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  1. Yes, the “meat” of the updates is in the client. Content and scenery are more just “cosmetic”...
  2. So you’re running this highly demanding piece of software on an OS, on top of another Os, and with less than ideal specs to boot, and you’re blaming the update..? ok.... Edit: Ha, classical case of shooting the messenger... Downvotes for stating facts... Would you guys also like to try running it on a Commodore 64..?
  3. Ha! Just like now you can snag a 980Ti for cheap..? That I’d like to see....
  4. What are the best settings for zoom, etc? I have this same monitor and I always see great screenshots, but I cannot get it to look the same size/zoom/etc.
  5. You would have needed an impossible investment, as there are no cards (currently) with 16GB of RAM
  6. Oh, I’m pretty sure next weekend you can take off from EDDT ! Which plane you take off on though, that’s another story
  7. Think it was pretty clear since Mathjis said he does NOT have the release date yet to “kick off” this, so 1will happen “whenever”, and then the first red text, then 2, etc...
  8. I think you really misunderstood... nothing is coming in 14 days...
  9. Folks... I know it’s ironic that this post goes against what I’m about to say... But is it so hard to stop adding posts like “thanks”, etc that serve absolutely no purpose than to keep adding to this already MASSIVE 75 page thread, and which in turn keeps having ppl ask the same things over and over again because it’s too long to read..? Seriously...
  10. Ok, no, please stop right there... that is *not* the recommended method from Lockheed... I believe we talked about this in this thread or its previous incarnation, where Mathjis agreed and understood. This topic was explained by several people in the past, more elegantly by Umberto from FSDT. It is *not* recommended to install your files in our documents folder (filling up our precious OS drive space in the process) The recommended method is to place *the XML file* of your add-on there, which inside lists the actual location of the files. Since all is still in development, I ask that you please revisit this and have then installers work in the appropriate way. Edit: it was in this thread, around page 201: and this is the link I shared that Mathjis asked for:
  11. Uh-oh... 209 issues... Guess soon we will get a cross-through on the words "very early" in the bit "very early 2018" of the stickied post up above...?
  12. Yes, let's spend hundreds (thousands) of dollars to get the best computer, the best display, yokes, panels, controllers, all the greatest add-ons to give our sim maximum realism and immersion... And then let's just watch it in a window.... Seriously, some people...
  13. Hmm I guess what you say makes sense. It's not my place to police this. Sorrry.