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  1. So the same should be with Spad.Next... great news!!
  2. I completely agree. This would be the only airbus on the market without this important feature. Wilco, fslabs and blackbox have it.
  3. My happiness has lasted 2 posts... Duplicating 3d views is a fps killer! 2d popup is very useful for home cockpit in order to have pfd and ecam on a dedicated monitor Please, add this feature, please!
  4. Yes Yes Yes yeeeees!!!!! Thank you very much!!!! What a beautiful feature, I love you
  5. Excuse me in advance if I'm wrong...I understood that A330 32 bit will be released,quite surely, only for fsx - fsx SE and not for p3d v3. Will it be the same for A318-321?
  6. Well...I tried but there's a huge fps drop... 2d undocking would be appreciated but I know your decision about it and I can't do anything else then respect it
  7. It's not a mine opinion, aerosoft said it clearly many times on these pages
  8. How you did it??? Where can I find a tutorial about that undocking panels? Unfortunatly Aerosoft will not introduce that function on the new bus
  9. And we need 2d pop up displays for cheap home cockpits. I hope aerosoft may reconsider its decision
  10. Hello, I'd like to know if in the A320 2018 edition will be possible to undock 2d efis & ecam in order to set up a cheap home cockpit Thanks in advance for your assistance
  11. Thank you Herman, maybe with v4 LM has solved the bug. Hoping to hear something official from Aerosoft Inviato dal mio SM-G930F utilizzando Tapatalk
  12. On the new airbus family it will be possible to open pfd displays and overhead on a separate monitor ?
  13. A320 2018 edition will still use LVAR interface?
  14. Pisa X preview

    Hoping it will be out in time for Ivao Event "Pisa and Florence Fly In/out" that will take place on December, 8th http://it.forum.ivao.aero/index.php?topic=294218.0