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  1. This problem existed randomly in a previous version and was resolved in the last version. Now the issue is back. I can't control the parking brake from the keyboard - also a problem that was resolved in the last version. I'm boarding on my first flight in v1.0.2. APU is running. Can't disconnect the GPU or chocks via Dave. Tried powering it down and on again. Doesn't help. Frustrating.
  2. As always, thanks gents for all the hard work on this aircraft. What are the list of fixes/updates in this version?
  3. I'm trying to setup a flight to KPSP from KSFO. I'm at the gate at KSFO, on ground power, setting up the FMS. I've entered the departing and arriving airports, setup the CRJ manager and copied the data over to Dave. Back in the sim (P3Dv4.1), I've copied the load data & speed into the fms. Next step is to setup dpt/arr routes. I've entered the departing runway and SID. Now I go to the Arr. I'm trying to enter the RNVZ13R, but as soon as I click this runway, P3d crashes. I can recreate this every time, following these steps.
  4. Gents - As always, I applaud your efforts to maintain this aircraft. A fine job. I am curious though, as to when the next expected update will release and the planned fixes/changes.
  5. P3d v4.1 - Can't Pos Init

    This seems to have cleared up for me. Must have been some oddity on the first flight I did after I installed 4.1. It is working fine now. I do want to ask though, In an earlier version of the CRJ, I was able to enter the gate# into the PosInit page, but recently, any entry into this field is not accepted. An error is returned 'Not Found'.
  6. P3d v4.1 - Can't Pos Init

    I'll add to my previous post that even though I couldn't initialize the AC position, the CRJ didn't care. Was able to continue to setup the FMS with no issue. Strange. In my first flight after installing 4.1. Short hop from KPHX - KLAS. Performance overall is worse than v4. Dynamic lighting seems to be affecting frame rates and more stutters than previously. Frustrating. Looking straight out the left seat front window, i'm locked at 30fps (4k display @ 30hz / 1080 ti). If I pan left, where the night lights are, climbing out of KPHX, fps drops to 10-15, and very stuttery. Didn't have performance like this prior to 4.1. Just reporting my first observations. I'll follow up.
  7. Post the install of P3dv4.1, I'm unable to enter data into the Pos Init field. An error is returned 'Invalid entry'. is anyone else having this problem? Prior to 4.1, this was never a problem.
  8. Fantastic - Danke Hans
  9. Gents - forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere. What does the next expected update plan to correct, and possibly a time frame to release?
  10. I've heard it explained from other CRJ real world pilots that a 'typical' flex temp is usually 46 degrees.
  11. I have both the CRJ and Pro-ATC x working fine in P3dv4. The trick is to set the radios to on, and you may have to toggle between radio 1 or 2 when you first contact clearance. Pro ATC will also control the squawk code. Works great for me!
  12. This problem happened for me once or twice with earlier versions of the CRJ, but since, this is happening when this is the first flight after launching P3d. EVERY TIME - this is really frustrating. My procedures have been the same - P3dv4, at scenario setup, select a default AC, spawn at the gate. I usually wait for the weather and all textures to load, then load the CRJ. After the CRJ is on the screen, I select cold & dark. Then select the chocks and start the ground power unit, and then apply the parking brake. Continue with pre-flight, start the GPU, once on line, I try to disconnect the ground power unit - I CAN'T. Nor can I remove the chocks. At this point what I have to do is load another default AC, which then causes P3dv4 to CTD. I thought this was an oddity when it happened after I installed, but it's happening everytime on the first flight after P3dv4 launches. Any suggestions? If it's any consolation, the yoke issues seemed to have resolved for me.
  13. After the initial uninstall/reinstall of the update, the first flight I attempted had some strange goings on during pre-flight. 1. The ground power unit started up, and connected just fine, but the green 'avail' light on the switch next to the battery does not illuminate. Once I pressed the switch, the 'on' does glow. 2. ctrl-period would not control the parking brake. This has happened prior to and it happens at random times. The fix is to load a default AC, then go back to the CRJ. 3. The ground power unit would not disconnect, nor would the chocks come off. This is related to the problem in point 2. They both seem to happen together. Also as in point 2, the fix is to load a default AC, then bring back the CRJ. Usually that fixes that issue. 4. When the rear cargo door is closed, GSX says it is still open. I have to toggle the door open, then close again, then GSX is ok. 4. The Left Thrust Reverser Arm switch does not indicate that it is armed in the right EICAS display. I have not noticed this at all in prior builds. this is a new problem for me.
  14. What are the changes/fixes in