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  1. generale84

    Tomatoshade Reflection Profile

    I know but the effects added with this kind of software (like PTA,etc) are stunning on P3D.
  2. generale84

    Tomatoshade Reflection Profile

    Hi anyone have tomatoshade reflection profile for DC-8?
  3. generale84

    GPU Bottleneck

    hi. yes a 970 witth 8700k is a need a 1070/1080 to stay well.
  4. generale84

    About INS

    thank you so much!
  5. generale84

    About INS

    Hi We know that INS have 9 recordable waypoints. My question is, when approaching the n°9 WYPT if I re-inser on WYPT n°1 a new waypoint, after 9 it flight again to the "new" 1 WYPT? I know that a DC-8 tool could be use manage more of 15 waypoint but I want to do this in more realistic mode.
  6. generale84

    Load Manager : using KG

    ok. thank you
  7. generale84

    Load Manager : using KG

    Hi is possible to change units in Load Manager to KG?
  8. but all this wires, pumps, pipes, etc could be a FPS-destroyed?
  9. generale84

    Aerosoft at FSExpo?

    Aerosoft is planned at 20:50z today
  10. about AOC Uplink, can it recognize FPL loaded on Ivap and load it on MCDU?
  11. generale84

    Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

    absolutly yes. 64bit system now give the possibility to do it. I think thate a EFB need for these reasons: - charts - apt diagram on ND - load manager - performance calculator (flex to,etc) - online docs (wx,fpl,loadsheet,web browsing,etc) especially for online flights / compability with IVAO/VATSIM networks also for connection,traffic,com,etc
  12. PMDG release a stunning video for new features on 747-8, specially a fantastic EFB that also manage charts inside VC. Can you plan eventually also in a far future SP of busses a EFB that have similar utility? NavData Charts LIDO could be implemente like PMDG solution. With 64bit sistem the possibility to do this is real...will be very usefull!