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  1. Who told you that that doesn't apply to me as well? (Just kidding.)
  2. @Speedbird ATC Adding to what @johnadmans and @online516 said: There are countries in the world whose leading carriers don't operate any 777s (maybe only for cargo flights), but A330s - and Germany is very much that kind of country. I'm German, and I already made quite a few happy real-life flights as a passenger in the A330s of Air Berlin and its predecessor (sort of) LTU. Lufthansa and its low-cost subsidiary Eurowings operate the A330 as well. And Condor uses A330s of its British mother company Thomas Cook once in a while, too. So you will now probably understand even better why it will feel like birthday and Christmas combined to me and many others when Aerosoft releases that great, reliable, flexible and comfortable plane: I have fond personal memories of it - and with the help of the add-on, I will be able to recreate a lot more real-life flights of German carriers than ever before. And, adding to that: In my opinion, the A330 is one of the greatest and most beautiful jetliners ever built. And what is even greater about it: It still has a bright future ahead, in this "twin engine era".
  3. I can only support the attitude of you and your team. At my job, we had particularly stressful months recently - and there are some more ahead (but for now, we heap a sigh of relief that the summer vacations are around the corner, and thus, less work). But at particularly stressful times we engage in particularly many jokes here in my office. It relieves at least a bit of stress and is very much necessary before one gets the "I can't bear this any longer" feeling and, in the final analysis, maybe also a burn-out. So: Keep healthy - keep laughing!
  4. If you are talking about cockpit textures: The Aerosoft team used photos from a real-life cockpit as model for their virtual cockpit. And, luckily for you (and me as well), that was a real-life cockpit that was not squeaky clean and also not "factory fresh". So yes, you can at least expect some dust and coffee stains - and I believe I have also seen smudges on screens (or that was in the Aerosoft A320). There even was a discussion here because a real-life A330 pilot complained about how "messy" the virtual cockpit of the Aerosoft A330 looked like. I guess every taste is different... And if you are talking about exterior textures: The Aerosoft A320 series came up with two sets of textures for all planes included in the sold package: Clean and dirt. I suppose that this might be the concept also for the A330, since (as has been said many times before by the Aerosoft team), features that are known from the A320 series will also be included in the A330. And just to avoid any confusion or irritation: No, I'm not a member of the Aerosoft staff and I hope Mathijs Kok and his colleagues will forgive me that I answered this one. But I've followed this project and this topic from the beginning and so I felt cocky enough to jump in.
  5. I don't know where you took that date from. Maybe from the Aerosoft online shop? As has been mentioned here many times before (you can find this by using the search bar on the upper right and searching for "release"), the dates in the online shop are only placeholders that are necessary for other online retailers and shouldn't be taken as any indication whatsoever. If you read back a little in this topic, you will find that the CRJ is still under development and that no one from Aerosoft has mentioned a release date so far.
  6. @Tom A320 I know. But dynamic lighting was/is one compelling argument for me to make the switch. So it sure would be nicer to have it working right from the start, especially when I have the corresponding new hardware. And luckily, I'm in no rush, FSX is still performing decently on my system. If necessary (and possible), I might even make my maiden flight in the Aerosoft CRJ still in FSX.
  7. I'll try to keep this as least off-topic as possible: But I hope that the performance issues with dynamic lighting are just teething troubles, even if it sounds like quite a serious problem. I guess it's only wise for me to wait for my switch from FSX to P3Dv4 for a few more months until all those problems got sorted out and many add-ons have made the switch, too. So my credit card can stay cool a bit longer (I will need a new computer for the switch) - the weather is hot enough currently anyway. And back to topic: If everything gets sorted out, those dynamic lights on the CRJ look like pure bliss. Great work on Aerosoft's/Hans Hartmann's part!
  8. @Sabretooth78 Of course Aerosoft makes its own decisions and thus can do whatever they want. If they see a market for an up-to-date E-jet series, why not? I admit, though, that I still have some doubts that the "secret project" will be the E-jets, but time will tell. @Eduard Gasull Your wish is my command.
  9. Oh come on. "Bashing" is a simple English word. It even found its way into German colloquial speech; and here in Germany, we use it whenever someone's criticism goes way over the top - even if he or she might have a point, if one takes only the facts into account. When you dish out, you also have to take some criticism. I'm certain that you will get your point across, too, if you do it without such a harsh tone. Regarding the rest of your post: I won't comment on it, since (as I said) this is actually a discussion between you and Airbus A340 Pilot and I basically share your thoughts about an A340.
  10. John, you are overreacting. I can stand opinons differing from mine, someone merely stating an opinion (even if that opinion is controversial) does not mean that I report that post. Have a walk through the park, life is too short to throw a tantrum about such actually trivial things. And by the way, you do not have to convince me that the development of an A340 add-on would not make a lot of sense and that Aerosoft has to make profit from its developments. That was what I actually wrote before in this topic. Just because I defended Airbus A340 Pilot against your criticism, that does not mean that I share his opinion. And now back to topic, if you please.
  11. @John Glanville Whoa, easy. Airbus A340 Pilot was encouraged by @Frank Docter to open this topic. It didn't even come out of the blue, it bases on @Mathijs Kok's earlier statement that Aerosoft is thinking about a A3XX project to be started this year and also currently develops a (still unannounced) aircraft. In case you missed that... So if you want to bash someone, you should probably bash Mathijs and Frank as well. But since I personally prefer harmony, you should maybe simply calm down.
  12. I dare to remind of the E-jets by a different publisher - yes, they are not perfect are already somewhat aged, but they still do a very decent job. That's why I have some doubts whether Aerosoft would really produce the E-jets.
  13. Great, thank you, Stephen!
  14. You say that with the conviction of someone who has access to all the numbers and is a professional in the field of flightsim add-on development. Maybe you should leave that to Aerosoft. And if you ask me for my personal opinion: I will sure as hell buy the A330 (as an add-on, not the real one ;)). But would I buy an A340? Rather not, at least it would be pretty low on my priority list. A good A380 would be much more important to me.
  15. Okay, I see. But since a different company currently develops the Boeing 787: What distinguishes the A350/380 cockpits from the 787 cockpit that makes the development of the 787 more feasible? I ask because the 787 cockpit seems pretty complex and full of new technology as well. In any case, I would be glad if you developed the A320NEO as your A3XX project. But, of course, I would be more enthusiastic about the A380 - even if I know now that it's very hard to do and would take a lot of development time and support from Airbus.