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  1. wegerlee

    Download Problem

    I go the same problem. None of the repaints seem to be available....comes back with File not found?! best regards Elmar
  2. wegerlee

    Airbus Pro Experience

    Hi Emanuel Thanks. I check that out. Currently the cycle is up to date anyway. Dare say Navigraph will update their FMS Downloader fairly quick. I just did my second flight. Its great to have AS back on the SIM with the Airbus . Who needs a study level. Just want to fly LOL
  3. Guys. Thanks...it was worth waiting for.....with all the cr...ap you faced from some people comparing with other developers (no Name calling here :) ) I just enjoyed my first flight from EDDF to EGLL. Performance is great. Cockpit fonts nicely readable. Looks and feels as I was hoping for. Nice point that it actually installed outside the LM directory, which is positive. One thing I could not figure out is the change to Navigraph in the configurator. If you enter your origin/destination..it can't find the destination airport in the database. I reverted it back to the default Navdata cycle. Well done…Elmar Wegerle
  4. wegerlee

    Update Oslo to 1.13

    Disregard. I found it under in my account profile. Its not under Updates. Cheers Elmar
  5. wegerlee

    Update Oslo to 1.13

    OK... are you guys looking under the new Update page or the older version??
  6. wegerlee

    Update Oslo to 1.13

    Hi guys I currently have Oslo installed 1.12 and just saw that the scenery has been updated to 1.13. Downloaded the new one under Updates section and that downloaded versions still shows 1.12 ???? Is the new file actually on the server?? Thanks and kind regards Elmar Wegerle
  7. Kurze Frage Ich nehme an die alte PRO Version muss erst de-installiert werden bevor die neue aufgespielt wird?? Grtüße Elmar Wegerle
  8. Reading the comments from Cheap Charlie in ref. to FPS (VAS is no longer and issue in the 64bit sim) I have made up my mind to stick with the AS product. I don't need that much of complexity in the bus. Yes a half way realistic startup, flight and shutdown process is fin, but not down to the bone that it's reducing my system to below 20FPS. Nevertheless as I stated above the Popup PFD would be a nice feature
  9. Hi Just FYI.....any updates planned to accommodate P3D V4.XXX I appreciate that you can change the directory from LM 3.4 to LM 4.xxx. Its a pain in the neck though if you have FSX P3D 3.4 and 4 installed and have to manually either drag the files into the relevant AC folder or change directory all the time. Otherwise a brilliant tool and I have been suing it now since it came out. Thanks Elmar
  10. Will the new Airbus have a Pop Up for PFD etc. (like PMDG). Would make things easier to read if you are approach Elmar
  11. wegerlee

    XML Format for Addons P3D V4.xx

    I agree with having this in a documents folder as well. That' s a pain in the backside since the document folder also synchronizes with One Drive al the time. I bring that up in the LM forum as well. If the scenery order of has no bearings on the AS Airports, I will give it a shot. Thanks for the quick feedback Have a nice day and I am looking forward to the new Airbus from Elmar
  12. wegerlee

    XML Format for Addons P3D V4.xx

    Hi Mathijs Thanks for the very very quick reply !! In other words install as is via the normal cfg method and don't use the Add-on method even manually, correct! Cheers Elmar
  13. Hi Guys This may have been addressed at one point. I recently my sceneries for EDDF, EDDS and EDDT to the PRO version. While I am pleased with the quality, the big question remains, why the installers are not written for the XML Format Add-on as LM recommends. Furthermore it does not give you a chance to place it in a different location. I have tried to place most of my sceneries into a separate directory, outside the Sim and use XML format to add them . Big advantage is that I can and and re-install the simulator without having to take off the add-ons. On that note I need to know if any Aerosoft sceneries can be moved to another directory manually and then added with XML (which is no problem for me), but I am not sure if there are associated files outside the so called ECO File directory. Thanks Elmar
  14. wegerlee

    AES V 2.13 Lost Credits

    It is installed twice for both simulators. If you use Mega Airport Frankfurt newest version then you only use one set of credits.
  15. wegerlee

    AES V 2.13 Lost Credits

    Thanks Oliver If I uninstall AES for both FS9 and FSX can I start redistriuting the Credits. I had bought some airports single FS9 and FSX from one publisher Frankfurt being one and now I have complete new FS9 adn X version which I would like to use. Otherwise I have to strip both Simulators down and start reinstalling everything. Thanks ELmar