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  1. Dont tease us like that, but I totally know what you mean
  2. KSMF P3DV4?

    I was wondering if there is any news on KSMF, Sacramento, It would be sad to see my home airport, one that I also worked at for over a year, to finally be made to not be updated. Unfortunately it might be the case since I tried contacted them multiple times to be helpful by tell them things that are an issue, like light poles in the middle of gates on Terminal A, and I even tried to supply pictures and I was completely shined on. Nevertheless, I hope that It will be come to V4. Nothing personal, just noted an issue.
  3. What if BOTH blue pills are involved, plot twist
  4. I've been waiting, and still will, after all my time working with Skywest Airlines at KSFO, all the hours brake riding this plane, she will always be in my heart. Okay, maybe I got alittle carried away, but you get the point, For me, this plane is worth the wait, just hopefully she will be available in P3D V4 as well, Keep up the good work guys.