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    As you might have noticed, there is already a D-ACNN coming with the CRJ. But the one which comes with the CRJ is a Lufthansa Regional (opb LH Cityline). Which was a former Eurowings Plane. But as you might know as well EWG stopped flying the CRJ and they were converted to Lufthansa Regional. So this is a different Paint.

    Gorgeous Repaint. Finally a Eurowings CRJ. Thank you very much.
  3. Tutorial Flights Files

    Still not working.
  4. Tutorial Flights Files

    I installed the CRJ on FSX but I am not able to load the Tutorial Flight? Its not showing up anywhere.
  5. So I sent the support an email yesterday. Nearly 24 Hours ago. Is there any way you can check everything for me? Because I mean everyone can download it now and I am waiting for support to answer.


    1. Philipp17


      Answer came. Everyting done. Will get the download in a minute.


  6. I am sorry but just wanted to make sure that someone will check it. I am so hyped so I can't even wait. Sorry.
  7. Good Evening. So I sent the email about the Box to Download Change about 6 Hours ago. Will I have an answer tomorrow morning? So I will be able to download it when everyone else can? Thank you so much for this option.
  8. How long will it take until you/someone will have a look into it? Just asking because I am so excited for it tomorrow.
  9. Email Sent! Thank you very much.
  10. Ok will send you the email right away. Because I definitely want it tomorrow.
  11. Could you please answer my only question? I pre-ordered the CRJ in April. When it's released will I need to wait for the Box to arrive (how long would that take then)? Or will I have access to download the installer too? Thank You in advance.
  12. Wow I am so excited now. But I have a question. I ordered the CRJ back in April (Pre-Order). Will I be able to download it once released, or do I need to wait for the Box to ship? I mean I live a few minutes away from Paderborn so I think I would be quicker picking it up myself than waiting for DHL.
  13. Sounds good! Already placed my Order so I will get it directly when it's released.
  14. Will it run about the same as the Airbus? Or even better? Since I don't have an amazing system the Airbus performs quite well, hope the CRJ will do so as well.
  15. Expect an Update for my Eurowings Texture soon.