. I am just surprised at the enormous amount of pitch down it does after the 20 settings to full flaps. I was hoping to see lift (which will 'lift' the a/c during low speeds) when going full flaps for landing. However, I find myself having to adjust the trim excessively. And, again, as you mention, this could very well be the norm. But, man.... hmmmm I really don't want to mess with the parameters to adjust lift and trim.. I might end-up breaking something else, or causing the a/c to behave erratically. It's a beautiful aircraft and a lot of work has been placed on it by Hans and Aerosoft.
  13. Ahhh, ok. Well that explains it. Is the auto-trim something I can set-up myself on the CRJ, or adjusting it manually is the only option?
  14. Gentlemen, I'm not sure if this is the correct section to ask this question, but I have a question. I notice the trim and negative lift stability in this aircraft is very pronounced. I'll explain. There doesn't seem to be a lot of 'positive' lift for the aircraft, even when the flaps are extended all the way. In fact, the more the flaps are extended the more the aircraft will pitch downwards,putting a heavy nose down attitude..thus, needing a huge amount of trim compensation. Is this how the aircraft should be (or is)? Or, is there an issue with my controllers? Or, ? The reason why I ask, is because this is the first aircraft ever to behave this way, of all the ones I have flown. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, or maybe this is how the a/c should behave? I don't know. But, I would love to adjust lift- or have more lift-, when the wings are extended cause presently its seriously killing my experience. (And, I'm not asking for a lift effect as the default F-22 that you could land it almost at 115 knots. lol )
  15. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    I'm amazed at the things that can be done (if you know how, of course). I was amazed at what PSS did with the Airbus series and Boeing 777 for FS 2002 and 2004.. being able to program way points and auto-land those aircraft, was amazing. This, considering how far back this started. Today, technology and skills have improved tremendously and greater things can be achieved. But, as you mentioned, Dave, it also comes with a price.