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  1. v4.1 CTD after install of oslo v2

    thanks fellas, sorry for late reply, iam just re installing the whole darn thing again including w10 lol. when i tried to update to 4.2 i had some weird in sim tool bar problem (the tabs would not stay open), dont you just love simming we go through a lot of heartache , time and effort to just do what we do!!!
  2. v4.1 CTD after install of oslo v2

    no fix sadly maybe re install the client?
  3. v4.1 CTD after install of oslo v2

    yeah loaded only basic sim totally no addond same result, thanks i will try this now
  4. v4.1 CTD after install of oslo v2

    sorry if thats all a bit too much iam new to screenshoots i just put the last 3 errors on, again sorry and thanks lol
  5. hi got a weird one , P3D now crashes to desktop ( kernelbase in event viewer) after installing olso v2, but this only happens when i select the "options menu" in sim. following some forum guidence i have unistalled UTL live backed up the p3d confiq, loaded the sim only with no addons at default airport/ aircraft and as some as i touch options CTD ?
  6. pfpx will not re install

    i love you guys!!!
  7. pfpx will not re install

    ive checked the securuty of the files and my anti virus and firewall it all looks good?,
  8. pfpx will not re install

    hi again ive done all of the above , its just not working
  9. pfpx will not re install

    hi tom, heres a screen shot, if i click ignore then the installer goes through a whole load of files that it cannot find??
  10. hi, got a problem with my pfpx, it started when it coudnt write a flightplan to p3dv4, i messed around i little to to get it work but no good, so i uninstalled and down loaded a fresh copy and tried to install, but know it saying it cant find a ton files and installation wont continue, anty ideas?
  11. nav data

    waite a minute!! i just tried loading all navigraph updates through download manager and all is good 1711 is now in force, no problem anymore
  12. hi just renewed my pfpx subscription, now it telling me my nav data as expired but its the latest 1710 but weirdly it says NG1710 dont think ive seen that before?
  13. thanks guys i am drunk now will work on it tomorrow thanks for your help i appreciate it:)
  14. hi tom, i dont have that option in my version 1.28?, do i need to update