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  1. Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    Thanks a lot for the heads up and the kind offer, @Mathijs Kok!
  2. Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    Thank YOU for your quick help, @DaveCT2003!
  3. Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    Are there currently any problems with your ticket system or the support in general? I opened a ticket one week ago because I didn't get a functioning coupon code when buying a new PFPX server subscription, but never got a reply. I even e-mailed to your support address yesterday, still no response. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Fantastic news, including the fact that FSX will be supported as well! And it's also great that you, Jo, expand your great work to Germany! If I could wish for another German airport to get the @Jo Erlend treatment, it would be Munich. It's in dire need of an update and of someone who treats every destination with a great eye for details and lots of love. But for a start, I will be perfectly happy with Cologne/Bonn. ;-) By the way, @Mathijs Kok: I suppose the people of Bonn (at least those who come by this forum) will be eternally grateful if you add the city to the forum title. As a former German capital, I guess they are happy if they are not forgotten in the name of their joint airport with Cologne.
  5. Of course not. But for me personally (and, as I know, for many other flightsimmers) it is a lot more fun to fly real world routes, and sometimes even simultaneously with the real-world flights. It adds a significant bit more realism to the simulation. And it's simply not the same fun when I fly, let's say, a Qantas Boeing 747 on the Cologne/Bonn-Frankfurt route (which doesn't even have any real world flights anymore). But to everyone his own.
  6. True, but Eurowings occasionally operates its A330s on short-haul routes in the summer months, including the Mallorca routes. Here's an article about it: http://www.aerotelegraph.com/mit-airbus-a330-nach-mallorca-eurowings-macht-auf-ltu For the non-German speaking readers: The article (published in March 2017) says that between the end of April and the end of June 2017, Eurowings planned to operate more than 150 additional flights from Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart to Mallorca with their A330s on days where the demand for Mallorca tickets is particularly high. The article's headline translates to "Eurowings copies LTU" - reminding that LTU was the first German airline which operated the A330 also on short- and medium-haul flights to holiday destinations on the Canary Islands and around the Mediterranean Sea.
  7. Sadly, I still have the same problems with GSX. I have build 1.0.1 installed and used the GSX files that were provided with that build. I put them in the Virtuali Airplanes folder (as recommended in the manual): GSX still doesn't recognise that the aft cargo door is open already. After I read in one of the other GSX threads here that one can also put the GSX.cfg files in the respective airplane folders (I believe that this means the SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft CRJ... folders), I tried that as well: Still no success. But it seems to me as if other users were able to run GSX properly already with their CRJs. So what am I doing wrong? Can someone please take me step by step through how he/she achieved to run GSX properly?
  8. I see that you renamed the A330 preview topic in order to include also the A320 "remake". Why so, since Tom A320 or anyone of the other moderators said that a separate topic was planned for the A320? I ask because I find it quite confusing that this topic contains both projects now (I know that much of the code used for the A320 will find its place in the A330 as well, but still...) instead of news and comments regarding solely the A330. Or do you do this in order to bring this topic to 350+ pages, now that the old record-breaking CRJ preview topic is closed?
  9. Thanks, @Hans Hartmann for the info regarding GSX! I didn't make the experience that the ground friction depends on the scenery involved. I noticed the (temporary) friction problem when I taxied at Paderborn Lippstadt airport. The problem didn't return, even not when I taxied at EDLP again. And thank you, @Driver8, for the interesting explanations! Let's see whether FSDT and/or Hans and/or Aerosoft will find the solution there.
  10. In defense of the CRJ: Probably not everyone read the CRJ preview thread in detail - there it was mentioned several times that the CRJ has no autothrottle and therefore demands a lot more handflying than the Boeing 737 NGX or the A320 families. And in a way, even if it is less comfortable and still a bit unusual to me, I like that the CRJ has such kind of "old-fashioned" quirks (including the lack of a full VNAV). I wonder how I did my flights and managed to arrive safely without having any kind of autothrust in the Learjet in FS5 many, many years ago. But you know what: It worked back then and will work now, too. It's a bit like returning to reading a printed newspaper instead of reading online articles, facebook posts and tweets on the smartphone. We weren't necessarily less informed when we still had to rely on newspapers, television and radio in order to get the news. And we weren't necessarily worse virtual pilots when we had to get along without autothrust, VNAV and a FMC and had to navigate in instrumental flight with the help of charts, VORs and NDBs. So isn't it nice to return to one's roots at least once in a while? And in order to be a bit less philosophical: I like about the CRJ that it seems to be a pretty tolerant plane, i.e. that it doesn't enter a deep stall immediately as soon as your airspeed at full flaps drops below 130 knots. So there's still plenty of space to recover if you didn't watch your airspeed meticulously during approach. And that's why I did surprisingly well during my first approaches with it, even without autothrust.
  11. I would like to bring back this topic to the attention of @Mathijs Kok and/or other users: Even with the new GSX files from @Ben F., the "open AFT cargo door" problem in GSX persists, at the very least on my system, maybe also on others' systems. Can anyone help or (if you are affected as well) confirm, please? Also I would like to repeat my earlier question, but with a slight update: Does one have to use the GSX files by Rafail or by Ben F. in combination with the files that are part of the v1.0.0.4 installer? Or should the files in that installer actually work on its own? The current situation is a bit confusing, since the instructions how to make GSX really work in combination with the CRJ are pretty unclear and we now have several sets of GSX files floating around.
  12. Updated GSX Files

    But unloading luggage through a closed door is not a realistic scenario. That's why I'm asking for any kind of files or update that finally makes it possible also for my GSX to unload the luggage properly through the open aft cargo door, without having to edit the aircraft in GSX even further. Thank you anyway.
  13. Updated GSX Files

    But why should I want GSX to ignore the door? I want it to unload the luggage from the plane - isn't that impossible if it shall ignore the door?
  14. Updated GSX Files

    Sorry, but the problem that GSX asks me to open the aft cargo door although it is already open still persists in my FSX, even with your files, @Ben F.. So even if this leads me to ask another stupid question instead of answering a sensible one (;)): Can anyone help? Apparently, at least with the files in the new installer combined with Rafail's GSX files, I don't seem to be the only person who still has problems with GSX. See other statements by affected users and my original question regarding that problem here.
  15. texture.EUR_DACNN.zip

    Oh darn... It completely escaped my eye that your repaint has a Eurowings logo. Sorry for my superfluous question then. And thanks for your great work!