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    Installing is never a pleasure ;-) thats true

    Updating / new technology will always cost money .... yes I did spend 1000€ on Games for my Nintendo 64 but guess what there is a Gamecube a Switch etc ... and I even rebuy games to play them on virtual console on my Wii U / Switch.... Eduard spending money for new technologies and also rebuy stuff you want to enjoy again is normal.
  3. Zurich Professional DDR4

    It will work but you might need to adjust your settings.
  4. SeaHawk Jayhawk for P3d V3.4

    Hello Sir, currently there is no update for V4 I m sorry.
  5. Vidan Tuno scenery version number?

    Hey, i will forward this once to our internals :-)
  6. Few questions on P3D v4

    Hello, 1) Yes 2) yes there is a small fee 3) Currently not
  7. Can't Update

    Hello Sir, the update can be found at support.aerosoft.com sir
  8. Often you guys have great ideas... sometimes you have crazy ideas... If you like to share them, or even your wishes with us feel free to post here :-)! Please make sure we are unable to answere to all the requests and also we are unable to create all your stuff but this is the place to post :-)!
  9. Aerosoft Airbus A318/319/320/321

    Hallo, dieses ist derzeit nicht geplant.
  10. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    The planed release date is 4Q 2017 thats right - no further informations to announce currently.
  11. CRJ Update

    Hello Sir, please simply redownload the file from your customer shop account - that way you will get the latest version.
  12. Steam Edition and Packaged Edition

    Make sure the ports are not just internal open but also external visible ... best is try to ping it from the other computer.
  13. Controller Support

    Hey, currently there is no real support for it, but the developer still have it on there todo
  14. Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    Hello Gabriel, to close this topic please check your inbox I ve been asking you for some information about the order. Make sure this is a one time solution - for the future please read the PRODUCT INFORMATION as well as the SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS on the product page, as you can read in our EULA once a download is started there is no way to refund these anymore (also not exchange them vs a gift card or what ever). All information about a product and it requirements are visible on the product page - sure if there are mistakes the information I wrote on top do not apply.
  15. new build

    They instant had access to the new installer.
  16. Startet Euren eigenen Club

    Dieses kannst du beim erstellen eines Clubs auswählen....
  17. PMDG 777-300

    We found a problem why the file wasn't synced we uploading it once again and sync should be online today! I m sorry
  18. PMDG 777-300

    It online all latest files are online.
  19. Repaints and intellectual property ( IP )

    Oki John i deleted all your content - please let me know if I haven't done with some. If DeCord want to have his content removed please also let me know (I m more then happy if you accept mathijs sorry and leave the content). If one of you two has any question write me a email to fabian.boulegue@aerosoft.com and I will handle asap. I will close the topic for now
  20. Mega Airport Roma X upgrade

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  21. Mega Airport Roma X upgrade

    Hello Sir, we have currently no plans - I m sorry
  22. Omsi 2 DLC - Citybus i280 gearshift problems

    Hello Sir, sorry but XBox Controller is not official supported you might need to use a external software to map the keys to the controller
  23. Mega Zurich Airport - P3DV4

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  24. Mega Zurich Airport - P3DV4

    The update is near by done .... but it won't include SODE.
  25. PMDG 777-300

    We going to replace the files once again with the newest later today