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  1. firdeboer_85

    Pushback At Wiij

    HI there oliver...can u pls reupload the files re the Pushback fix for WIIJ and WARJ as I've reinstalled my Fs9 to another machine as my last machine was totally wrecked..tq
  2. firdeboer_85

    Problem With Aes Or My Video Card???

    Thanks pal..problem solved
  3. I've installed AES recently and started using it at the free airports....Though I've done setting the aircrafts positions(stairs,cargo and catering truck),the stairs wont raise up to the level of my aircraft's door,so does the catering trucks... Furthermore,I've only got static Parking Man or Pushback Man...The parking man only holds up the guiding sticks and doesnt guide me when I'm trying to park and the Pushback Man doesnt give me the Right Hand Up(cleared to taxi) after detaching the tow truck's towbar...Is this because of my Video Card or can I repair this error? I've turned on the dynamic scenery and still this problem occurs with all of my aircrafts...
  4. firdeboer_85

    Pushback At Wiij

    Thanks a lot mate...
  5. firdeboer_85

    Pushback At Wiij

    The airport doesnt seem to have pushback feature...I heard that there's an update for that but I am unable to find the download link....Could somebody help???Thanks..