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  1. This problem happened for me once or twice with earlier versions of the CRJ, but since, this is happening when this is the first flight after launching P3d. EVERY TIME - this is really frustrating. My procedures have been the same - P3dv4, at scenario setup, select a default AC, spawn at the gate. I usually wait for the weather and all textures to load, then load the CRJ. After the CRJ is on the screen, I select cold & dark. Then select the chocks and start the ground power unit, and then apply the parking brake. Continue with pre-flight, start the GPU, once on line, I try to disconnect the ground power unit - I CAN'T. Nor can I remove the chocks. At this point what I have to do is load another default AC, which then causes P3dv4 to CTD. I thought this was an oddity when it happened after I installed, but it's happening everytime on the first flight after P3dv4 launches. Any suggestions? If it's any consolation, the yoke issues seemed to have resolved for me.
  2. After the initial uninstall/reinstall of the update, the first flight I attempted had some strange goings on during pre-flight. 1. The ground power unit started up, and connected just fine, but the green 'avail' light on the switch next to the battery does not illuminate. Once I pressed the switch, the 'on' does glow. 2. ctrl-period would not control the parking brake. This has happened prior to and it happens at random times. The fix is to load a default AC, then go back to the CRJ. 3. The ground power unit would not disconnect, nor would the chocks come off. This is related to the problem in point 2. They both seem to happen together. Also as in point 2, the fix is to load a default AC, then bring back the CRJ. Usually that fixes that issue. 4. When the rear cargo door is closed, GSX says it is still open. I have to toggle the door open, then close again, then GSX is ok. 4. The Left Thrust Reverser Arm switch does not indicate that it is armed in the right EICAS display. I have not noticed this at all in prior builds. this is a new problem for me.
  3. What are the changes/fixes in
  4. Holding Down Button

    I have this same problem. I notice it more so when FPS is low
  5. I'm thinking of getting the US Cities for Chicago, but I have FSDT KORD and ORBX KCGX installed - how would these 3 work together, any issues/recommendations?
  6. Dave / Hans - Did a complete uninstall, removal of all folders/files related to the CRJ, reinstalled, UAC is set correctly. C++ 2015 reinstalled. Spawned at KMSP in a default AC. Then selected the UAL variant of the CRJ 700. Waited for the CRJ to startup. Clicked on the airspeed placard. Yoke will not hide. Hans - I have no idea how to PM you. I'd love to be part of the testing and solve this issue once and for all.
  7. Thanks Dave - I was just reading the other post related to this issue and saw this. I can confirm I've done all the uninstall/reinstall steps with the exception of UAC set down. I'm going to repeat the uninstall again, making sure I get rid of any liveries that were installed that may have been left over. Unrelated, as I write this, I'm flying the CRJ 1.0.1 and notice that the altimeter can only display mbar, not inhg as it is set in Dave. I've tried toggleing this a few times, and has no affect. Perhaps the complete uninstall/reinstall again will fix. I'll report back if this persists.
  8. I should add that I am spawning with a default AC first, then choosing the CRJ. Still no joy with the yoke hide.
  9. Gents- thanks very much for working so hard on getting updates out. This really is a marvelous aircraft. I was so looking forward to this update in hopes I wouldn't have the yoke hide issues anymore, but seems the behavior is the same as it has been. Yoke will flash off, then back on when the placard is clicked.
  10. Prior to the patch, the nav problems were pretty bad. Not able to stay on course, random turns, inconsistent course correction, etc.. the 5c patch fixed a lot of these issues, but now after I updated the Airac, it seems the same nav problems have returned. Also, I don't believe I've ever been able to track the glideslope, once the source selector is set to VOR1. Localizer appears to work. Is anyone else having the same issues?
  11. That would be my guess as well - I can't figure why I'm not getting any returns on the radar regardless of it either being in WX or Map settings. WX or Map is displayed in the MFD. Also, the test function of the radar doesn't seem to work either - was this not modeled in the CRJ?
  12. Clicking Buttons

    This is happening to me as well. Only in the CRJ. The mouse pointer turns into a closed hand, like the left click was held down. Most times I have to click a button twice for the action to 'take'.
  13. Some questions

    Why doesn't the test mode work on the radar? there should be colored bands on the FMC to show that it is working. I got no test mode, and no weather display regardless what mode, gain or tilt.
  14. Aerosoft?? CRJ ... :-(

    Regarding point 1 - while you have the APU powered on, check to make sure the # 1 and 2 generator switch is set to auto (upper panel) and the transfer mode is also set to auto (the light should be off). There was something changed in that caused the generator switches to be turned off when cold & dark is selected from Dave. I burned myself exactly the same way, then caught what was going on. You probably lost power when you switched off ground power or the APU which is why you had to start over. There is a known issue with in the panel dll not functioning correctly - see this post and install the It should correct the oddness with Nav tracking:
  15. v1.0.0.5 yoke hide click spots

    I've more or less found a 'trick' to get the yoke hide to work. Steps to reproduce: Prepare a flight at a given airport and choose the Piper cub as the aircraft. I usually spawn at a gate. Wait for the sim to COMPLETELY load. I start ASv4 before I launch p3d. I usually let it sit for a few minutes with the Piper on the screen while weather is loading and all the textures are present. Click on the Vehicle menu and choose your CRJ of choice This step is very crucial, and the timing has to be just right - Once the CRJ appears on the screen, there's a very short time the aircraft is starting up it's systems. You'll hear a sound almost immediately when it appears on the screen, and the yoke first will appear limp, then after this sound, the yoke is at center position. You have to be quick, because as soon as this happens, the engines start up (this all happens in a matter of a 1.5 seconds). You have to press the click spot before the engines start. If you press the click spot before the yoke moves to center position, it will reappear, and the click spot will not work for the remainder of that sim session.