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  1. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Emi.
  2. I really hope so. I've a 970 and i'm planning many hours with these beauties!
  3. EE Lightning Mk. F53 preview

  4. Antonov An-2 preview (released)

    Great news. Thanks for the early Christmas gift.
  5. Douglas DC-8 preview

    Just passing by to leave a big thumbs up to all involved on this project. We really need more quality classic airliners! Easily we can see that this bird has a lot of passion. Thank you for your efforts and keep the great work. Cheers
  6. A P3D v4 version would be awesome

    Well, it looks like this old bird is dead for V4...
  7. A P3D v4 version would be awesome

    Any update @Mathijs Kok ? Thanks
  8. Compatibility List

    Thanks for the updates. Looking forward for Lisbon.
  9. A P3D v4 version would be awesome

    Thank you.
  10. A P3D v4 version would be awesome

    ..and I bet i'm not alone! Any chance of a future upgrade? Thanks
  11. Antonov An-2 preview (released)

    Already looks great, keep the good work! Cheers
  12. Lovely detail as usual, thanks for the update, Stefan. Cheers