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  1. very clear... this new features that v4.3 offer has to do with the features that Global Operations need?
  2. LM working on changhe the PBR (grapich engine) of P3D, scheduled with v5 of P3D. I only suppose thate v4.3 and a possible next v4.4 will be a springboard for reach v5, then retrocompability could be obsolete for versione older than newest v4.3. Aersoft, rightly, aim to a future and the future is take advantage of alle newest possibility of 64bit and new PBR can give.
  3. I suppose that 4.3 have a deep rework of grapich engine...that could be a clue for the new requesting setup
  4. I'm sad to see change compability and release date in 48h after FSExpo...very unusual...
  5. fantastic Mathijs...Hope to see AS Bus in Tier 1
  6. generale84

    Aerosoft at FSExpo?

    Aerosoft is planned at 20:50z today
  7. I think that in global all the VC is more eye-candy in AS than FSL.
  8. During FSExpo LM said that P3D v4.3 will be out in June 2018
  9. oh God...night lights are stunning!
  10. about AOC Uplink, can it recognize FPL loaded on Ivap and load it on MCDU?
  11. @Frank Docter it's possible to show others nice pics, frank? Please...
  12. really nice shots...hope to fly it in July