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  1. Yep, confirmed! Thank you for pointing to the right thread masterhawk! I applied 1) of the link, and proceeded straight ahead to the install process. SODE was installed on my sims folder ( not under C:\Program Files (x86) ) and set the Mesh resolution in Prepar3d v3.4 to 1m. Beautiful follow-up to my old Madeira X, now in the smooth Prepar3d v3.4 :-)
  2. I just bought the scenery as an upgrade from my Madeira-X, which I used with FSX and then FSX:SE. Now in P3Dv3.4 latest version, using only ORBX FTX Global and the FSLabs A320, I am willing to install this upgrade tonight and see the results :-) Any special recommendations regarding minimum possible Mesh / Terrain detail sliders ( I have them low in order not to impact the FSLabs A320... ) ? Any problems noticed so far with this scenery when installed after ORBX FTX Global ? Does the installer correctly find the sim version installed ? Thx for any suggestions
  3. Same problems here, not only with EDGE, but also with IE, a couple of compilers GUIs, CISCO Networks manager, etc.... After 2 weeks with a clean install of win 10 Pro, P3Dv2, it started the moment I was prompted to restart after the Aerosoft Airbus installer finished the install, yesterday night. It certainly IS a problem with the way the fonts were created by Aerosoft for the Airbus. Affects win 10 because of the way this system identifies the fonts. A BIG THANK YOU!!! to jancg. P.S.: Aerosoft, a BIG THANK YOU!!! too, not for the fonts problem, which now has a solution while we do not get a patch, but for the great Airbus model, which will create yet another problem for me - that one very BIG and unsolvable - of time to spend on other tasks apart from using it :-) Great airplane! Flies Great, looks Great! Very Happy customer here :-)
  4. Thx Philz, unfortunately this fix ( from Simmershome.de ) is only valid for owners of ORBX Vector :-(
  5. No my friend... I think we're on the very same boat here - no solution found for someone with a plain vanilla install of P3Dv2.5 !!! NADA! And yet the installer has an option for that platform ! Better remove that option from there, and, BTW, the FSX:SE too, because I had very similar problems with that platform ( and no, I don't have any version of FSX installed on my P3Dv2 system... ) I have opened a new thread, more on the "how to uninstall" side of this problem, because I actually want JUST my default LPMA to work, and when I simply try to uninstall this incompatible scenery, it corrupts my scenery at LPMA...
  6. But whenever I run the uninstall, it corrupts my P3Dv2.5 scenery, and I am forced to install it again, although it is problematic since: 1) Going to any spot there sunks my plane and I always have to use "Slew", or create a custom situation with the aircraft placed where I want it to... 2) The rw lights disappear, with PAPI sometimes visible, others not at all... The curved approach lights aren't visible at all... So... since there is presently STILL NO FIX for all of these problems, I just want to be able to clean it from my P3Dv2.5 install... Thx for any hints!
  7. I have nothing installed - plain vanilla p3dv2.5 - and when I run the Madeira installer, and choose the P3Dv2 option, the install runs but: In P3dv2.5, when I select Madeira ( LPMA ): 1) I sunk into sea level, and only slew can put me back on the tarmac / rw... 2) On approach, PAPI lights appear from some angles, but then simply disappear 3) When I run the uninstaller, this corrupts the scenery, and Madeira turns completely unusable :-( Question: Any fixes in the make ? How can I, at least properly uninstall Aerosoft Madeira from P3dv2.5...
  8. Yes for both Jonas. And on my 2nd FSX:SE install, and not in the mood to go through a 3rd install, I simply decided to re-install, over the FSX:SE install ticking the FSX option - didn't even uninstall first - and it worked! This turn around I was sure it was the aerosoft installer who did the mess, not ORBX FTX Global or Steve's Fixer, because I made sure I installed Aerosoft Madeira first.
  9. Yesterday I had to install FSXSE twice because of a problem caused during install of AEROSOFT MADEIRA. I downloaded the latest installer from my account, had just FSXSE installed with DX10 mode by Steve's Fixer, and ORBX FTX Global, and then proceeded to install MADEIRA. I was surprised to find out that installer now already had an option for FSXSE, and I chose that one. When I moved to LPMA, there was no scenery at all - NADA! Tried everything that I found suggested to fix corrupted scenery installs, including the uninstall and re-install of the scenery, but never recovered. I decided to re-install FSX SE, after cleaning all of the footprints the previous install had left on my rig. 1) Installed FSXSE and moved to LPMA - it was there OK 2) Applied Steve's DX10 Fixer, LPMS was still there 3) Applied ORBX FTX Global - still no problems with LPMA 4) Installed Aerosoft MADEIRA - bummer !!!! No more LPMA 5) Uninstalled Aerosoft MADEIRA - bummer!!! No LPMA 6) Became a bit more astute and installed again, this turn around not using the new FSXSE option, but rather saying I was installing into plain FSX ( first installer option of the 3 available ) - IT WORKED !!!!!! So.... unless my system is really weird, if you are installing AEROSOFT MADEIRA into FSXSE, with the latest installer, DON'T CHOOSE THE NEW FSXSE installer option!!! Apparently it is bugged!!!
  10. Ok guys, again thanks a lot for all you support! I'll report back after trying the ""run as Admin"... This worked for the Katana Load & config app which wasn't doing anything unless run as admin... And yes, I intend to get the 4X version :-) as well as the TO Extended ;-)
  11. Just a follow up... Flight1's fix didn't work - My Katana X still has opaque canopy when it's raining :-( I accepted the install of FSX Gold into the default C:\Programs(x86) folder, in windows 7. I wonder if this was one of my big mistakes (?). Have meanwhile seen recommendations of an install to something like C:\FSX instead to escape the effects of UAC ?
  12. Ok, again thank you Otto and Herman for your prompt and helpful replies :-) I also installed the Twin Otter X, and that one doesn't suffer from the same problem, but I am aware that an "Extended" version is also in the works :-)
  13. Ah, you mean that only the Katana 4x is compatible with AccPack? Thx for the "rainfix" ;-)
  14. It is off, but thx anyway fro the hint ;-) I did enable it (DX10 preview) yesterday. after installing FSX Golden, but then disabled it again, unless something got stuck in the CFG file (?). Where in the CFG files can I see the DX10 setting just to make sure it is off?