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  1. I can live with the price, I just can’t with the specs, haha. But seriously, I’m eagerly waiting for the A318. Keep up the good work! Cheers.
  2. Avianca flies the A318 as well! I’m very excited to use it in my Colombian flights as well as Brazilian ones with Avianca Brazil. Any Airbus from Aerosoft is welcome! Cheers.
  3. This post will only get you downvotes. I know, it’s frustrating, but what else can they do? Unexpected things happen in software development and I think Aerosoft is one step ahead in this case. It had much more sense (in the long-term view) to redo the code for the A320 series now than just making it compatible with P3D V4 and then doing it all over again and relaunching a new product shortly after that. Besides, previous owners will get a discount with all the new features! I know, I’m frustrated too, but when it’s released you’ll see that it’s worth it. Just wait. Cheers!
  4. Happy New Year everyone! Hi Mathijs, sorry to ask but, in the worst of the cases, if Lockheed doesn’t response, those features to be forgotten at the moment are immersion stuff or something technical like MCDU features? Thanks, cheers!
  5. Great news guys! Fantastic work! Now only wingflex is missing for the apocalypse to happen. Just kidding, cheers.
  6. Well, but there was pros and cons. Remember that the demand for the Bus is massive! Time is also a “constraint” they have to keep in mind. In my case at least, I don’t want to spend money for an available 100+ € product that I —and I say again, specifically I— find the model ugly. I miss my Aerosoft Airbus, and so I’d rather wait for it. Nevertheless, Aerosoft, although it’s not perfect, it has its pretty good customer-product relationship philosophy where pretty much everyone wins. Cheers!
  7. No it won’t because Aerosoft and TFDi couldn’t get to an agreement. But Mathijs said that they have better plans to implement on the A32X family. Cheers!
  8. Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Well, I’d like to ask SCIP. It’s a pretty nice island. Thanks!
  9. Ohhh, I will gladly accept it!
  10. Hey there, I think there is a mistake in the topic name, can you please check it? It says [...] A318/A319/A321/A321 instead of A318/A319/A320/A321? Keep up the good work guys
  11. Hahaha! I think Frank will be very busy, he also has to break down the airliner not yet announced. Cheers!
  12. Nosewheel Animation

    I agree, it's a fantastic product! I loved it in every way, even the lack of auto throttle (yes, I know the CRJ doesn't have it). But does this mean that the A320 series and the A330 won't have the animation either? If I recall well, PMDG aircraft do have that animation. Please do not misunderstand me, I am really confused. On the other hand, I look forward to fly at least 50 more CRJ flights! Have I mentioned that I love it? Cheers!
  13. --> insert "when will it be released" joke here... Just kidding, congratulations! I can't wait either. Hype overload.