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  1. Hallo Christian, wir gucken mal was da los ist.... eigentlich spiegelt der sich automatisch (dh ja mirror ) Danke für die Info.
  2. Hello let me drop a few words here about the android version we did had a build yet that we did not ship as we often seen that we run in different limitations on different android devices (screensize / memory) thats why we droped this version and been thinking of a new one, that might will take a few more month (untill we also update the ios version to a complete new look and feel with new features etc). Right now the web (cloud) version is the best to use for Android and Windows Phone user, this works on every device (beside the pitch to zoom that going to be fixed "soon"*tm).
  3. Dovetail ll fix this issue with the right file, you ll also gain a update to fix this via steam
  4. Hello, no all customer ll get the update, just some times box does take longer. Yes these are different updater aka installer.
  5. Hallo, gebe ich gern weiter ;-)! Kann hierbei aber bisher nicht versprechen.
  6. Wie in deinem andern Thread erwähnt wird dieses im laufe der kommenden Woche folgen.
  7. Hallo Wolaem, richtig.
  8. Hello Alex, as Oliver already told, the update is already available for download customer box customer ll find it shortly at support.aerosoft.com we cant give out a ETA yet, but i expect it next week. Please make sure if you want fast update you should prefere to buy the download version.
  9. Hallo Marco, eigentlich nicht, auch konnte ich das Problem nicht reproduzieren.
  10. Hallo Uwe, kläre ich gern einmal ab diesen Featurewunsch.
  11. Hallo Dierk, ich habe dein Support Ticket gesehen und du hast auch eine Antwort da erhalten !
  12. Hello Sir, if you download the product via steam the download will be completed by steam directly after pruchase. Please check if you have entered the checkmark at the DLC tab. If it is still not downloading it mostly be a problem with the payment via steam.
  13. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. Hello Michael, i right now try to recreate it :-) can you send me your ordernumber once via PM please :)? Found it already ;-)! Yep seem we missed for the exchange for our "old customer" (2012 bought), we going to exchange this within the next hour.
  15. Hallo Wolaem, dieses ist lieder so nicht möglich. Du kannst leider nur die Szenarien so fahren wie diese mitgeliefert werden.