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  1. How many passangers can the a330-300 travel?
  2. Luisca

    Santiago de Compostela Preview

    Thank you for giving us some explanation. We hope to recieve more information soon
  3. Are we going to have images this week?
  4. Is the cabin modelled?
  5. Luisca

    Santiago de Compostela Preview

    Okey they have shown images of Alicante, but is not santiago supose to release before
  6. Luisca

    Santiago de Compostela Preview

    How is all going, because we have hadn´t known about de proyect for about a year. Its incredible i havent seen a simple image since the ones you posted in april of 2017. So i would like to have first hand information from any of the developers, and also would like to see how the proyect is developing. thanks for your attention
  7. you should add a liveryt from an spanish airline such as air europa or wamos air
  8. which liveries is it going to have
  9. could it be released at the end of the year?
  10. Luisca

    Doors not opening after update v1.0.3.0

    That doesn`t work for me. It has passed a lot of time since the bug has been discovered.......
  11. Is the A330 only going to be realesed with the Trent 700 Engines or would be included the cf6 engines as well?
  12. Luisca

    Santiago de Compostela Preview

    Just amazing!!!
  13. Luisca

    Santiago de Compostela Preview

    Who!!!!!!! That looks amazing!!! Great job Latinwings!!!