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  1. As you can see on the picture, there is partial German text in the menu, while French is selected.
  2. Night textures LEMH and LEPA

    Hi manomur, Do you use P3D PTA V2? If yes, disable Autogen emessive lightning.
  3. EDBC - Magdeburg / Cochstedt?
  4. Your Screenshots (part 2)

    What a nice view!
  5. Tegel X prepar3d

    Kurz gesagt, nein.
  6. Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Hey, I don't think this Airport will be developed by Aerosoft, but it is in developement by Flightbeam.
  7. Mallorca X Evo Jetways

    I don't think, that this is an issue, this is caused by the limited (CTRL+J) Jetway Engine of FSX/P3D.
  8. German Airports 2-3

    irgendwelche Addons wie MyTraffic oder andere AFCAD Dateien?
  9. German Airports 2-3

    Hallo, Überprüfe doch mal, ob du den Ordner AFD (P3D v3/aerosoft/AFD) in der Scenerylibary aktiviert hast.
  10. Great News! Can't wait to fly this beautiful Bus!!! Best regards maxplane1
  11. Solved Using Keycodes several times?!

    Hello, Yes, you can activate the A320/321 also a second time for P3D. I have also installed this plane on FSX and P3D at the same time. Best Regards maxplane1
  12. A321 eigene Texturen unscharf

    Ich habe mir zusätzlich das Programm heruntergeladen, die bereits gespeicherte .dds - Dateien geöffnet und schließlich wieder unverändert als DDS DXT5 gespeichert. Mit freundlichen Grüßen maxplane1
  13. Madeira Airport Problems in FSX Steam

    Maybe any other AFCAD installed?