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  1. No, I work as a Line A & P Mechanic at a US Airline.
  2. Truly amazing work Stefan. I love how you included normally overlooked details like the emergency flashlight underneath the sliding window. When I see the screenshot, I want to reach down and verify the LED is flashing like I do on the real aircraft. Also, here in America, those flashlights all have a tamper seal that has to broken before the flashlight can be removed from the cradle. I can upload a picture for inspection if needed . Even the oxygen mask placard is in the exact same location as our A320 Aircraft. Finally, is the level indication in the armrest operable like the real aircraft?
  3. Mathijs, for us folks who wish to purchase the Airbus Narrow body bundle, can your development team create the product in a manner where the entire package is one single installer with one single serial code?
  4. FC9.7 Data Manager not working

    Volker has made a mention at his support forum that FS Commander's Data Manager is not compatible with Prepar3d V4. Here is a link to his posting: FS Commander Forum
  5. James. the airline I work at, the only time gear pins (Ground locks as we call them) are installed are when the aircraft is during maintenance operations. Also, anytime the gear pins are installed, there is a defect entry is written in the maintenance logbook. Live aircraft never have gear pins installed, even during maintenance taxi reposition operations. Thus, I really don't understand Majestic's rationale for requiring the gear pin removal before takeoff. Is this complexity for the sake of complexity?
  6. Don, I have the Airbus bundle. I am person friends with a real life Airbus pilot who uses the FSLabs A320. I have been lucky enough to experience his FS Labs Airbus while he has flown the AS Airbus on my PC. So, being in that situation, I can give you a very informed comparison of the two products. Both products are really high quality addons and contain near perfect features normal flight operations, 3d models, FBW code, MCDU operation, etc. Where the FSLabs plane has an advantage over the AS Airbus is in major failures like engine loss, RAT/ADG deployment etc. Also, FSLabs has a dispatch type software for flightplan import into FMS, the ability to control every individual light bulb and it illumination, a much more detailed nosewheel steering system. All of these features use a tremendous amount of resources in terms of VAS and FPS. In P3Dv3, you simply cannot fly the FSLabs A320 with the sliders at the same level as the PMDG 737, let alone the Aerosoft Airbus. Also, in FSX-Steam, the FSLabs aircraft is barely able to get over 20 FPS in a heavily detailed airport like AS EDDF or EGGL. AI usage can lead to OOM CTD. The AS Airbus has all of the normal operations plus a few minor failures built in. Because of its slim 'resource profile' you can fly the AS Airbus into any heavy airport with lots of AI and higher scenery setting while still getting good FPS. The As Airbus uses its own WXR, it works with any weather engine. FS Labs needs AS Next/2016 for WXR returns due to the pripority DLL in the ND display. Also, Aerosoft allows simultaneous installation of their aircraft into P3D and FSX. FSLabs charges considerably more for multiple licenses. At the moment, I am comparing the P3DV3 versions of both Airbuses. AS will be adding more features to the upcoming AS 2018 so the gap between the two aircraft may close further. Finally, Having flown the two, for me the AS Airbus is more than enough aircraft. Unless you are an A320 check Airman, the extra features that the FSLabs A320 gives really aren't necessary for a casual simulation pilot.
  7. In the previous thread Mathijs reported that the all current narrow body Airbus repaints will remain compatible with the new version.
  8. I was wondering if the Professional Series of the Airbus, all versions, will be able to download winds aloft data and integrate such information into the destination airport fuel quantity estimate calculations?
  9. Mathijs, thank you very much for your statements. Also, thank very much for being so fair with your software use policy. As always, Aerosoft is always always treats its paying customers with respect. I wish other developers would learn be as enlightened as your team.
  10. FlightSim Commander or PFPX

    Gentlemen, thank you very much for your information. Since I am only looking for a really good flight planner, I will pick up FS Commander at the Aerosoft Shop. Also, I checked Volker's support forum, very informative. He seems to be very good/through with his product support.
  11. Very nice pics of the newly updated VC. Can the development team show screenshots of the dynamic exterior lights in P3DV4?
  12. Gentlemen, at the moment, I am using FSbuild for my flight planning needs. FSBuild is not the most modern program and doesn't export to AS Airbus. The user Interface is pretty basic and can be a little tough to get around. I have been looking at Aerosoft's store website and caught my eye on FlightSim Commander 9.x and PFPX. I played around with the demo version of FSC from Volker's website and was impressed. I haven't seen the same for PFPX, thus I have a few questions. 1)Essentially, what is the difference between Aerosoft's version of FSC and that available on 2)As for capabilities, what advantages does PFPX give the user over FSC? 3)Finally, FSC seems to give many helpful items like moving map which can double as an EFB as well as live weather/Metar Data from NOAA. Can PFPX provide those capabilities?
  13. Captain Joseph, please verify your texture file is in a zipped format. *.RAR formats do not work. Also, your included configuration file that contains the above information should be a notepad file labeled readme.txt Finally, I found that the readme.txt file works best when there is some text above and below your main entry. Here is an example from the Air Canada A321 NEO project I collaborated with. Try using this as a template and tell me how it works: Place the texture folder in your FSX/SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft Airbus A321 CFM folder and then open your aircraft.cfg file and copy and paste the below text into the livery section, changing the xx to whatever the next number in the sequence is. That is it! Thanks for downloading. [FLTSIM.xx] title = Airbus A321 NEO Air Canada 1991 sim = A321 model = SHARKLET panel = sound = texture = AC90NEO kb_checklists = AirbusA321_check kb_reference = AirbusA321_ref atc_id = C-GITU atc_airline = Air Canada atc_flight_number = 578 ui_manufacturer = Airbus X ui_type = A321-111 CFM ui_variation = Air Canada 90's ui_typerole = Commercial Airliner ui_createdby = Aerosoft atc_parking_types = GATE description = Aerosoft Airbus A321 NEO CFM - Air Canada 19901\\Repaint by Ray Reyes and Gavin Parmar -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please do not re-upload without my permission. This is freeware and there should never be a charge for it.
  14. Can you please copy and paste your repaint's aircraft.cfg entry. That will give us more information for troubleshooting. That being said, your attached screenshot seems to indicate the cfg entry is not complete. Also, it looks like you don't have a thumbnail picture (JPEG format) in your texture folder.
  15. I partnered with a colleague and created an AS A320 classic scheme. Using the AS paintkit, I copied my files over to the NEO kit and got some pretty bad results. Can anybody give me tutorial/hints on how to create a NEO repaint using the standard A320 as a base? Same engine type.