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  1. blahhh

    AS16+ asca VS A319 PRO

    I recommend these settings which are working fine for me with the bus and also with the AS CRJ, PMDG 737 and TFDI 717.
  2. I\ve Just update the bus to the last update and reinstall this livery, everything works fine.
  3. blahhh


    Hi, Does this work around still needed with the last update? Cheers
  4. I'll check if something has changed since the last bus update.
  5. Galley/internal textures are not a part of the livery, so nothing to do with...
  6. blahhh

    Spoiler Warning

    Sorry, can not find it Will do that next time!
  7. blahhh

    Annoying wiper sounds

    Just got some rain, effectively the wiper sound loop is terrible (the loop is not sync to the wiper movement and there is a blank between cycles)
  8. You can use this tool to counter-check flex temp, t/o and app speed. (not yet available for the 319 cfm) edit: forget it, it does not consider the vapp speed.
  9. Hi, what about the weather? I also got the low energy "speed speed" aural warning on final at vapp in windy condition, I'm prety sure that is normal and the pilot has to add manually some kts to the vapp regarding the wind.
  10. blahhh

    Annoying wiper sounds

    Yes is the answer
  11. blahhh

    Wind shear warning

    It's very cool that the weather radar works with the default sim data but it will be very great to have an option to use the AS sdk on order to have a more realistic weather representation (turbulence, windshear, etc).
  12. blahhh

    Spoiler Warning

    Hi, I think this is exactly what's happens. When we are too high and to fast and we deploy the speed brakes, the target speed is reached before the target altitude. At this point the FMA A/THR mode is switching from THR IDLE to SPEED endlessly (eg on the screenshot 43% of N1). Few seconds before I take this screenshot I got the DRAG message on the PFD and SPD BRK warning on the ECAM on the same time
  13. Oops i'm wrong, the managed speed is set to 250 when clb thrust is engaged.