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  1. Berlin Brandenburg P3Dv4.x

    Hmmm, zweideutig uneindeutig. Kann man aber auch positiv bewerten. Dann tue ich das nun eben Danke für die Antwort
  2. Berlin Brandenburg P3Dv4.x

    Könnte man seitens Aerosoft hierzu bitte etwas in Erfahrung bringen? Danke sehr!
  3. An experiment with framerates

    Hello, rises to 52 frames/sec
  4. Quick poll about STEAM

    The question is not clear if it is only FS related. I like Steam very much for all other games, but not for FS. One point is of course, I do just use P3D. But even when I imagine that P3D would be available on Steam, I do not think it will work. First reason is, that Steam is not made for hundreds of DLCs. They do not have categories or whatever. My personal backup folders are categorisized into Planes, Sceneries and Tools. Sceneries are then inside separate country folders. Imagine the mess to have that in Steam?! Second: if every addon developer would strictly follow for 100% the Steam guide or whatever it is, it could maybe work. But currently, you have to make so many additions by hand: copy that file there, change this or that. All that would mess Steam up. With all my other games I like Steam: login, install and forget. But that would be never possible with the current FS
  5. Flugablauf World Trade Center 9/11

    Sorry, dass ich es so klar ausspreche: Dein Ansinnen erscheint mir ... skurril bis zweifelhaft. Wen Du Dich schon eine Weile damit beschäftigst, dann dürftest Du ja eigentlich schon alles dazu gefunden haben. Meine erste Google-Anfrage brachte gleich eine Seite zutage, die sich mit exakt Deinem Thema befasst. Ich persönlich sehe daher keine Notwendigkeit, in einem Flugsimulatorforum anzufragen.
  6. LFMN - Szenerie "verschoben?"

    Kann es was damit zu tun haben? ILS hat unterschiedliche Winkel zur Runway
  7. thanks for this explanation
  8. ok, thanks. there is now a little difference in that route.
  9. "disable the RAD." Can you please explain how I could disable READ? Thanks
  10. I also wonder since a longer time now about the routes PFPX provides. That was not an issue in earlier times. However I can't say if this is now a kind of user error or not, but I got better routes in former versions. Nowadays I have to manually edit every 2nd route. I haven't asked here in the forum as support is really bad, so this does not make sense normally. Here is a little example for a simple route between EDBC and EDDW. It's not what I call an economic route:
  11. No LeadIn lights in Madeira?

    Have the same problem ... no lead In lights, no runway lights. Unregistered/registered and deactivated/activated SODE already, no success
  12. LPPS Evolution- strange Elivation

    btw. LPMA seems to be ok. I have FS Global Ultimate Next Gen, but disabling it doesn't make any difference. Mesh is set to 1m
  13. LPPS Evolution- strange Elivation

    Have the same Problem: P3D 3.4, Win 10 64 Tried all combinations to switch on or off the Vector files. My Airport LPPS alt is 570,5 This screenshot now is just for testing with ABP_LPPS_Default.bgl (active). When I switch to inactive it looks like: When I switch off all ORBX stuff, it looks again like in the first picture. I do not have any older Madeira scenery left, I never had one. I also disabled MyTrafficX
  14. .solved P3D Crashes with Simstarter (recently)

    Which FSUIPC version do you use???