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  1. joedepaola

    Repaint requests

    How is the endeavor air CRJ coming?
  2. I do not Thanks Mathjis. Also nice headshot in the skycam by the way
  3. Hello, First off let me say I am loving the CRJ so far. However I've had a problem on my last flight. First off on 5 separate occasions the CRJ autopilot would set nose trim full down causing the plane to nose dive and me having to pull it up disconnecting the A/P. I do not know what would cause this but is certainly not my controller as when I try to set trim with my controller it will disconnect the A/P. Also the last thing is that on a go around due to this I got a CTD. Just wanted to let you guys know and hope to have it fixed. Thank You, Joseph DePaola
  4. joedepaola

    Planned and delivered (links and pictures)

    Also by anychance can you do a US airways livery with the one world sticker instead of the the star alliance?
  5. joedepaola

    Planned and delivered (links and pictures)

    Hey Holgi, by any chance can you do 2 repaints for me? A Jetblue A320 blueberry or barcode tail with the fly-fi sticer and A jetblue A321 like N903JB (no mint please) with the name on the nose. Thanks! joedepaola you can see the sticker just aft of the door
  6. joedepaola

    The Aerosoft A330X Paint Wishlist

    I know im going to say this alot but I cant stress this enough: DELTA -300, -200!!!