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  1. Runway lights at German Aerosoft Airports

    Danke Otto für die Hilfestellung. Leider sehen die neuen Lichter noch häßlicher aus. Ich benutze ENVTEX/SHADE und deren HDR Einstellung. Vielleicht könnt ihr ja bei Gelegenheit mal Airports anderer Hersteller unter die Lupe nehmen Wie gesagt, bin ja eigentlich schon froh, dass es inzwischen überhaupt Lichter gibt.
  2. Hello, generally I'm glad to have some german airports now also in P3D v4, but the runway lights are really ugly. First I thought, there are any issues with my installation, but I found other threads about the problem, but without any solution. So I will bring it up, again. Now, here are some pictures: EDDF EDDS EDNY EDDT - acceptable under the circumstances EDDP - as example as runway lights could be also done (by Digital Design) So, I hope there's maybe a little time to enhance these lights a bit to make them more "professional" - as the marketing title of these airport says. Many thanks, Günter
  3. Quitschen des Bugrades beim Steuern

    Sorry, hängen diese beiden Probleme vielleicht irgendwie zu sammen??? (Sorry, der musste sein....)
  4. Preview Bergamo LIME

    I thought you where a bit sloppy with this lines here: But a look at Google Earth shows, that they are indeed unparallel and "sloppy by nature" Great work! Looking forward to release
  5. Hello, I contacted Stanislav via mail but got no response for my request unfortunately. not via mail or here in the forum. The LINDA module is on hold currently
  6. Request saved fuel and oil states

    Can I get in "personal" touch with the developer, maybe via mail, please? He have made very tricky and unusual stuff in the AN2 coding, but maybe he could make my live easier with implementing some additional L Variables? Please contact me via PM many, many thanks!
  7. Request saved fuel and oil states

    Hello, I see that cold and dark does not fill it up any more. Many thanks. But, when loading the airplane, it is then filled up. Maybe you could also please consider to make this persistent, also after reloading. Leaving a plane empty after a flight will give me also an empty plane when I select her next time. many thanks!!!
  8. Many thanks for asking and answering!!!! "but the animation isn't done linearly." yes, that is my problem ... It would be very, very, very cool to have a L varible as output in °C which will provide me with OilTemp, CHT and CarbTemp! many, many thanks
  9. Hello, I currently work on a LINDA module with the ability to show some engine information on the MCP display. I have found out, that the values for the oiltemp is easily computetd by reading the oiltemp_needle value and divide it with 1/140 But I have problems with the CHT and CARB needles. I tried CHT divided with 1/300, but that does only match with at around 100°C Could you provide me with any hint? many thanks!
  10. Hello, it would be nice to have fuel and oil quantity saved and not resetted when hitting cold and dark. In other words, when I load the plane the next time it should have the same fuel and oil quantity as I have left her. Many thanks!
  11. It's a Russian aircraft...

    And one have to find the manuals! I do not have any entry in the WIN10 start menu and have installed my AN-2 in my separate addons folder (external from P3Dv4 main). But Aerosoft installs the manuals anyway in te EcoSystem folder inside P3Dv4 main. So I wonder why AS asks about an installation path if they install where the like
  12. Where is the manual?

    Hello, ok, this question sounds maybe stupid, but I can't find the manual? I have installed the AN2 not in the installers standard path, but in my personal addon folder. But can't see a manual anywhere ... many thanks
  13. An experiment with framerates

    Hello, rises to 52 frames/sec
  14. Quick poll about STEAM

    The question is not clear if it is only FS related. I like Steam very much for all other games, but not for FS. One point is of course, I do just use P3D. But even when I imagine that P3D would be available on Steam, I do not think it will work. First reason is, that Steam is not made for hundreds of DLCs. They do not have categories or whatever. My personal backup folders are categorisized into Planes, Sceneries and Tools. Sceneries are then inside separate country folders. Imagine the mess to have that in Steam?! Second: if every addon developer would strictly follow for 100% the Steam guide or whatever it is, it could maybe work. But currently, you have to make so many additions by hand: copy that file there, change this or that. All that would mess Steam up. With all my other games I like Steam: login, install and forget. But that would be never possible with the current FS