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  1. Not dynamic lighting but truelight addon from tfdi. Because if you as developer only use their lights then you don’t have them if you don’t use that option.
  2. Is there a possibility to not use truelight as even with integrated lights on an other aircraft using this technology and it kills frames. I personally want a lighting solution that doesn’t kill frames.
  3. there is a new version 123e which should solve the stutters.
  4. Thoughts on Lufthansa's new livery?

    The irony here is that the metallic logo was already present before the livery change. I believe it was visible in the cabin.
  5. Missing SID KLAX

    Is the darrk2 Sid at KLAX present in the aerosoft database as that is nearly identical to the summer.
  6. Indeed an ugly bump for that sat dome. On some planes it looks oke but on others not.
  7. Thanks, I was scared I would need another investment.
  8. I am curious why we would need a gtx 1070 or a 1080 while most people use a 1060 6gb gpu because prices are sky high for gpu’s. Personally I have a 1060 6gb and can easily get 40fps in pmdg and I get over 30fps in the fslabs a320.
  9. it is recommended by Lockheed Martin to only do the client.msi for your version but content and scenery can updated to your liking after reading the changelog.
  10. Sadly not but I hope within a few weeks or so.
  11. Then what are the limitations of not doing it that way? Are these limitations technical? I am curious to know why.
  12. May I suggest a solution. The solution is that the mcdu uses the menu page to select either fmgs, Atsu or aircraft options like connected flight deck and ground connections.
  13. They only post when the have new information to share with us. The main information will always be pinned to the top of the page.
  14. Range for A321

    The airbus site advertises a range of 3200nm with sharklets on the ceo engine. With typical seating according to airbus of 185. And a typical load.
  15. Mod note: Relevant text in response to question answered by this post highlighted in red text by moderator.