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  1. Ok OPabst, thank you for your replied. Today from the result that I tested by removing people and birds away. The fps are improve. However I'm looking forward for v1.04 update and will now stop spending time to adjust things in v1.03.
  2. Hi Raymond66. I suspect the birds that fly over terminal may cause low fps. I also get around 17fps. (I'm not sure if there are also birds over Terminal in v 1.02 or not) When the birds is not showing up I get quite good fps (25-35). But when I taxi to the gate until the birds starting to appear. I notice that my fps drop constantly. It also could be any object near terminal. Low fps always appear when I getting near the terminal. It would be very nice to have a tool to choose what object we don't want to improve fps without messing files in Scenery folder (like turn on/off people at the terminal, traffic near airport, birds at terminal or halo lights)
  3. I use FSX:Steam Edition. Actually I own FSX Deluxe (Box) too. I'm not good enough to try IVAO or VATSIM for the reason that I'm a beginner. My demand is for playing online with a massive people, who is a beginner like me. So I decided to get FSX:Steam Edition. I have a plan soon to move to P3D due to it's feature and also that I'm taking more serious about flight sim (educate). Currently I also use DTG's Flight School.
  4. May I ask if this new version of Innsbruck will be like the whole new product as Frankfurt V2? or will it be an update for Innsbruck's old version (Box Version)?
    Beautiful HD Cockpit. I see no performance hit on my machine, it run perfectly. Thank you so much.
  5. Like it had mention, windows 10 for me raise up frame rate around 5-10 fps. But for me, the problem appeared yesterday on AirbusX Fuel Planner program. I couldn't run it. Windows informed that .net framework was timeout error, also that the program wasn't appear, I saw that the program still run in task manager. I tried to use many solution like reinstall .net framework which the error appeared to be v2.50727, I also reinstall airbus software (Aerosoft A320/321 product) nothings work. Also problem with activation for FSPS Multicore Environment Advanced has the same problem too. At the end I find out that with the new windows update (I don't remember from which update, I remember only that it was update on the beginning of September 2015), I have to change "Compatibility mode" to "Windows 8" for AirbusX Fuel Planner and activation for FSPS Multicore Environment Advanced. Then both program work again. Actually before this update, both programs worked fine. I don't know what cause this problem but I take almost the whole day to find out the solution edit = add more issue I found another RAM issue. Windows 10 without any program running, use 1.4GB - 1.6GB of RAM. I would like to suggest for some people who has low end laptop as me to upgrade RAM into more than 2GB on FSX:SE with Windows 10
  6. I would like to request A320 Bangkok Airways
  7. Thank you so much for the awesome plane. I use FSX on windows 7, everything run smoothly and works very well !!