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  1. Well, start reading first the manual. Flaps 8, GS/loc captured, 234 kts... something wrong here.
  2. My feedback on the CRJ

    With the weird behaviour you are describing, the best advice that you could read here is to try first loading a default LM aircraft.
  3. it will be a great feature for Dave!
  4. Yes, there is formula from weigth, elevation, rwy lenght and slope, winds, temperature.., many parameters... I prefer wait for someone write a software
  5. hum did you turn on dave? there no crj entry in fsx/p3d addon menu.
  6. Some issues I noticed

    Same here, but not only chocks and GPU buttons, all grounds services buttons (pages 1 and 2) was not clickable. The tweak was to go to another dave;s page (eg options), click a button then come back to the ground service page.
  7. There is not CI on the CRJ FMS that help to calculate that. So you have to do it on your own. On the other hand, then FMS will help you by entering your desired speed for each flight phase (VNAV page). It will also give the speed restrictions depending your route and procedures. This is not a T7
  8. Performance drop w/1.0.1

    Just describing your fps and your config is not very useful. Sure you have a common config but nobody knows what is the bottleneck. Please precise your settings (nvidia & p3d) because I have a similar config and can't see any performance issues (no more problem than a PMDG or TFDI addon at least).
  9. Some people reported that, Hans is currently working on it. Stab trim and mach trim have to be be engaged (pedestral panel, cf the doc/tutorial flight). Know issue.
  10. Fix ring ?

    just enter a fix in 1L then the desired range in 2L
  11. Fix ring ?

    yes thru the fms fix page.
  12. Note that is better to have a stbilized speed when you engage the speed mode then decrease thrust.
  13. Regarding the LNAV issue, I had two times the same behaviour as described above crossing a waypoint after a short or a long leg. Maybe I'm wrong or it was a coincidence but it happend the both times after entering or changing the arrival procedeure during the cruise. (p3dv4 crj
  14. Hi, From the define pilot wpt page, I can add wpt defined by brg/dist but I was no able to store wpy by lat/lng (no 'store wpt' action). Also from the legs page, a 'not found' message is displayed when I try to add a wpt by lat/lng eg N42 02.5 E008 35.1 (works perfectly with brg/dist). I'm not sure about the format, the collins fms documentation says: Cheers