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  1. Dust off your TacPack.....

    @wingman5 Will the paintkit for the F.53 be the same paintkit as used on the F6 or will it require a new one? Cameron.
  2. A couple of lightning related questions

    The RAF Wattisham Phantom era scenery by ACG has got to be one of the best scenery addons I've ever seen and its freeware so can it get any better?? Over at the MAIW forum there's been an ongoing project for a couple of months by the original designer to convert the ACG RAF Gutersloh from FS2004 to FSX and P3D. It's been delayed because of the various clashes that appear seeing as the FS2004 version was bloody brilliant but he's working his way through the checklist. Should be good once its released and it'll be nice to fly the F.2As to their old home.. You'll just have to rewrite history a bit so that the Lightnings were operating alongside the Harrier GR3s.. C.
  3. A couple of lightning related questions

    I can't remember who but somewhere on here even used the actual Aerosoft Lightning as his AI traffic and said that it didn't hit the FPS too much.. Hate to try it with my graphics card though C.
  4. A couple of lightning related questions

    There's also this freeware if Binbrook by Ted Andrews, it's a really good model and is on par with SDB's scenery plus its free! But follow Dave's advice and download John Young's AI Lightning and convert the aircraft in the scenery using AIFP. Cameron
  5. Dust off your TacPack.....

    Anymore ETA's for the F.53? C.
  6. Dust off your TacPack.....

    Is this the last chapter in the Aerosoft Lightning story? C.
  7. It's that time again!

    pure poetry
  8. YouTube videos on the Lightning

    Director's upload of a 2006 documentary on Thunder City. Features interviews with Brian Carroll and archive footage of the four Lightnings while with Tony Hulls and while the Lightning was in RAF service. Also covers the restoration of XP693. Apparently a small number of DVDs were produced so this documentary is quite rare.. C.
  9. YouTube videos on the Lightning

    Here’s quite a good one showing the operation of Thunder City and features the late Mike Beachy Head and Dave Stock who was the pilot who lost his life in the 2009 crash. Apart from the narrator deciding that the Buccaneer was a supersonic bomber, all in all its not bad. Makes me wonder what happened to the rest of the Thunder City Lightnings after they were put up for sale early this year. I read on another forum that they’d been bought by Hawker Hunter Aviation based at RAF Scampton who wanted to operate them on a military contract as they do with their Hunters and Buccaneer but I highly doubt that, I’d imagine it being a bit of a money pit for them plus there’s probably more chance of seeing Concorde, TSR2 and a Vulcan make a fly past at Farnborough next year than there is seeing the Lightning fly in UK again.. C.
  10. YouTube videos on the Lightning

    5) audio of a Lightning crash (caused by in flight fire, who’d have thought it?!). It also turned out to be the last Lightning lost in RAF service. The pilot shadowing the downed aircraft is Ian Black 6) and here’s an interview with the aforementioned man, Ian Black
  11. YouTube videos on the Lightning

    Just having a browse of YouTube and found quite a few good documentaries/footage of the Lightning and thought here would be a good place to share them C. 1) Short documentary on the last flight of XR724 into Binbrook in 1992 2) The Last Lightning Show covering the final days of operation at Binbrook as well as showing some interesting development footage. Also shows the last Lightning Diamond Nine 3) Binbrook Lightnings: Interviews with pilots and Bee Beaumont on front line operation of the Lightning 4) A local reporter enjoying a ride in a T5 but not enjoying the accompanying G forces
  12. Interesting tale XS894

    Just popped up on my recommendeds, after reading the crash report I suspect that the man being interviewed has taken some creative license with his memories.. Anyway, shows the lair of the Lightning in a much more recognisable state than it is today!
  13. Aerosoft Lightning & Team SDB Binbrook vs Orbx.

    Hi Ash, when/where did you download the scenery? I've just had a look on FSPilotShop and they show that a patch was released on September 12th that fixed a missing texture.. I'm no expert on scenery but maybe worth a try.. I used to run the SDB "Lightning Strikes" scenery but found the ILS was a pig for some reason so I switched to the scenery by Ted Harrison, I'd be interested to know what differences or modifications there are in the end of an era scenery? C. PS. What platform are you running on?
  14. T,5 Repaints?

    Download link at the top of the page C.
  15. T,5 Repaints?

    Third times a charm, got it in the end Just uploaded the paints to Simviation so should be ready for download tomorrow.. C.