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  1. Another Aerosoft decision i can not understand. There are many great airports which were never made in FS. For Singapore there is a high quality payware coming up soon. If you need inspiration: Cairo, Perth, Johannesburg, Cristchurch, Auckland, Darwin, AbuDhabi, Nadi
  2. Hi gents, I wanted to ask if we can expect a update for LSZH Zurich v2 with moving jetways as well?
  3. Repaint request

    ETH767_Magnus thank you very much for the Helvectic paint!
  4. Repaint request

    Here are my gentle requests Helvetic Airlines A319 HB-JVK http://imgcdn.airliners.de/2013/05/a319helvetic_1d14d88c55bcc346cf593b0499b42383_rb_600.jpg EasyJet Switzerland A319 Some private A318s & A319s Belair Switzerland (Air Berlin) HB-IOX http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f5/Air_Berlin_Airbus_A319-112_operated_by_Belair_KvW.jpg
  5. Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    Okay, würd mich wirklich freuen! schreibst du es unter diesem thema wen du dazu kommst? thx! PS: bei diesem bild sieht man wie kräftig die farben sind... http://cdn-www.airliners.net/aviation-photos/photos/9/0/0/2242009.jpg
  6. Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    Hi Who wants to paint this brand new bird? HB-ION! http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-kVzEOGMlH-0/UW7An054myI/AAAAAAAAWH0/QYdBt2Y6oYc/s1600/A321_DAVZG_170413sl.JPG @ david: danke nochmals für die HB-JLT. Irgendwie sind die Farben etwas matt nicht? hast du da das falsche rot erwischt? müsste irgendwie stärker sein nicht? regards Till
  7. Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    Danke für die HB-JLT!!!
  8. Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    Any chance doing this baby? I would very much appreciate it!
  9. Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    Hi David Is the HB-JLT project still alive? Sorry, i do not want to stress you :-)
  10. Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    I just spotted another small detail. Do you see the yellow markings on the wings just at the end of the flaps? and there are markings on the cargo doors too... http://www.flickr.co...ter/8538768215/
  11. Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    Hi looking forward to it :-) thanks for your work!
  12. Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    an additional video. inside the winglets there is also the swiss cross....
  13. Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    Hi Dandy Nice one! where or when i can get it? Please note: the first a320 for swiss equiped with sharklets will be the HB-JLT and please have a look at the paintings on the winglets. they are not blank. i don't now how it will be a the inside but i guess they will be the same as outside... Edit: i just saw it...WIP
  14. Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    Hi guys Is it possible to create the brand new HB-JLT from Swiss for Airbus Extended. The aircraft will join the fleet today and is the first Airbus with winglets for Swiss. http://www.flickr.co...ter/8538768215/ I would appreciate the livery very much. Till
  15. Hi Oli I think it is problem by aes! When I delete the aes foler under aerosoft in fs2004 main files then it seems to work. If the aes folder is in the fs9 structure then the scenery crash. if firstly copied the files to the fs9 files and then run the setup... thanks for your help. best regards till PS: mit fs2004 structure meine ich das fs9 hauptverzeichnis in dem alle dateien gespeichert sind...