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  1. Add ForceFullScreenVSync=1 in your cfg file if you haven't already sounds like vsync is not doing its job
  2. There are issues with AccuFeel and the Aerosoft Airbus, as seen in this thread I would disable AccuFeel and try again.
  3. No, the only key I have mapped is the default P3D '/' key for full speedbrake extend/retract, but nothing else.
  4. The speedbrake lever for whatever reason refuses to let me move it from the retracted position to lets say 1/2. It will do the animation of moving the lever from retracted to half speedbrake, but then it shoots back to the retracted position straight away. Sometimes it doesn't do it and functions like normal, but most of the time I have to put full speedbrakes on using the forwardslash key and then move it. Maybe its just me doing something wrong? It's been driving me crazy. Thanks
  5. Fantastic work as usual Stefan and thanks for the updates
  6. Seems like a good idea and wouldn't be too much of an effort to code.
  7. He said Aerosoft would like to develop one, and maybe discussions with Airbus will allow them to. He didn't confirm that they're making one in the near future.
  8. fake news
  9. I don't believe anyone has done this, considering Jetstar A320 only have IAE engines.
  10. Navigraph 1703 cycle has correct runways for me
  11. Yeah, it's April the 1st. Seriously, read 3 or so pages up and you will have your answer. There is no release date set and Aerosoft won't give you one until the A330 is complete! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  12. I agree. I'd rather have a good performing aircraft and than a poor performing one that lets you see inside the cabin... especially since my computer is a potato.
  13. The CaptainSim 777 with the virtual cabin doesn't have the virtual cockpit so I think its just there to show off.
  14. SIA278/279 (WSSS/YPAD and back)
  15. Try pushing in the speed knob into managed/auto mode and see if it still happens.