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  1. Doors not opening after update v1.0.3.0

    That doesn`t work for me. It has passed a lot of time since the bug has been discovered.......
  2. Is the A330 only going to be realesed with the Trent 700 Engines or would be included the cf6 engines as well?
  3. Santiago de Compostela Preview

    Just amazing!!!
  4. Santiago de Compostela Preview

    Who!!!!!!! That looks amazing!!! Great job Latinwings!!!
  5. Do you think that we could have the CRJ realesed in may??
  6. Santiago de Compostela Preview

    And the images?
  7. Santiago de Compostela Preview

    No images of the development??
  8. With these new features we can have one off the best airplanes in flight simulation. Bit it will be great to see the rain droops in the window off the cockpit, that would be great!!!!
  9. Santiago de Compostela Preview

    Can you put some images ??? Please, as a christmas girft, jajajjaja
  10. In the aerosoft page says that the expected realease is in march is that true???
    I think this repaint is one of my favourites and its very difficult to do it so give 5 stars becouse for me a 10. Juan should do more repaints of ibs.