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  1. Salut, Si tu nous donnes pas plus d'infos on ne va pas pouvoir t'aider. Quel est ton problème exactement ?
  2. Haha I just read the 5 last pages and I'm pretty sure that people is in a cheerful mood and patient in this thread in part because of Aerosoft sense of humour. (special mention to The Dude and Hans :p)
  3. Thank you. It is why this plane is very exciting!
  4. I know that the CRJ AP has no vnav capability, so it is just a toc/tod calculation and display or does the CRJ provide a vdev information display with constraints from the fms?
  5. Indeed it's exciting to have two absolutely different regional jets in the same mean time and I'm also confident about the quality of the 717 in the next releases. I don't speak about release bugs with are inevitable, but for now in the both cases (717 and CRJ) we have to wait to fly and I prefer wait a little bit more time to be impressed This is the professional way, thanks to Mathijs!
  6. Well, while i'm waiting the CRJ, I bought the TFDI 717. What a deception... This product is a beta pre-release with a lot of bugs and incomplete features, actually not usable. This is perfect example of a early release and I am very disappointed. A lot of people are complaining and the dev team have now a lot of pression. I really think Aerosoft made the right choice to do not publish release date and wait until the product is finish. I wish you a lot of success with the crj!
  7. Hi Aerosoft, Is the paintkit and/or the final livery list available? Cheers
  8. @Ak47e6 @WhiskeyZ thanks for your answers! This aircraft is so exciting!
  9. Hi Aerosoft team, What about the AP behaviour? I'm not a real pilot but we can read on pilots' forums that the AP behaviour is not perfect, eg nose can becomes a little bit crazy if you arm the IAS mode with a speed bug far away from your current speed. If that is true, do you model imperfections? Cheers.
  10. Apparently it's always the vor1 showned on the captain nd (vor rose mode).
  11. Apparently it will be included in the a318 research project, so probably included in a future release of the a318/a320
  12. Hi, how can I display the VOR2 in the VOR rose mode on the capt ND ? Cheers,
  13. Hi The Dude, What weather engine did u use? Cheers