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  1. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Certainly Neal, I'll tidy up my list. It's basically FSX plus Playsim airports of UK and Ireland, including Channel Islands, Scilly, Isle of Man etc. Another thing I did was fly a Beaver seaplane around the coastline, investigating all the rivers and islands... How the long winter evenings fly past
  2. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    The last waltz.... Andras Field to Paderborn Someone's painting the town red! The end is nigh.... Here I go for the final time, wheels down and locked .......... and the Fat Lady sings! To echo other's thoughts, many thanks to Tobus and Aerosoft for facilitating this adventure, and to all those who have taken part. You have all made this a far richer experience than I could ever have imagined two and a half years ago! I wish all my virtual friends good luck for the future and may you all enjoy your Flight Simming! Hopefully, we'll be able to do it all again one day? As for me, I'm embarking on a tour of all my FSX UK and Ireland airfields, in alphabetical order.... Cheers, Sideout (a.k.a. Nigel)
  3. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Leg 130 LOWI Innsbruck to the famous Andras Field One flight left Happy landings people, it's been a brilliant trip, good to have "met" you all
  4. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Might be Leg 129 EDNY Friedrichshaven to LOWI Innsbruck Loving the mountains again Cloudy around the mountain tops Having to concentrate hard on this approach! ..........and breathe.... Waiting at Innsbruck for my freebee airport scenery to be approved before the penultimate leg
  5. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Possibly Leg 128 LSZH Zurich to LSZR Altenhein to EDNY Friedrichshaven A short hop across Lake Constance Off to Innsbruck next
  6. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Possibly Leg 127, LFMN Nice Cote d'Azur to LSZH Zurich I love the default FSX mountains Time to look for those gnomes!
  7. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Leg 126 LEVC Valencia to LFMN Nice Cote d'Azur done Spain to France Barcelona just below that cloud! Zurich next
  8. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Completed Leg (insert number here) I reckon it to be 125 Faro LPFR to Valencia LEVC (I tried to drop into Requena LERE but by installation thought I was joking ) Happy landings all!
  9. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Leg 124.2 LXGB Gibraltar to LPFR Faro complete, in spite of Avast fighting my Malwarebytes Leaving the Rock behind And now Portugal
  10. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Leg 124.1 complete, Malaga LEMG to Gibraltar LXGB Having a few PC problems of late, so I going to try and finish the legs off before re-formatting and the marathon reloading of FSX dvds Down safely on "The Rock", now to find some fish and chips, washed down with a pint of warm bitter
  11. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Completed Leg 123 (approx.) LEIB Ibiza to LEMG Malaga Playing catch up to you speedy chaps
  12. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Two legs in one, only short legs though Leg 121 LEMH Menorca to LEPA Mallorca Leg 122 LEPA Mallorca to LEIB Ibiza Happy landings!
  13. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Leg 120 (or is it 3,041?) DTTJ Djerba to LEMH Menorca Decided to fly this one at night, so screen shots are a tad limited Next a bit of Island hoppage....
  14. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Another one done.... Leg 119 DTMB Monastir to DTTJ Djerba
  15. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Also completed Leg 118 LIEO OIbia to DTMB Monastir And so on to Tunisia Clear blue sky and sea with white sands and golf, don't mind if I do....