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  1. Aerosoft doesn’t develop trueglass tfdi does so you might be better off asking them.
  2. Well you can use vr or use a camera addon with something like track ir. They both give the same effect albeit in a different environment.
  3. Maastricht Aachen Professional

    Is the current situation with the runway extension modeled in the scenery because due to faulty noise calculations the extension of 500 meter cannot be used completely.
  4. you might have misread my question. it is not about the lighting system but the interface between the user and the lights. the old system had on/off with only dark or bright option in the manager. but not on or off per knob only for all the cockpit lights.
  5. Just a Question: How hard is it to model/code separate on or off functions for the cockpit lights? because i remember that with the previous version it was just on or off where the knobs were linked to each other. and then via the config manager, you had the option for dark or bright VC lights.
  6. i thought i would share this here. i annoys me that people don't search before they make up there mind. (mods can remove the post if it violates regulations) they cant be compared. the only things they have in common are being an Airbus and flying you from a to b.
  7. The 2 CLR buttons on the ECAM DIsplay

    indeed a good question but easily solved if you think about interaction from pilots and systems. the left clr button is easier to reach from the captain side then the right one.
  8. read the pinned post in this topic above.
  9. Just one turn but the problem arises with user made liveries who don’t include the dark configuration at night instead of the bright one.
  10. A300-600 FSX/P3D

    I doubt it will ever be made due to the lack of real world operators and the decline of the aircraft.
  11. Not In Database

    Looks like a navdata that hasn’t been update. So I would recommend something like aerosoft navdata or navigraph navdata.
  12. Aerosoft Update Policy

    I believe that update was a zip file. But I hope there will be an scenery manager like 29palms that also uses the update functionality.
  13. on my system, i can only find such thing under video, not at the display tab. i have a dell u2312hm which doesnt have this feature.
  14. navigraph has released and rev2 for pfpx which fixes the problem.
  15. nav data

    new revision is out and fixed problems