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  1. Would that be also applicable if Aerosoft would be sitting in China? That's what i'm trying to say: depending on where they got their company sitting, we won't be able to do much against them but boycott them. And i don't think it's a strange leap of mind when I say that such things would not happen if we weren't as careless. The point is: Someone had a terrible idea about offering a service in something that is very well known to have security issues. People accept that terrible idea and store their data in something that is (Not necessarily to them, because who would have told them?) known to have security issues. I see it as hanging a nice piece of meat around your neck, and standing in front of some Lions, and expect not to be attacked.
  2. Actually, they didn't necessary break any laws with that. For once, it depends on where you actually buy the Software, in what country and so on. German law certainly doesn't apply here, neither does dutch law. You might life there, but you didn't buy the product there. And to break german law with that, the passwords and usernames would have to be stored encrypted. And i'm not sure Chrome actually does that. Id they weren't encrypted.... bad luck. Let's just say it's complicated. Also, is it unethical? Yes, but we don't really have the moral high ground to actually point at others and call their actions unethical. Unless you are living in a third world country, then you actually have the moral high ground. So... What they did was bad, no question asked. But it also revealed a few issues we got these days: Browsers that can store passwords and usernames is one of the issues, seriously.... it's the worst idea in the hiostory of browsers. You are constantly connected to the Internet with them, and download Data and send data to servers. There always have been security holes in browsers, and there always will be. It's just one of the worst places to store passwords and usernames. Another issues is of course people accepting and using such Functionality, because no one ever told them about the security risk. Those issues should be addressed, people should be made more aware of security risks. They should also made aware of things like WhatsApp and their parent company Facebook, and what they actually do with privat data they collect. And there is countless other companies that sell privat Data.... that People give them with their free will... just cause they don't know better. Or accepting of about every Programm thats send with an eMail. Making people aware of such risks, would decrease the threat a lot already. Sure it won't go away. But this maleware FSLabs used would never have existed if people weren't so careless with their Data.
  3. There is competition between each other. Everyone tries to get customers to their System. Oculus isn't fully compatible with SteamVR to beging with. Oculus also seeks more exclusive Content for their glasses, that won't work on any other glasses. Sooner or later you end up having to ponder what VR System you want to get, to play exclusive titles. That's the direction it's heading to already. And there has a consumer solution in the 90s, from Nintendo and one or two other companies. It also makes a difference if I spend another 700 Euro for a Vive, or 450 on a Oculus. And believe it or not, most Simmers i know, (and Gamers I know) don't want to spend that additional amount of money. You already spend thousands on a 1080Ti's and several screens, so most i know really don't go that step further. (I refrain from quoting you Mathijs) Yes I know that people love VR at shows and expos. But the amount of those people that really buy glasses is very low at the moment. And overall there still isn't a big market for VR yet out there. I can't imagine that the percentage of FlightSimmer is much larger then the overall Market share of Vive and Oculus. (Correct me if i'm wrong.) And es, Home cockpits are expensive, much more expensive then the glasses. But i personal, actually do build the home cockpit. I rather spend the additional money. But, it actually is more immersive then then a Vive or Oculus. If you have a video Beamer setup. Though, that's just me i guess. Been there and did try VR glasses, in fact i own a GearVR for my Galaxy. (Which i never use) And as awesome at it is in the beginning, and as much immersion it can give one, it's quickly broken once you have to operate a switch or knob. And i still don't understand why no one combines VR glasses with Data Gloves, that would actually bring VR a heck of a lot closer towards total immersion. Yeah, VR might become a really big thing sometime in the next ten years maybe. (After it has died down for two of three years maybe) Pretty much like 3D TV's, it's gonna be silent til the next big advance in technology.
  4. Huge difference though. Virtual Cockpits didn't require Special hardware. And especially not special hardware that's trying to be the exklusive deal. Right now we got SteamVR, Facebook, and some a few other Standards that compete with each other. And especially Facebook jumps onto "Everything should be exclusive for our system!"- Bandwagon. Which won't help VR at all. At the end it will likely end up the same way as 3D TVs did. The huge gigantic majority of People still doesn't care for VR. It just returns every couple years and gets hyped, before it dies down again. It's still to inconvenient in to many cases, and to expensive, to take off anytime soon.