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  1. By the way, I've really win a Bus 2018? I'me excited and incredulous because I never win something in my life until now
  2. WOOOOAAAHHH.............Thank you very much!
  3. Radio Stack on STBY NAV buttons: GLS and MLS added. BFO is eliminated and ADF take his place. Load Button added near VHF3
  4. very good job...I hope to see soon also a videoclip about TrueGlass !
  5. Douglas DC-8 preview

    great job!
  6. we like it! RealLight + TrueGlass beat FSLabs effects in my opinion! Can you be able to post also a video clip about it?
  7. Milan Malpensa X light cone issue P3D v4

    I've too the problem on 1.14...what I've to do?
  8. Douglas DC-8 preview

    In my opinion for me is much better desirable the -40 version with the famous RR Conway engines
  9. Douglas DC-8 preview

    very good idea!
  10. Douglas DC-8 preview

  11. Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Old Fashion F27 ATI waiting on LIPE apron
  12. Douglas DC-8 preview

    INS have 9 recordable waypoints has usual for Delco INS?
  13. WX Radar and Micro-Stuttering

    I don't know, but my system i fast and stable...1 sec stutter like you said is very extreme, always many time invisible to see...maybe also could have it. The process that run is linked to CRJ (I think gauge of WX) because it went out when WX is active.