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  1. A little evening flight.... HGS contains some debug data (like the cross hair flight director) so don't look too closely ;-)
  2. Why? You already had to answer all those questions to me
  3. Time for a serious response! I think Mathijs already said this a couple hundred pages earlier, but it's time to say it again: The CRJ is neither a Boeing or an Airbus. Thought it seems to be a simpler aircraft (no Autothrottle, only advisory VNAV), its avionics system's complexity beyond Boeing and sometimes even close to Airbus. You can choose between all kinds of navigation sources and use the cross-side (CPT side uses F/O side) data - choose the wrong setting on the NAV Source knob and you'll end up flying somewhere... but not where you want to go. Another example: if you're on an FMS flight want to intercept an ILS, you have to change the NAV source from FMS to VOR/LOC or the autopilot's APP mode will not capture anything. So yes, I fully except tons of questions and alleged bugs pretty much immediately after release. But then, that's what we have The Dude for
  4. Hard to imagine... coming home from work and actually having the evening off. But the day will hopefully come soon I won't buy it either! You're the former CRJ pilot. You gave me all the info on how weird this plane is. I'll send them all to you
  5. the 3D printed model is actually a nice idea. I imagine a golden CRJ900 statue with a plaque reading "For Hans, the slowest developer of all times!"
  6. What is a CRJ?
  7. I'm sorry, but things don't look good regarding a Cheyenne upgrade. That's all I can say right now,
  8. I think it the development started for FS2000. I don't remember if the release version was for FS2000 or already for FS2002. 1 month of work for the whole overhead panel with underlying systems.... those were better times
  9. I've had a full time job for the last 23 years and I never failed or stopped supporting any of the products I worked on (Dreamfleet 737-400, Eurowings Pro/2004, DA20 Katana, PA31 Cheyenne, ...), so no worries. As The Dude said, there's also going to be further development on the CRJ. No, it's going to be delivered without a Co-Pilot. Nobody needs a right-seater
  10. Mathijs is right here. Technically, you don't run a 32 bit simulator on a 64 bit OS. You run a 32 bit simulator on a subsystem called WoW64 ("Windows on Windows 64") which is pretty much a virtual machine to run 32-bit applications. As for a 64-bit simulator, you would not be able to use any 32-bit module DLLs or gauges, only newly created 64-bit ones. Both run within the simulator process and have to use the same "bit width" as the simulator itself. Even a compatibility layer isn't possible here. The only option would be a system where gauges and module DLLs run outside the sim process.
  11. I'll try to get a copy of the F1 GTN and see what I can do. Don't expect anything within the next four weeks though.
  12. Damn you
  13. When is it going to be released? *runs away and seeks cover*
  14. Unfortunately doing that kind of stuff properly is really a major piece of work, so it's not going to happen. At least for now.
  15. Isn't it already available on your google drive?