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  1. nav data

    waite a minute!! i just tried loading all navigraph updates through download manager and all is good 1711 is now in force, no problem anymore
  2. hi just renewed my pfpx subscription, now it telling me my nav data as expired but its the latest 1710 but weirdly it says NG1710 dont think ive seen that before?
  3. thanks guys i am drunk now will work on it tomorrow thanks for your help i appreciate it:)
  4. hi tom, i dont have that option in my version 1.28?, do i need to update
  5. hi thanks, iam trying to do this right now, iam not sure how to set the route export section in pfpx so as4 can find it, ive done what you said but there is no route in the folder. i think as4 still needs a pln file, i dont have fsx installed?
  6. hi can someone explain how i do this , i know its not necessary but i managed to do this some time ago and liked it just cant remember how to do it lol :), cheers !
  7. i haveve changed the p3d folder to the root !!, and holy crap its working ha ha what is it with you guys? some kind of wizzardry going on!!! you sure you not in harry potter?, thank you very much no idea what you did but you did it, cheers the beers are on me!
  8. looking at ottos pfpx snippet mine says aerosoft airbus "extended" flightplans, ottos says aerosof tairbus flightplans?, how come its different?
  9. let me do that now tom
  10. thanks for your reply can i send you some snippets, so you can take a look?
  11. Tom, anyone plese help me i cannot figure out how to get pfpx to talk to my AS 320. i am a long time user and have had to do a computer W10 upgrade from w7( that is another story). but now no matter how i try to get the 2 programmes to talk its not happening, i can usre the company route programme just fine, but 3 days and counting no joy with my preferred method (going slightly crazy now!) plz help, cheers phil
  12. hi i recently downgraded back to W7 64 from W10 and now PFPX crashes/freezes on initialising schedule, start up basically. i uninstalled and reinstalled same problem ?