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  1. Hi, I really need this awesome livery for the A320neo ! Thanks! COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please use link to that content instead.
  2. Hi Aerosoft, I just want to know if a "Self Test" will be displayed during cold and dark power up like in the real A320, A330 and A340. I've found a picture : I have also a video (look at 1:02) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mo7A3CuVb8g Regards
  3. Hi, Could someone make the Airbus Flight Lab livery for Aerosoft Airbus A320 please ? Regards, Yocarro
  4. Alright, I understand Thank you for the answer !
  5. Hi Aerosoft ! Will we be able to switch the logo light independently of the cockpit lights in the A330 ? PS : Thank you for doing your amazing job
  6. Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Airbus A350 XWB (All variants) and Airbus A380. It would be great !