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  1. Actually those two projects are completely unrelated. It's correct that Stefan works on both, but his part on the CRJ is done.
  2. I flew in a -900 last week. First CRJ flight in a long time. And I must say I was surprised in a positive way. Just as comfortable (well... or just as uncomfortable - I flew in economy) as Lufthansa's A319s but much quieter. One thing that I noticed (but not going to implement) were permanent left-right corrections (roughly 0.5 to 1.0 degrees - I could only judge by window frame vs. horizon) by the autopilot, and that a lot of thrust was required to get the aircraft to start moving on the ground.
  3. Don't ask, then I don't have to disappoint you by not answering
  4. I'm pretty sure that after 7 years it's due for a major check
  5. Good enough for me. Off to vacation! See you guys next year
  6. Stop keeping Holgi from finishing my personal and exclusive CRJ business jet livery
  7. That is exactly the point! They just can't get anyone better than me
  8. Damn.... I need to add this as well. Sorry guys, that's another 3-4 years delay. By the way, for those who can read German: I found the perfect job for me. Check here!
  9. Don't make assumptions please. Also, Stefan is a 3D modeller, not a programmer. Adding him to the programming part would probably delay the project by another few years. And you can't defeat Frank's power of destruction. It dwarves everything in the Universe!
  10. No. Definitely not. May be by Aerosoft's sales and marketing departments but certainly not by anyone who ever developed something for FSX or P3D.
  11. It was Microsoft who withheld it in the first place. As far as I remember, Pete Dowson asked the LM guys to add certain functions to the SDK, so no more "hacking" was necessary to access them. I don't know what their response was though.
  12. There is no such thing as a ground friction model in FSX or P3D. The best you can do is use the friction table function that Pete Dowson introduced in FSUIPC on my request a while ago. But this is a hack and it's only available in FSUIPC 4 but not in FSUIPC 5. So, the ground handling is as good as it gets if you have FSUIPC 4. There's nothing we can do about P3D v4 though. Lockheed Martin may give us documented SDK access to the friction table at some point, but when and if, is totally up to them.
  13. I need new testers who are not so mean to me!
  14. Wrong, you fix the aircraft he breaks IRL