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  1. Except that’s not true. Alarms DID go off (or did you think people “magically”detected it..?), the bruglar certainly did enter my home, The module is there, and you have absolutely no knowledge about the code whatsoever to know where it snooped or not. And besides all that, bottom line is what you (or I) think is irrelevant. It is illegal, period.
  2. So in other words, as long as there was nothing in your house that may be of their interest, the burglar left huh...? Sure....
  3. Lol yeah that’s not how the law (or society works). If you put malware in my machine, you are the one doing the violation. And also this is not about “first or second”. You break the law, you pay, period. (And fyi, just in case you don’t know, just logging on to a system without permission is against the law and punishable with prision currently).
  4. Because it’s a violation of privacy? Because it’s unethical? Because it is ILLEGAL?
  5. I know certain company used it. I meant I hoped it was a joke that he suggested Aerosoft do the same...
  6. Are you sure it’s not more like 84.8536%..?
  7. I really hope that was a joke... (although a terrible one...)
  8. Maybe it was a general statement, or they meant on the real thing..?
  9. Can someone from the team explain to those of us ignorant of how this is made, how it is the same model as it has been said, but the pics shown so far show it to be so much more beautiful?
  10. Will they be configurable? Meaning can I opt to *not* have them displayed..?
  11. Not really I cannot say I have been following since that long. I guess ppl at the time never thought they would have to wait so long
  12. 100% right. (Just like all communities, and people in general)
  13. I share these thoughts.... I would rather they focus on getting the plane first, and maybe things like this later if you REALLY want to have it.... When you take a flight, first they make sure to get you up in the air. The meal comes later...