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  1. Terrain radar

    Ok, but you have to set also in the pedestal somethingh on not? Only with this button I don't have this result...
  2. Terrain radar

    I don't understood how you make it to work
  3. Oh sure...lead by Charlemagne (or Karl der Große for Mathijs)
  4. Douglas DC-8 preview

    DC8 thread is ready in Support/Aircraft subforum...
  5. VOR approach and VPA

    thank you sir...I suppose that this plates are also on Lido charts:
  6. Hi guys How can perform a correct VOR Approach following a VPA angle? In the BUS simply switch to VPA and set thea angle (ex -3.00); but in CRJ? Thank!
  7. Pressurization Problems V1.0.5.0

    for me normal speed and also CABIN PRESS allarm (10.9 Delta P)...Cabin Alt is 200ft CLB to FL390..shot take at FL350
  8. Hi In may CRJ updated with Hotfix to like instruction I've notice possible multiple issues: 1) REVERSE RIGHT: stuck on armed 2) LND Right/Left lights illuminates inside VC 3) Problem to calculate TOD/TOC specially with modification to FPL (modify for example a altitude/level for a determinated waypoint) 4) on DAVE, after landing, on ground with engines OFF, APU ON a brake ON is impossible so SET ON Exernal Power cart and Chocks
  9. in possible to have all Vspeed ref on dave for landing?
  10. that the best, like film, need real sound to be very immersive....I love the "CLACK..CLACK" of the battery start
  11. I wish other sneak peek about Busses...
  12. Douglas DC-8 preview

    Cross The Pound wait for it!