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  1. Pedro Trindade

    Cargo Version Work in Progress

    Looking pretty good, keep the good work.
  2. Pedro Trindade

    A P3D v4 version would be awesome

    Pretty sad to know that, but thanks for the info.
  3. Pedro Trindade

    Updating your busses

    Congrats on the release Aerosoft team and keep the good work. Cheers
  4. Pedro Trindade

    P3DV4 Lisbon LPPT on the way?

    +1 P3D v4 really needs an Aerosoft LPPT.
  5. Pedro Trindade

    Boa noite !

    Boas Matheus, fiz uma pesquisa na web e esse problema parece estar relacionado com o Simconnect do FSX. Experimente instalar novamente o Simconnect do FSX normalmente aqui: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK Herman, might be a good idea to move this topic to the portuguese subforum.
  6. Pedro Trindade

    Cannot find the cargo uploader

    You must have the "Elevator Trim Up" and "Elevator Trim Down" assigned to a controller (your joystick) to change trim values.
  7. Pedro Trindade

    Im considering getting this, just have a few questions.

    Cyberstudio, if you like classic jets just get it, you won't regret.
  8. A set of screenshots of the beautiful DC-8. Feel free to post yours.
  9. Pedro Trindade

    Beautiful 8

    Stunning shots Jon, thanks for sharing.
  10. Pedro Trindade

    What scenery for Lisbon - P3Dv4 ?

    Same here, hoping for a future update for LPPT. I miss her so much in v4.
  11. I really hope so. I've a 970 and i'm planning many hours with these beauties!
  12. Pedro Trindade

    Antonov An-2 preview (released)

    Great news. Thanks for the early Christmas gift.