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  1. Bruce R

    CRJ700 MAX ALT FL380?

    Have a look at this site. It state's, amongst other data, max height is FL410. Bruce R
  2. Just wanted to say that after downloading and installing version 1020 the problem has been fixed. Thanks Aerosoft for the update. Bruce R
  3. I have downloaded and installed Navigraph cycle 1712 rev 1. This download includes the Digital Aviation CRJ 700/900. With the CRJ I have been trying to enter a STAR and approach, but each time I click on the approach the computer freezes and eventually crashes. My flight plan is this; NZAA (Auckland) to NZQN (Queenstown), New Zealand. Depart Ak RWY 23, Lengu2P Kapai Y320 Dovot Ubdam2B for Qn RWY 23. The Ubdam2B STAR takes you from Dovot to Ugped. The approach RNV23-Y takes you the rest of the way between mountains to the airport, but as mentioned when clicking on the RNV23-Y entry it crashes the computer. I’ve tried entering the Ubdam2B waypoints manually then entering the RNV23-Y approach but the computer still crashes. I put this problem to the Navigraph forum. A member of the development team was able to enter the STAR and approach correctly. However, he realised he had CRJ version so he updated to With this latest version he now has the same crashes I have described when entering the approach. I’ve noticed another recent topic entitled “CTD when programming FMS”. It seems this may be the same problem. I have W10, P3D V4.1 Are you able to offer any fix? Bruce Ross
  4. Bruce R

    Heading Hold

    Are you missing turning the AP on? Bruce R