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  1. What's PBR Texture? Has it something to do with reflections?
  2. It's written in white text, next to "We have also set a release date that is non-negotiable" (pass over it with mouse + sx button)
  3. You can do it with the current bus too if you have a registered fsuipc. Anyway I remember the boss said it will be a native feature in the new bus
  4. Does the lower ecam, when pop up in 2D, show the cockpit door camera?
  5. Sorry for thr O.T. but P3d 4.2 is out now!
  6. Hi guys, I'd like to have some infos on the 2 MCDU. Is it like the former Bus where only right mcdu has fuel/door/checklist etc... functions? In that case is there a way to interface it with a tablet or smartphone?
  7. Oh Lord... thousands of frozen atpl taken with that study level bus at 8 fps...ahahahaahah
  8. I could be wrong but the real aircraft doesn't have that "original call out". So, in that case, Fslabs doesn't simulate well. And why does it call only "V1"? Then it should call many other things, like "positive climb, gear up" etc... I think AS does it in the right way
  9. Thank you Mathijs! Upper and lower ecams too or just pfd and nd?
  10. Aaaarghh I really hope you'll solve this issue. It's the feature I most expected!
  11. Thank you Frank. Anyway for someone it was a really stupid question and I got a down vote. Maybe this people prefer the same boring question on release date...
  12. I saw that in the lower ecam we can see outside the cockpit door. But will we see also the hostess bringing coffee? Does someone appear in that monitor? Sorry for the stupid question
  13. Yep, in the current bus, if I'm not wrong, you can move the tiller using engine 3 axis
  14. I think Asn+pfpx+simbrief is good enough option that covers 95% of simmers. You could consider the new Rex Skyforce but it seems that almost nobody is going to use its weather engine preferring the HiFi one