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  1. WX Radar and Micro-Stuttering

    I don't know, but my system i fast and stable...1 sec stutter like you said is very extreme, always many time invisible to see...maybe also could have it. The process that run is linked to CRJ (I think gauge of WX) because it went out when WX is active.
  2. Performance drop w/1.0.1

    my FPS are stuck ad 29.8, locked at 30 Only WX radar generate microstutter of 1 sec....
  3. WX Radar and Micro-Stuttering

    I think is a problem of the gauge of CRJ, not bios...
  4. Hi to all I use 1.0.1 version. During my fights I noticed that every 5 seconds there is a micro-stutter of 1 second. After try to investigate about it excluding various softwares test after test (FS Real Time, AS16, vPilot, etc), change P3Dv4 setting (I have a high-profile setup desktop, 4790k with a 980ti and 8GB of ram, running on a SSD) and try other aircraft (actually only CLS DC-10 for P3Dv4) I've discovered that this problem come out after turn on the WX Radar. If I turn it off all microstutter disappear. I can reproduce it on other planes because actually on P3Dv4 the CRJ is the only "deep" system aircraft that I have, but is sure that the problem is generate by the work of Wx Radar. You can try to replicate it in all condition of traffic, weather or airport; on ground and on flight at all altitude, the stutter appear after turn on WX and disappera after turno off it. I hope I was helpful. Best Regards!
  5. Look at this video about a CRJ-900: you can see two blue "L" markers on MFD that move to indicate the radar cone scanning. A shot take also hereunder: Do you think that this little grapich feature will be added in future?
  6. Performance drop w/1.0.1

    My Setup: i7-4790k - MSI Z97 Gaming 3 MSI GTX 980ti 6Gb GAMING 6G 8Gb Ram DDR3 Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400mhz tested faster on LOWI ORBX with heavy cloud, fast takeoff and back landing. Stable on 29.8 FPS (locked at 30 FPS). Only Dynamic Light on ground hit heavy the FPS (15-20 FPS)
  7. new build

    that's a very good news!
  8. I might be stupid but...

    crossing fingers and waiting for tomorrow...
  9. Flood Lights

    Sure, bu exernal lights of aircraft and airport work in Dynamic mode without a heavy impact. Only flood light have this drastic frames drop
  10. Flood lights are heavy on this plane (I've a 980ti with a max setting on P3D, but turning on Flood Light register a drastic drop of FPS, from stable 28-29 to 15-18). Is planned to fix it and reduce the FPS impact?
  11. CRJ and GSX

    put the values of stair all to 0.00 in the configurator
  12. [SOLVED] just cancel a old Prepar3d v3 entry remain registry key and the problem disappear...also with this trick removed old P3Dv3 tabs still active in addons like SODE Manager and FTX Central v3. I assume that this old registry entry give problems to v4. Now working good
  13. try, but the problem still remain. confirm 1.5.3 SODE install, unistall LIRF and fll clean SODE folders (unistall also removed it). New install confirm this problem. Any idea?
  14. new build

    good news
  15. Sure. Jetways with this problem are: 410 432/412 518/508/528 509 507 505 503 711 710 709 708 707 706 705 704 703 702 701 pratically all Sode jetways. ..