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  1. I think you mean the PMDG 777 as Aerosoft doesn't have a 777 of it's own but does resell for PMDG. However PMDG does run it's own support forum. Better ask your question there.
  2. PatrickZ

    PC Specs

    8 GB RAM memory? That's definitely not a good idea. It might work, but for good performance you need at least 16 GB RAM or even better 32 GB. Otherwise this could really become a bottleneck.
  3. I always got a bad feeling when it comes to ready-made PCs, usually they're not that good. Occasionally there's a good one, but mostly there's always something about them that's not completely as you desire. The best PCs are custom-made. They're tailored to your wishes, exactly as you want them to be. And it doesn't have to be more expensive than a ready-made PC, in fact it's mostly cheaper. The better computer shops can have a PC custom built for you. If they can't, don't buy there! It tells something about the level of service in the shop. Alternatively, you can buy a pile of parts and build it yourself. It's not extremely difficult. I can tell you a story from a guy who also bought a ready-made PC a few years ago. Everything worked great until he decided he needed a better video card. He took the old video card out and put the new one in, and the computer didn't boot. What turned out to be the problem? The producer of the PC had calculated that with it's original hardware the PC would never consume more than 200 watt, so they put a 200 watt PSU in it. However the new video card required a bit more, so he also had to replace the PSU in order to get the new video card to work.
  4. PatrickZ

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Aerosoft has already stated multiple times that they won't make an A380, the chances of this happening are absolutely zero.
  5. PatrickZ

    Bojote's Tweaking and Tuning tool

    Weeks? I believe it's about 2 or 3 years ago they went down. It just doesn't exist anymore. Furthermore I agree with Mopperle, you don't need it. Except for the highmemfix the default configuration is mostly the best you can have. On top of that, we're seeing a shift from FSX to P3D. Should any fixes ever have been needed for FSX, P3D certainly doesn't need them. Therefor for P3D this tool would have been useless anyway. At the moment P3D v4 is by far the most used platform, FSX is on it's way out.
  6. PatrickZ

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Frankfurt-Hahn is another cargo hub, unfortunately still missing in P3D v4. The current scenery is not yet compatible. Might be an idea for the future.
  7. PatrickZ

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Just read the preview topic, all you need to know is in there. Orly is in development by Jetstream Designs. Daytona Beach is one of the products that should work fine in P3D v4 but is not yet officially compatible. Therefor nobody can be held responsible if it doesn't work.
  8. PatrickZ


    There is a dedicated topic for requests:
  9. And if you want to go even wider, I'd recommend the Matrox Triplehead2Go Digital Edition. This is kind of a "monitor splitter", so you can have 3 monitors next to each other. Since the Triplehead2Go is connected to only one DVI port on your computer your computer sees these three screens as one very wide screen. However with special software that comes with this device it's also possible to use each screen individually if you prefer that. I have this device myself and I'm very satisfied about it. My three screens aren't even that big (3x 17"), but I have them mounted to a LX Series Triple Display Lift Stand so I only got one "foot" on my desk. The combination is over a meter wide (110 cm) and slightly curved eventhough the screens are flat but the stand isn't. Alltogether I got a 3840 x 1024 monitor resolution (3x 1280 x 1024).
  10. All of those are already available for P3D v4, although not from Aerosoft. Dusseldorf is available from JustSim, Amsterdam from FlyTampa, Paris Charles de Gaulle from Taxi2Gate and Orly is in development by Jetstream Designs, Corfu from FlyTampa and Lisbon from MK Studios. Of course the quality varies, they're not all equally good, but at least you got something to use. Anyway, I'm very pleased to see Madrid finished. I knew it was in development, but I never expected it to be this far already.
  11. PatrickZ

    Brussels International preview

    Of course it wouldn't be good if this topic was only about the competing product, I absolutely get that. But on the other hand I feel it has the right to be mentioned. That would also give us the ability to compare and maybe give some reasons to go for this one instead of the competing one. If you're simply removing every mentioning of a competing product that wouldn't feel right, it's as if you're saying "our product sucks and the competing product is much better, but as long as we pretend the competing product doesn't exist people will think this is the only one and still buy it". Of course I know the Aerosoft product won't suck, specially when Jo Erlend will be the developer, but to be honest neither does the competing product. I recall the Kiruna preview topic where ORBX Kiruna was mentioned multiple times. That's a competing product as well, how is that any different from this one? Why is ORBX allowed to be mentioned as a competitor but Digital Design / JustSim not? After this has been answered, back on topic. Not that there is anything on topic, development hasn't even started yet. But still, we might discuss how good it will be and how it might be better than the competing product.
  12. The ASK21 isn't the newest product, it was designed for FSX / P3Dv2 only. Both are quite outdated platforms. Perhaps you'd be interested in the upcoming World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator. This is a stand-alone simulator that also includes the ASK21 and some other gliders. It's still in development, not released yet. However it does look promising. As for a yoke and pedals, you can make this as expensive as you want it to be. Surprisingly, the type of aircraft flown doesn't make any difference. You can use the same hardware for a glider and for a jet. Personally I'd recommend the Saitek Pro Flight yoke and pedals, they're not too expensive and really good. I think they're one of the most used yokes and pedals amongst flight simmers, I've got them myself as well.
  13. PatrickZ

