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  1. Gentlemen, at the moment, I am using FSbuild for my flight planning needs. FSBuild is not the most modern program and doesn't export to AS Airbus. The user Interface is pretty basic and can be a little tough to get around. I have been looking at Aerosoft's store website and caught my eye on FlightSim Commander 9.x and PFPX. I played around with the demo version of FSC from Volker's website and was impressed. I haven't seen the same for PFPX, thus I have a few questions. 1)Essentially, what is the difference between Aerosoft's version of FSC and that available on 2)As for capabilities, what advantages does PFPX give the user over FSC? 3)Finally, FSC seems to give many helpful items like moving map which can double as an EFB as well as live weather/Metar Data from NOAA. Can PFPX provide those capabilities?
  2. Captain Joseph, please verify your texture file is in a zipped format. *.RAR formats do not work. Also, your included configuration file that contains the above information should be a notepad file labeled readme.txt Finally, I found that the readme.txt file works best when there is some text above and below your main entry. Here is an example from the Air Canada A321 NEO project I collaborated with. Try using this as a template and tell me how it works: Place the texture folder in your FSX/SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft Airbus A321 CFM folder and then open your aircraft.cfg file and copy and paste the below text into the livery section, changing the xx to whatever the next number in the sequence is. That is it! Thanks for downloading. [FLTSIM.xx] title = Airbus A321 NEO Air Canada 1991 sim = A321 model = SHARKLET panel = sound = texture = AC90NEO kb_checklists = AirbusA321_check kb_reference = AirbusA321_ref atc_id = C-GITU atc_airline = Air Canada atc_flight_number = 578 ui_manufacturer = Airbus X ui_type = A321-111 CFM ui_variation = Air Canada 90's ui_typerole = Commercial Airliner ui_createdby = Aerosoft atc_parking_types = GATE description = Aerosoft Airbus A321 NEO CFM - Air Canada 19901\\Repaint by Ray Reyes and Gavin Parmar -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please do not re-upload without my permission. This is freeware and there should never be a charge for it.
  3. Can you please copy and paste your repaint's aircraft.cfg entry. That will give us more information for troubleshooting. That being said, your attached screenshot seems to indicate the cfg entry is not complete. Also, it looks like you don't have a thumbnail picture (JPEG format) in your texture folder.
  4. I partnered with a colleague and created an AS A320 classic scheme. Using the AS paintkit, I copied my files over to the NEO kit and got some pretty bad results. Can anybody give me tutorial/hints on how to create a NEO repaint using the standard A320 as a base? Same engine type.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Repaint of AS A320 CFM in Canadian airlines 1990 scheme
  6. Repaint request

    You are in luck. I just upload an Air Canada 1990 livery CFM A320: AC A320 CFM Download Link Also, check out our A321 CFM NEO in Air Canada's 1990 livery: A321 NEO CFM NEO
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Repaint of Air Canada A320 CFM in 'Green Tail' livery found during 1990.
  8. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Perhaps a moderator could make a sticky post listing the most FAQ such which engine versions/models etc. This way folks can read a list of features without loosing track of information after reading over two hundred posts.
  9. Do pilots IRL enter their routes manually?

    At the airline I work, we upload the company routes into the FMS via a laptop. Pilots use the company route (flightplan) they are directed to by their dispatchers. The dispatchers will upload the same flightplan to ATC. Yes, once a new AIRAC Cycle arrives, new company routes are created/existing flightplans are modified to match the AIRAC Cycle.
  10. I am so excited for the CRJ release that I feel like a kid trying to sleep on Christmas Eve.
  11. I just wanted to let everybody know, I was able to install Mega Heathrow Xtended into P3DV4 by simply pointing the installer to my P3DV4 directory. I had to manually add the scenery using the scenery library. But once that was done, Heathrow Xtended works perfectly in P3DV4. No OOMs, good night lighting. There was a small increase in FPS over P3DV3. Normal Autogen setting was enough to fully populate the surrounding areas.
  12. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    I wondering if the team could add the following feature to not only the upcoming A330, but also the Airbus narrow bodies in a future update: In the MCDU allow uses to select simulation pause when the aircraft arrives at the flight plan's Top Of Decent waypoint. In this manner, distracted simulation pilots won't miss waypoints and overfly destination airport. After all, unlike real pilots, simmers like me have all sorts of distractions like the need to text my relatives in flight, answer Sunday phone calls from my mother, the need to yell at my kids when they are stuffing toys down the toilet along with the duty to pay attention to my wife when she is lecturing me for overusing the credit card in order to buy the latest Aerosoft Airports.
  13. Some comments on 64 bit sims

    Mathijs, with the release of 64 bit P3D, will Aerosoft still continue to support installation of your complex aircraft and scenery into P3D V3 as well as V4? Also, with the great shift to X64 simulation platforms, has Aerosoft determined if FSX/FSX SE will continue to receive support for new titles?
  14. I just wanted to add that in the US Registered FAR 121 airline I work at, all Flight Crew manuals: checklists and charts are kept in the Pilots' company issued IPads. In our cockpit there are no paper manuals. That also includes the MMEL Manual. As an A & P Mechanic all of my manuals are kept in my own company issued IPad. The same goes for the Flight Attendant.
  15. Livery request: Air Canada 2017 (New Livery)

    There is an A321 in our downloads section: Air Canada C-GJWO Airbus A321 CFM 1.0.0