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  1. it works also with dogs I've already test the 5c fix but it does not change anything, it's worse because the nav issue happens randomly (before it was only after a dir-to)
  2. This is completely stupid. Developing a software for 7 years or 1 day does not change the fact you will still have issues after releasing. This is like that You should be glad that patches are numerous and fast...
  3. maybe it will work better with a kitten I do not dare with a pretty girl, it's going to be sexist /
  4. yep and now its worst cause it's happens randomly.
  5. what was the gw and n1 ? Also I noticed the climb rate was a little bit too enthusiastic on an ultra-light flight xD
  6. welcome and sorry for the mate gave you a downvote... you got my upvote of today!
  7. Yep, besides the different version of the fms software, each airline has also differents options.
  8. Poor FPS

    @Senchay You will post also another video with the 777 (same conditions, same weather, same addons) to be relevant?
  9. Some questions

    Regarding the weather radar, if you don't cross any loud precipitation, it will not returns anything. Anyway you can play with the gain and/or tilt knobs. On many aircrafts wx radars are bullshit. Some others publishers add a 'colored-weather-toy--for-kids' options like Flight Factor.
  10. Poor FPS

    Yep, to be honest I don't see a lot of difference with others aircrafts (ngx and 717 on p3d v4). Everything is smooth with appropriates settings, cpu and gpu are used normally. A lot of people are not honest and met same problems with any aircraft and complaining on each respective forum but they put all cursors to high...
  11. Hi Since the version (5c fix included), the LNAV make me crazy. Before that, the nav issue was predictive (dir to) but now it happens randomly. I backuped the installer but forgot to do the same for the gauge fix published :/ Could you upload the fix gauge again ? Cheers
  12. Hi, your route does not cross any loud precipitation but only clouds so it is normal that the weather radar do not return anything. Try to set the gain to 2.
  13. are you using navigraph nav db?
  14. I spoke too fast. It's happend again. Everything was ok, then the fms course became wrong after crossing a waypoint. Switching to HDG mode to modify the path then reactivating the NAV mode corrects the problem but the AP was unable to catch the path with the half bank enable. It was left-right-left... off the path. By trying to disable the 1/2 bank mode the fms crs became crazy on the PFD and changes every second from left to right...
  15. About the double TOD, I just met this case by changing the STAR. After that the first waypoint of the arrival was twince in the legs and two TOD was displayed. Removing one of this twince points corrects the problem.