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  1. So I've seen Aerosoft is going to FlightSimCon 2017 and so with this I must ask, will the CRJ and possibly the A330 be there with you guys?
  2. Ah ok so he was rediderating. I'm sorry it's just I did it understand what exactly he meant. Thanks for you help as always!
  3. Mathijs, What exactly do you mean by "The first hard fact I will give on a release date will be that is actually IS released." I don't know if it's just me and my New Yorker English but the part, "is actually IS released" is confusing me.
  4. Well the wxr itself is horrible but as an add on for weather and the connection it has to wxr's from third parties is unmatched
  5. I don't think very many. The main ones right now are AS16 and ASN. From what I know REX WXR is only used for a few planes while asn or as16 is required on multiple aircraft and is a must have utility.
  6. Yeah the comment after that was a joke but it got deleted it was the classic airbus "retard" joke
  7. The previous comment made by me was not meant to offend anyone it was an honest joke nothing against aerosoft
  8. I keep on hearing it will not delay the release but in fact when is this "release"? How can we know it wont delay it if we don't know when the release is. And also stop telling people to just look back, look back, look back. THE RELEASE DATE IS NOT THERE!!!!!!!! Also things do change over time such as set backs and set forwards. So please give some sort of sign that we are close to the finish and when is the EXPECTED release date. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!
  9. Thanks Mathjis! And what I meant by the stick shaker is both in a stall and the test on the ground where it does a sort of disconnected flight controls check with the shaker. But as you said everything in the real plane will be in this. Keep up the Great Work! By the way if you guys need any last minute references I will be flying on a crj in 10 days and will be happy to provide anything you need. Again, keep up the awesome work guys!
  10. Ok anyway on a happier and less intensive note, I have a few questions: Will there be a preset file with AES like in the AIrbus Will the weather radar use any third party add ons and if not.. Will the weather radar be able to display weather and turbulence in realistic form Just a bit of a side note, We are almost coming up on a year since the last announced release date which was on September 30th (my birthday) is there any way we can see what is left to do on the CRJ And last but certainly not least wIl there be a stick shaker sound or animation that pulls the yoke back, forward and center like in the actual plane. Thanks again Aerosoft and keep up the awesome work! P.S.: please dont hate on me for asking for a release date or an update. I am really just curious about this project and I want to know how long until I can fly this bird. Thank you P.S.S: Aerosoft if you guys need any pics or sounds from the CRJ I will be flying on one in about 11 days. Please pm me if you need anything
  12. So long without any updates! THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!!
  13. Also by anychance can you do a US airways livery with the one world sticker instead of the the star alliance?
  14. Hey Holgi, by any chance can you do 2 repaints for me? A Jetblue A320 blueberry or barcode tail with the fly-fi sticer and A jetblue A321 like N903JB (no mint please) with the name on the nose. Thanks! joedepaola you can see the sticker just aft of the door
  15. I know im going to say this alot but I cant stress this enough: DELTA -300, -200!!!