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  1. you probably won't say or don't know, but any idea on release i'm just looking for a big figure as i really want this but also want the new 747 but don't want to buy the 747 and then this beauty comes out. so just a estimate please. the first half of 2017 or second half? cheers
  2. Thank you so much it worked. I can now fly the vatsim cross the pond. Have a good day Tom
  3. Hi Been using PFPX a long time and suddenly on start up it encounters a improper argument so i can't use it. it is legit i have a serial etc i'm using (well trying to) v1.28 this happens on v1.26 also. any ideas? i've reinstalled but still same error Thanks for any help Ryan.
  4. wondering if you had a working link to the AB_ND_GDI.dll from this thread