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  1. As with the last update my AS Busses are basically like a brand-new installation, I hope I will find which files are modified after configuring SimpleCam. If not, I might consider your tipp, thanks for that.
  2. That's what I do now, I always have the current aircraft.cfg with the fltsim section stored as backup. BUT: no, the livery Manager is currently not useful, as there are many liveries not yet ported for the professional version, so I have to use the "old" liveries installed manually. The Problem with the visualy system I still have to solve, currently I am not sure where my cameradefinitions are stored for SimpleCam...
  3. Hi there, I know it might not be top priority, but the fact that each little update resets all my custom views, my repaints and my settings inside the plane (C&D as default, GSX pushback on, no view system) is really annoying. Besides that I loose every time after an update almost 10 Minutes to bring back the Busses to the state they had before the update, modifying the aircraft.cfg's over and over again always carries the risk of doing something wrong, corrupting the .cfg and rendering the plane useless (until a new installation). I would really really love if in one of the future updates it will be included that liveries and settings are stored and also valid after the update. Regards Chris
  4. Querer

    FSX LEBL SODE for dopple jetways

    Might be easier to communicate in German, no? ;-)
  5. Querer

    Windows update, Airbus deleted

    BTW: it is now "official" and Microsoft stopped the distribution of the 1809 update as it indeed deletes files and software on certain computers: https://www.engadget.com/2018/10/06/windows-10-october-update-delete-pulled/ Glad I did not force the update manually...
  6. Querer

    Extremely Long Stutters

    I do not want to ruin your party guys, but if you do exactly as Dave outlined in a sequential order, you have your settings back to default... Problem: if you put VSYNC, MSAA, resolution, shadow settings and all this stuff and delete your prepar3d.cfg AFTERWARDs, all is reverted back to default. No wonder, you get more FPS then... I hope the topic starter realized this and adjusted the settings only AFTER deleting the prepar3d.cfg. Besides that, I will never understand why people still suggest 8x for texture filterting, even a 1050 is nowadays powerful enought to run 16x. The days were high anisotropic filtering resulted in lower FPS is over since 2010...
  7. Querer

    Some of my Buses

    Airnorth and Tigerair during approach almost look photoreal, very nice screenshots (and of course: nice paints).
  8. Dann hattest Du pures Glück und nur Szenerien verwendet, welche keine Daten in die P3D-Hauptordner "Effects", "Texture", "SimObjects", "Sound" oder "Scenery" abgelegt haben. Sobald dies nämlich der Fall ist, müsste die Szenerie jeweils neu installiert werden, wenn der P3D-Hauptordner gelöscht wird. Oder hast Du nebst den cfg's auch noch alle Ordnerinhalte als Backup auf die externe Platte verlagert? Ob dann DAS weniger Aufwand bedeutet...
  9. Die add-on.xml Methode sollte eigentlich die Methode der Wahl sein. Bin aber ehrlich gesagt noch froh darüber, dass dem nicht so ist, denn leider wird es nicht konsequent umgesetzt in der Flightsim-World, und es gibt halt noch ein paar Unklarheiten. Hat P3D jetzt eigentlich das Problem mit der Höchstmenge an add-on.xml Szenerien behoben oder gibt's immer noch Probleme, wenn zuviele Addons so genutzt werden? Und: einige andere Addons scannen weiterhin die scenery.cfg, da können add-on.xml basierte Szenerien schon mal "übersehen" werden (FTX Vector bspw.). Sind aber alles auch keine grossen Probleme...
  10. Querer

    LSZB V4 problem with switzerland proV4

    Hmm, no idea which model. I do not even know where the model of the tree would be hidden? Inside a .bgl file? If I am not wrong, trees like that are only sprites of textures, no? No real model...
  11. Querer

    Simmarket update notification

    Ah, bugger, the whole thing again... Well then, let's start the download and thanks for the heads up!
  12. Just received a mail from simmarket that an update is available for my AS A318/319/320/321 bundle and that this is a full replacement for previous versions. I am a lttle bit surprised, aren't the updates distributed by the AS Updater nowadays? What should I do with this mail from simmarket? Disregard it? Thanks for a quick update, Regards Chris
  13. Querer

    LSZB V4 problem with switzerland proV4

    Well then, it seems that the problem is not easy to fix for me. I replaced both autumn textures with the summer ones but the issue persists. Means: those trees simply call the wrong texture in autumn. I do not know if this makes sense, but that's how it seems. Any idea how to fix this without needing the support of FlyLogic?
  14. Querer

    Jetways not being used by AI (P3Dv4.3)

    Again, there is nothing to "fix", it is a thoughtful chosen decision. If they would have it enabled, everybody would complain about the incredible bad performance. The sim can simply not handle that many complex SODE jetways without the performance going down the drain. Then: when the SODE jetways from GSX Level 2 are not active, they are replaced by a lower poly static variant. Now think about a big airport with 50-60 high poly SODE jetways being active. Seems to be also related to how many simconnect calls are taken, this would basically flood simconnect and induce issues with other addons using simconnect. You see, plenty of reasons @mopperle Well, it is not entirely wrong, you can add SODE jetways on every airport. The only thing, as you mentioned, on some sceneries you can not replace the hardcoded jetways. Personally, I do not like this kind of almost false advertisement neither, it leads to what we see here...
  15. Querer

    Jetways not being used by AI (P3Dv4.3)

    Are we talking about default airports? Then it will be tricky to impossible, I do not think that you can limit this to 50%. I was talking about the manual replacement for addon sceneries. For those, you can easily select which jetways you want to replace and keep the rest.