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  1. I'm very happy for this feature and very grateful for the time you spent to do it. Thank you very much indeed
  2. Hoping you're talking about A330 not 320...
  3. YEEESSSSSSSS!!!!! Thank you very much guys, you're making a great great job
  4. Wow great news!!! (Now it's time you start to use them on your mercedes too... ;-) Can't wait to fly it!
  5. These animations will be introduced in the 32 bit version too?
  6. I prefer to use Aivlasoft EFB on my notebook
  7. Thank Mathijs ;-) (Did I win 2d pop up displays??? ahaahaha)
  8. I think we simmers have tons of failures everytime we fly: once with chaseplane, once with gsx, once with other hardware and drivers and so on, with windows updates causes CTD... do we really need aircraft failures too??? I'm a sunday flyer and if in that couple of hours a week I dedicate to this hobby I have to struggle with an aircraft with failures I'll sell all of my stuff and go out for a walk
  9. With pop up display is possible to switch pfd nd and ecam on other monitors and make a prosumer home cockpit like this (737) for example...
  10. So now we are getting closer to release, is there any chance to see 2d pop up display in the new bus?
  11. How proceed your discussion about 2d popup display? Can I mark a point for the favor or the opposite?
  12. Yep, I think you're right. Anyway sometimes could be useful to force a checklist
  13. Will be there a way to skip checklist step? Few days ago, during an ivao online flight, the Atc limited my climb to 34k feet instead of 35k I planned to reach. So I wasn't able to start the discend checklist and the following others. Will be there a way to force a single checklist?
  14. Both Leonardo and Fdti announced the agreement on their official facebook pages
  15. No doubts about that but I wonder how Leonardo (Md80 develop team) can afford it...