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  1. and another one: P.S.: FlyTampa St. Maarten works too... even the scenery.cfg entry is made correctly by the installer!
  2. Yes, SODE is executable code. As far as I was told at the FS conference in Paderborn a few weeks ago, the developer already said that he would make it work with P3D v4.
  3. A little hint: 64-bit compatibility means that executable code, like DLLs or EXEs (not XML or LUA!), needs to be compiled for another target CPU, which is really no big deal. Sceneries are not executable code, just a huge amount of data, even the "code" for moving objects is just data from the CPU's point of view. So, a scenery for 64-bit is exactly the same as a scenery for 32-bit. If somebody says that their scenery is ready for 64-bit, all they're talking about is additional DLLs they use... mostly for copy protection.
  4. and also: © Tom A320
  5. You don't seem to know the stuff that Mathijs feeds me to make me work faster
  6. Thanks! :-)
  7. Working through my own code is bad enough. It's horrible at best if somebody else wrote it - no matter what level of documentation. Can I have a quadruple espresso instead? Red Bull tastes like warm semi-liquid gummy bears
  8. I appreciate your intention, but please don't respond to obvious trolls like flightmasta1. It just leads nowhere.
  9. I think it's closer to "undead" than to "reborn"
  10. He breaks everything.
  11. No idea why... I just clicked quote and didn't look at who posted. Perhaps the new version of the forum software brings new bugs
  12. No, cattle class (but only if the cargo hold is already full).
  13. at work, of course ;-)
  14. The pics that The Dude posted of Paderborn in the morning were rather sad... like right after the end of humanity