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  1. bbuckley

    F-14 Extended (v3)

    Great news John! Been waiting anxiously for the P3Dv4 compatible F-14 Extended.
  2. bbuckley

    F=14 Extended in Prepar3D v4

    Same for me. Haven't even fired up FSX in last month even though still installed primarily for F-14.
  3. bbuckley

    F-14 & fsuipc

    Your welcome! Bucks
  4. bbuckley

    F-14 & fsuipc

    Trying to help Lipy, but he uses HOTAS Warthog and TARGET software and I do not. Does anyone here use those, and can you also assign buttons in FSUIPC using the Aerosoft_F14AB.lua at the same time TARGET is running? Apparently the TARGET software doesn't provide for assignment of a lot of commands that can be accessed through the .lua file. EDIT: from what I read, I assume you can use TARGET or program everything in FSUIPC but not both? If that's true does anyone have a good FSUIPC4.ini with F14X specific profile for HOTAS WH? Thanks, Bucks
  5. bbuckley

    F-14 & fsuipc

    Not sure I understand the question entirely. But here are a few points: 1. All the needed FSUIPC files should be in the FSX/Modules folder 2. The two most important files for the F-14X would be the FSUIPC4.ini file for all the configuration settings and the Aerosoft_F14AB.lua file that has a lot of F-14X specific commands you can reference and use. 3. "Profiles", when talking FSUIPC, usually refer to "Aircraft Specific Profiles" that is a capability of FSUIPC and can be created in the FSUIPC dialogs in the FSX Add-on menu, or by editing the FSUIPC4.ini file using a text editor. I've used FSUIPC4 extensively and have set up my own aircraft specific profiles for the F-14X and other airplanes I fly regularly in FSX. I'd be happy to help. Pm me if you want more help than a quick question in the forum. Thanks, Bucks