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  1. Sideout

    Set 06 - Chofu to San Francisco New Chitose misty for takeoff leg to Yuzhno-Sahalinsk Yuzhno-Sahalinsk Off to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky An early start for the leg to Eareckson Air Station Yet another dawn take off to Adak Colourful...... To Cold Bay Nice mountains! Nice flight, I enjoyed that! From Cold Bay to Kodiak Crisp clear air at Kodiak Leaving for Anchorage After you, no, after you...... could be here a while Off to Yakutat An authentic looking shack in default FSX And so, on to Annette Island Annette Island to Port Hardy Next leg to Portland And finally, for this batch: Portland to San Francisco The trip so far The next set will take me across the centre of the USA Happy landings peeps!
  2. Sideout

    Set 5 complete, Hong Kong to Chofu Fish farm? Ahh, fuel! Mt Fuji Here's the trip so far... Next, the Pacific.... Happy landings
  3. Sideout

    Set 4 complete Calcutta to Chittagong A bit murky on landing On to Mandalay, in the rain then Xishuangbanna That ridge at the end of the runway is going to interesting at takeoff! Xishuangbanna to Noi Bai, Hanoi, negotiated the ridge ok then Haikou Meilan International another dawn flight and finally to Hong Kong and a really early start! Default FSX cartoon scenery sorry.... The story so far Set 5 coming up shortly Cheers
  4. 19722nm for me, excluding weird atc routing, like avoiding Cambodia. Odd because the band Dead Kennedies extolled the virtue of a Holiday in Cambodia..
  5. Sideout

    Set 3 complete Bombay to Calcutta (or whatever the youngsters call them today...) Very misty early on when leaving Bombay Tower view, strictly IFR A small strip in the middle of a jungle, interesting! A few more facilities at Calcutta Time for a curry and Elephant beer! The story so far, this is a different experience from the last RTW. Brisk would be a good description Bring on Set 4..
  6. Sideout

    Set 2 complete - Port Said Air Port El Gameel to Bombay Early morning start after a night on Toby's camel piss An unremarkable flight to Sharm el Sheikh Off to Medina Parked up at Riyadh Another dawn flight, this time to Abu Dhabi A bit of sand blowing around down there en route to Muscat Gwadar, Pakistan A bit misty for the onward journey to Karachi Weather is deteriorating as I leave for Rajkot Seems ok here though Onward to Bombay, however, someone built a tower block at the end of the runway! Sundown and Bombay is IFR.... Here's the story so far Looking forward to the next set! Happy landings!
  7. Sideout

    Here we go again then Set 1, divided into 7 legs to suit the times I have available to fly. Settled on the trusty Kingair because I know how long it takes to get anywhere in my dear old Dragon Rapide I'd only get bored.... First flight, a quick jump over the Channel to Paris On to Turin Love the Alps For some strange reason I decided to head south at dusk! This resulted in changing the destination to a different Rome airport Next, off to Brindisi That's better, more to see A really early start for the trip to Santorini Not a lot here, so I'll press on with my tight schedule Crossing the Med en route to Egypt A quick hop over to Port Said Sand Sand and green stuff approaching Port Said, now for a couple of pint's of Toby's cat's piss The story so far First set complete, now for some more sand! Happy Landings people!
  8. Now that made me laugh, I did think the same when I read it. Come on Toby, what's the story?
  9. Why don't you copy mine, to get you started? Then you can add your own ideas when you get the time.
  10. Sideout

    My proposed route
  11. Sideout

    The first couple of batches....
  12. Sideout

    Haha, excellent Mathijs! Ahh, I must have misunderstood the rules: "You will create a forum topic where the first topic will contain your complete route, aircraft and other details before October 1st. " I'll be there then! Thanks for the relies chaps.
  13. oops.. Missed the deadline. Have a good trip people, I'll tag along behind and watch progress with interest!
  14. haha, I think I used up my screen shot quota on the previous round the world trip . I thought about using a DH Dragon Rapide, but it took forever on the Crete to Cape Town rally. I may well join you, having just got back from RTW2015.
  15. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Certainly Neal, I'll tidy up my list. It's basically FSX plus Playsim airports of UK and Ireland, including Channel Islands, Scilly, Isle of Man etc. Another thing I did was fly a Beaver seaplane around the coastline, investigating all the rivers and islands... How the long winter evenings fly past