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  1. QW 787 profile

    I’ve tested it now and it seems to work fine for 787-9. Following the instructions above makes it available in PFPX. However you may need to make a few edits depending on the livery you are using - as the seating and equipment will vary from airline to airline so this affects the passenger numbers and weights (ZFW + beyond).
  2. QualityWings 787 - expected landing date?

    That’s great news!
  3. QW 787 profile

    It looks like the link from JonBoy on 9th October above now includes the 787-9 variant too. I am not at my rig so I haven’t had a chance to verify that yet.
  4. QualityWings 787 - expected landing date?

    FYI .. I have successfully imported the latest AIRAC cycle by selecting QualityWings 757 option and then adjusting the path. I had to place it one higher than I expected in the tree as it creates its own ‘navdata’ sub folder. I have NOT tested a route yet though (just the navdata is no longer warning it is out of date on the FMC and current AIRAC Cycle and expiry date are now displayed). :-) This workaround is fine for me as I don’t have the QW757, but would cause a problem to NavdataPro customers who have both products. Please provide an update to NDP soon.
  5. QualityWings 787 - expected landing date?

    Thank you @Mathijs Kok and @Guenter Zehnel. On reading the QW787 forum posts, it looks like some people have use navdata, but there is a difference with the folder path (i think there is another level added compared with their 757 product for example). Quote from a recent post from QW787 support forum: "Navigraph's installer is installing the new AIRAC into the folder FSX\QualityWings\Navdata But the 787 is reading the Airac data from FSX\QualityWings\QW787\Navdata Copy the entire contents of the FSX\QualityWings\Navdata folder, and paste it into FSX\QualityWings\QW787\Navdata (The BAe146/RJ's and 757 are reading the data in FSX\QualityWings\Navdata" The solution I feel is to have a specific 787 option added to NavdataPro so that the user can select a diffferent path for 787 compared with the other two QW products currently supported in NavDataPro for FSX/FSX:SE. I will happily beta test this if you want to check this works before it is released to the full community. Regards, Arne
  6. QualityWings 787 - expected landing date?

    I of course mean I want to be able to use up to date navigation data (SIDs/STARs)! And not have to manually create plans using old AIRAC data!
  7. Please can you provide an estimate when you expect NavDataPro to include a Quality Wings 787 compatible export option? I'd love to avoid creating flight plans manually in my simulator again! Many thanks,
  8. Problems installing LOWI into FSX Steam

    It's all working now and Approaching Innsbruck X (LOWI) is now back in my sim. Many thanks for all the help Dave and data63. To help others that might face the same problems, the root cause of my problem was the initial installation of FSX:SE alongside FSX. Uninstalling FSX and FSX:SE and reinstalling FSX:SE does NOT automatically tidy up the registry and key windows folder paths. My solution was as follows (note this is where you wish to have FSX:SE on it's own and you do NOT have FSX installed on the same pc any longer): Check the registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\) .. I had some oddities where the subfolders present needed to be deleted and to ensure coexistence was set to 0. (otherwise it made it look like I still had FSX and FSX:SE co-existing). Check other resources for guidance here, such as,14166.msg104727.html#msg104727. Tidy up windows folders manually to ensure there is no FSX:SE folder, just C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX (and NOT C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX-SE which I deleted). When installing scenery into FSX:SE ensure you download the latest version of the product's installers, and select the "FSX" option (instead of FSX:SE) to ensure the correct scenery.cfg file was being updated. Doing the above means I do not need to manually install scenery into the scenery library (so no more click on white-space workarounds for me!). Please note: I uninstalled all payware aircraft and scenery BEFORE I performed the steps above. This way, the installers worked as intended and you avoid scenery library errors. I'm off to finish reinstalling my aircraft and other airports and then I can get flying again (without OOMs ).
  9. Problems installing LOWI into FSX Steam

    Many thanks for the clarification. This is rather surprising for me as a Steam newbie, but I will try what you are recommending ('FSX' option instead of 'FSX-SE' ) and report back.
  10. Problems installing LOWI into FSX Steam

    Thanks DaveCT2003. I am surprised to see that I should be selecting FSX now (and not FSX:SE). Is that just for older installers like LOWI or do you think that applies to all installations from now on (scenery, aircraft etc)?? I have used the Flight1 Registry Repair tool and will have another go at sorting this out. I agree that it is not updating the scenery.cfg file , or at least the correct one!!
  11. Problems installing LOWI into FSX Steam

    Thanks for the prompt reply data63. This is NOT a side by side install (although I had originally intended to do that). Does your advice stay the same? A
  12. Happy New Year fellow flight simmers. I have finally decided to move over to FSX Steam Edition (FSX SE) from FSX boxed. I have uninstalled my previous set up (FSX, scenery, aircraft etc), and am going through a new install. I had failed to realise FSX boxed doesn't like sitting alongside FSX SE on the same pc until the warning came up AFTER FSX SE had installed!! So I uninstalled both FSX boxed and FSX SE. I then re-downloaded FSX SE and re-installed it. FSX SE is working and I have now installed two payware aircraft, however the first scenery I have tried to install ( Approaching Innsbruck LOWI ) is NOT visible in my scenery in FSX SE. The add scenery area option manually doesn't seem to work. The software according to the executable is ApproachingInnsbruck_1.exe (version Any ideas? Many thanks,