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  1. Months away??? I really hope not. That means the A320 family will be months away too. PLEASE try another blue pill...the one you just took might be stale or something.
  2. @AirbusCG Lets say there are 2 developers of flight simulator add-ons. Both companies are about the same...same number of staff both equally talented. These 2 companies decide to develop similar products (lets say one develops the 787 while the other develops the A350) and both projects start at the same time. One company develops for 2 (both 64 bit) platforms with the other develops for 5 (3 64 bit and 2 32 bit) platforms. Is it possible that one of these project will be released sooner than the other because the company can focus more resources on it's project while the other company has a much greater work load because of it's choice to support more platforms? And when the products are released, support for one may be easier to handle than the other product because one is more likely to have more issues than the other. This is just a basic example but simplifying by supporting less platforms could be a good thing for both the manufacturer and the consumer. Shorter development times and better support are 2 benefits that are very possible.
  3. Well there is no "entertainment license" so Lockheed Martin is not going to be in violation of their contract anytime soon. NOWHERE on their site do they state their product is meant for entertainment.
  4. I am ready to say goodbye to 32 bit sims. I recently moved from FSX to P3Dv4 (first version of P3D for me) because of the possibilities and capabilities of the new platform. "Out with the old, in with the new" I have seem my machine get more powerful over the years but my sim could not take full advantage of the advancements of PC tech. Today, this is not the case and even with my PC which is not a high end rig, I am getting a much better experience than my fully loaded FSX. My new sim will only get better as more of my add-ons become available for v4. I am very thankful to all the developers that created amazing add-ons and utilities (both payware and freeware) that kept FSX alive for so long. And how they got such complex add-ons to run smoothly in such an old sim must have taken a lot of work. I commend Aerosoft for deciding to continue to support 32 bit sims but I also understand why some developers are so eager to put old platforms to bed.
  5. Big steps? Weekend release maybe?!?!?! Seriously, I wish more devs were as active and open with their community as you guys. It's not just making a great product that makes a company great.
  6. Thanks for the update and all the other information. Nice to know that the A320 family is getting improvements for the new 64 bit platform (I know it will come at a cost). I am looking forward to the release of the CRJ, A320 family and the A330.
  7. So I recently installed GCLA into P3Dv4 and noticed some buildings around the airport are floating in mid air. I have not installed any add-ons that are not v4 ready and I do not have any AI traffic add-ons installed.
  8. I can't even extract my 29P SAMOS. I get an unexpected error when I try to do so.
  9. I found the problem. For some reason the scenery was not on the FSX library list. I had to use the "ADD AREA" tab. I assumed the installer did all that as it did with my other Aerosoft scenery addons. Silly mistake on my part, should have checked before posting. Lesson learnt. Appreciate the reply
  10. I recently had to rebuild my PC due to HD failure and lost everything. I had to reinstall FSX and ALL my add-ons and I am having problems with La Palma's elevation. The apron and runways are many feet below the correct elevation. I have attached a screen shot. I am running FSX Steam edition on windows 10. I also have My Traffic 6, FTX Global, GSX and countless other airports from various developers. Any help would be appreciated. 2016-11-5_17-36-50-269.BMP
  11. Hey Jonas So I am running the Steam Edition of FSX, so obviously I downloaded the Steam version of the Jetway Patch. On my sixth or so try of attempting to install the patch I checked FSX instead of FSX: Steam Edition on the installer and it installed with no issue and all gates I have checked have working Jetways.
  12. Just tried installing the Jetway patch today and it did not work for me. Told me I did not have Heathrow Xtended installed. I uninstalled the airport and installed it again and still did not work. I even tried the FSX version to the patch and re-downloaded the FSX:SE version of the patch. I downloded the Jetway patch directly from Aerosoft and not another vender.
  13. ezavvos Thank you very much for your help. That worked...problem solved.
  14. Ok...I may have placed the "aerosoft" folder incorrectly. I will restart the process and let you know. I appreciate the assistance by the way.
  15. No luck guys. Still getting the message. "File ECAM_D2DLog.ini not found in C:\User\Name\Document\Aerosoft\Airbus" I give up. I did everything ezavvos said and still no luck.