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  1. If you can afford it, why not? Sounds like a good system to me.
  2. PatrickZ

    "SPEED, SPEED" on approach

    The regular approach speed for an aircraft that size is around 140 kts, although it depends a bit on the weight and flap configuration. With 130 kts you weren't far off, but just a little too slow. At 140 kts you're always more or less good, so I always use that.
  3. I wouldn't do it if I were you. I admit that it comes with a rather descent CPU, but the rest of the system sucks. 8 GB RAM is barely enough for P3D v4, let alone some heavy add-ons. 1 TB HDD buys you a lot of storage, but not a lot of speed. For P3D you really need an SSD. I'm curious to know what you call "fairly priced", just to see if it's worth the money they're asking for it. Maybe you can get something better for the same amount of money elsewhere.
  4. PatrickZ

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    I'd say he's well beyond that. Nothing bad about the other developers, they're absolutely great, but this is more than great.
  5. PatrickZ

    Santiago de Compostela Preview

    There is an update from this developer, but it's not about Santiago de Compostela. In the meanwhile they're also working on Alicante and that's what this update is about. It's coming along nicely.
  6. PatrickZ

    Dutch airports for P3D v4

    Currently there's a lot of construction going on at Lelystad. The runway is being extended and a new apron and terminal are being built. It doesn't like anything like the old Lelystad scenery anymore and would require a whole new development. I guess that'll be done when the construction is finished.
  7. I agree Facebook isn't very convenient. I'm not of Facebook and every time I visit a Facebook page I get a huge popup to login or subscribe. I can say "not now" but that only moves the popup to the bottom of the screen so I still don't see the site in full view. "Not now" in my case means "never", I will never subscribe to Facebook. Why don't they use Twitter instead? Not that I'm on Twitter, but at least I can view it without the huge login banner.
  8. PatrickZ

    Hannover EDDV / GA2

    A lot of airports are needed and Aerosoft has to make choices. They can't do everything at once.
  9. I agree. The landscape of ORBX TrueEarth is stunning, but when it comes to the airports even freeware NL2000 is better. Luckily they're rather compatible, but NL2000 leaves a lot to wish for when it comes to quality. That's where Aerosoft comes in. There is however an advantage in that you don't have to model anything outside the airport that ORBX has already modeled. In such they can be like FSDG "lite" airports.
  10. PatrickZ

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Then there's good news because FSDG is working on Cape Town. Allright, it'll be a lite airport so nothing outside the airport is modeled, but that's fine. Release is scheduled for next month, but you can never say that for sure. And Panama was released lately by FSimStudios. I don't have it, but from the pictures it looks good and it's P3D V4 compatible.
  11. From what I understood it would need some work. Some of the scenery can be ported over, other parts would need to be redeveloped. The developer of Dublin is currently working on Geneva. From my point of view I'd say halt the development of Geneva for a while and make Dublin compatible first. Does that mean I don't want Geneva? Of course I do, but I want Dublin more. After they've finished Dublin they can move on with Geneva, it'll only have to hold for a little while. That'll be worth it. Of course, that's just my opinion. Others are free to think different.
  12. PatrickZ

    GPU Bottleneck

    Seems very good to me, nothing wrong with that. The CPU and RAM certainly won't be a bottleneck for the 1070. The difference between the i7-4770 and i7-6700K isn't that big and since P3D doesn't lean that much on the CPU the difference will be very small. If I were you I'd spend my money on the 1070 now and keep the current CPU and RAM for a while more. In a few years they'll be up for replacement, replacing them now would be a waste of money since the difference with new is very small.
  13. PatrickZ

    GPU Bottleneck

    That depends on your current hardware. If that's reasonably up-to-date I'd say a new GPU, but if it's outdated then you may better get a new CPU first. With old outdated hardware a new GPU might never be able to reach it's full capabilities, it's then being held back by the rest of the system.
  14. PatrickZ

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    PadLabs has done Dublin V2 for X-Plane 11 and lots of folks assumed they'd publish it for P3D v4 as well, but that was not to be. Strange because they're no stranger to P3D v4 development. They're currently developing Geneva which will be for P3D v4. So hereby a request to PadLabs to convert the existing Dublin V2 for X-Plane to P3D v4.
  15. PatrickZ

    GPU Bottleneck

    I don't agree. I have a GTX970 myself and to me it's not a bottleneck. Sure the 1070 performs better, no doubt about that, but it works allright with the 970 even with add-ons like ORBX Netherlands TrueEarth HD installed. Frames are reasonable, nothing to complain.
  16. Not really, the difference would be negligible. With specialised software you'd be able to measure it, but we're talking about milliseconds here. It's not worth the money.
  17. The joystick you mentioned already has a rudder axis built-in, so when you have that you don't need rudder pedels anymore. You only need pedels if you have a joystick without a rudder axis. Of course there is also the auto-rudder function for when you got neither, but that's not very realistic. You may not really need a thrust lever, but it does make flying a whole lot easier. It gives you more control over how much thrust you apply. And since it costs nothing extra I'd just do it if I were you.
  18. PatrickZ

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    No, it isn't. If you cared to read it has always been FSX/P3D. Maybe it will be converted to X-Plane at some point in the future, but that hasn't been decided yet. For now everything you see is P3D.
  19. PatrickZ

    Brussels International preview

    A bit off-topic, but Brussels certainly isn't the only capitol airport scenery missing in P3D. Dublin and Prague are missing too. Madrid and Lisbon are coming up but haven't been released yet. Bratislava is a missing capitol as well, but even more off-topic because it was never done by Aerosoft.
  20. PatrickZ

    Santorin X and Corfu X

    No, they aren't. Not on the list. They might work or they might not. You can try at your own risk, don't blame anyone if it doesn't work.
  21. PatrickZ

    SUPERSTOL Aircraft for FSX Payware

    I'm thinking about the AN-2, about the best STOL aircraft ever built. So to speak it can land and take-off at a piece of land the size of a poststamp.
  22. PatrickZ

    carenado saab 340 usa lveries

    Seems like the United Express livery doesn't exist yet, however a good number of other liveries like American Eagle and Delta Connection can be found on Avsim. I guess it's only a matter of time before somebody does United Express.
  23. I also got the feeling that some developers don't take system demands into consideration when they're developing a product. They just want to make it look as good as possible, which is understandable. But what good does that do if 90 percent of all computers don't meet the demands for their product? If the developers could lower the quality of their products just a little bit, for some people this would make the difference between being able to run it and not being able to run it.
  24. PatrickZ

    Daytona P3D?

    I guess so, but can't say for sure. Daytona Beach was done by Jo Erlend Sund and he made most of his other products P3D v4 compatible. Sometimes it can be a bit annoying to see a product being updated to X-Plane but not to P3D v4. Personally X-Plane doesn't bother me. As soon as I see X-Plane I've seen enough, it's not for me. But that's just my personal opinion, I can imagine other people think different.