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  1. So with such a huge sim world and such great aircraft examples, what are you doing here instead of flying with them..?
  2. Herman, I agree it just makes clutter (although sometimes you can’t help yourself :P), now don’t posts like “thanks for the update” also make clutter and contribute to grow this thread needlessly? If you wanna say thanks, just like the post or know?
  3. “Open ness”..? Is that kind of like “Loch Ness”...?
  4. How much more of a “gimmick” is it than having a newspaper...? Sure, I know you will say that takes less work, but still... the point is what seems like a gimmick for some is not so much for others, and viceversa.
  5. Yeah, it’s kinda like all those computers are there for more than just olaying solitaire, right..?
  6. Good to know... I assume if you guys leave it there it’s probably because it has some use of course to express opinion for or against items, but I guess some people just do it on purpose to just troll/harass/whatever...
  7. Welcome to the Internet... edit: see? I already got a downvote on this from some dumb*ss.. just life mate...
  8. Falcon and P3D v4

    I thought he said F16 both times, but additionaly I think I had asked about this before and was told there is no separate installer for v4 since it’s the same plane now built in/default in P3D?
  9. Except that’s not true. Alarms DID go off (or did you think people “magically”detected it..?), the bruglar certainly did enter my home, The module is there, and you have absolutely no knowledge about the code whatsoever to know where it snooped or not. And besides all that, bottom line is what you (or I) think is irrelevant. It is illegal, period.
  10. So in other words, as long as there was nothing in your house that may be of their interest, the burglar left huh...? Sure....
  11. Lol yeah that’s not how the law (or society works). If you put malware in my machine, you are the one doing the violation. And also this is not about “first or second”. You break the law, you pay, period. (And fyi, just in case you don’t know, just logging on to a system without permission is against the law and punishable with prision currently).
  12. Because it’s a violation of privacy? Because it’s unethical? Because it is ILLEGAL?
  13. I know certain company used it. I meant I hoped it was a joke that he suggested Aerosoft do the same...
  14. Are you sure it’s not more like 84.8536%..?