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  1. IPA

    engines not starting

    No luck. Niente. Nada. After re-installing it. I can still start ok by loading the Tutorial and later switching up. Best
  2. IPA

    engines not starting

    No, I am not loading any other plain. Just selecting the DC8. My default plain is the "default" P3D F22. I am uninstalling and installing again. Let see what happen. I will report back.Thank you for your comments and advice.
  3. IPA

    engines not starting

    Thank you Michel2 . Yes to all.
  4. IPA

    engines not starting

    Thank you Herman for your reply. But first, ask before assuming others are not doing the correct thing. Maybe I was not so explicit. I did the whole tutorial exactly as it is and all was good. My issue is giving a second try without loading the tutorial flight. My conclusion so far is that you have to load the tutorial flight provided and after that change and switch to wherever you want. Best
  5. IPA

    engines not starting

    Hi all: I am following the tutorial but not loading the "tutorial flight" but selecting the aircraft from the menu. I believe I am following the Tutorial but I am not able to fire engines. Of course, I had enabled EXT PWR and EXT AIR. Anyone with this issue? Thank you.