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  1. Not In Database

    Looks like a navdata that hasn’t been update. So I would recommend something like aerosoft navdata or navigraph navdata.
  2. Aerosoft Update Policy

    I believe that update was a zip file. But I hope there will be an scenery manager like 29palms that also uses the update functionality.
  3. on my system, i can only find such thing under video, not at the display tab. i have a dell u2312hm which doesnt have this feature.
  4. navigraph has released and rev2 for pfpx which fixes the problem.
  5. nav data

    new revision is out and fixed problems
  6. Are OOMs really gone with V4?

    for an optimal experience, at least 16gb ram is advised and a gtx1060 6gb GPU. you can only find out if you try it on your system.
  7. this is an addon they created for their 717 not in the sim.
  8. They have said that they are working towards vc rain in the future. Link towards the round up of their reddit ama. Lockheed Martin ama
  9. PC Upgrade for P3D V4

    a cheaper gpu would be the gtx1060 which is very good also. i run it in my system and it behaves very well. but do go for the 6gb vram.
  10. Berlin Tegel P3DV4

    i just tested it and it does not load up the configurator for tegel but is trying to search for edds.

    Heathrow isn’t compatible with v4 and will be once a pro version is released.
  12. Airbus advertises a week long transfer period between the two types.
  13. I use the pax count that is published next to the zfw in the ofp. This can be entered in the aerosoft a320 right mcdu.
  14. About Airbus 2018

    You are aware that pic is from the a330 2018 edition and not the a320 fam 2018 edition.
  15. Even European airlines use the a330 on busy summer routes to the Mediterranean or canaries.