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    There is an Aerosoft Toulouse, but it's rather old and not P3D v4 compatible.
  14. PatrickZ

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Gatwick and Edinburgh are available from UK2000 as well as a whole lot of other UK airports. Madrid is known to be in development, although there is no preview topic yet. Bilbao is available from both ORBX and TropicalSim.
  15. PatrickZ

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Milviz is already working on an ATR for FSX/P3D.
  16. My first advice would be an SSD, that's absolutely essential. The speed difference between HDD and SSD is far bigger than the difference between GTX960 and GTX1080. HDDs are fine for storage of large volumes of data that are hardly being used and therefor don't require much speed (backups and such), but anything that demands even the slightest bit of speed (and P3D v4 does) is best run from an SSD. Personally I got two SSDs in my system. One is my system drive and contains Windows and the rest of the software like Office and such, the other one contains P3D and my add-ons. Then I got a HDD for storage of data (installers, documents, music, movies, etc). I got to say that, except for the data drive, the system is bloody fast. Allright, I got to admit, one of my SSDs is a Kingston KC1000, one of the fastest SSDs out there. This does make a difference.
  17. PatrickZ

    Airport Kiruna preview (P3Dv4)

    Usually when screenshots like these come along I'm excited, it's a high quality development. However, comparing them with the screenshots for ORBX Kiruna the choice seems obvious. This developer needs to be a magician to beat that quality. I will be keeping an eye on this topic, maybe it does turn out good. Maybe the developer does turn out to be a magician and somehow is able to deliver better than ORBX. Chances are small, but you never know.... Don't get me wrong, I'm sure whoever is developing this is an excellent developer. Only in this case being an excellent developer just isn't good enough. The reason: wrong choice of airport. Any other airport in this quality I would have bought instantly upon release, but I'm afraid not this one.
  18. PatrickZ

    Best AI addon?

    As for flying offline, you can always compile your own traffic files. Basically a traffic file consists of three components, namely: - Aircraft (a list of AI aircraft installed on your system you want the traffic file to use) - Airports (a list of airports you want your AI aircraft to visit) - Flightplans (a list of what plane flies from where to where at what time and under what flight number) Each of those can be written in a text file and together those text files can be compiled into a BGL file for Flight Simulator. You can either write your own or use some pre-written. Alpha India Group offers them for a huge number of airlines for free. It takes a lot of work, but you can perfect your AI traffic to exactly match your wishes.
  19. PatrickZ


    First of all I'd like to point out that if you have any requests, there is a place for them: Second, I think you'd be pleased to hear that not one but two developers are already working on Madrid. It hasn't officially been announced yet, but it's known to be in development. At least one of those developers will publish through Aerosoft.
  20. PatrickZ

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    I could press the upvote button, but that would be too general. I can be more specific by saying I do support Hannover. The 787-10 will in time be done by QualityWings as part of their 787 package which already contains the 787-8 and 9. The A350 and A380 have often been requested and just as often been turned down, they just won't be done. Personally I don't care about them.
  21. PatrickZ

    Geneva Professional preview

    Is this the same as this one?:
  22. PatrickZ

    Geneva preview

    Is this the same as this one?
  23. PatrickZ

    Airport Geneva XP

    I assume the version for P3D v4 is this one: Or this one (why does Geneva have two preview topics anyway?): If not, that would mean there would be two different Geneva sceneries in development which would be a waste of development capacity. Personally I don't care one single bit about X-Plane, I only fly P3D v4. As soon as I see X-Plane I know, that's not for me. However in this light I got a question. It's known that the developer of Geneva for P3D, and I assume that's you, is also the developer of Dublin. The current Dublin scenery was ported over to X-Plane, but was never ported over to P3D v4. To this day there is still no Dublin scenery that works in P3D v4. So my question is, will you port over Dublin to P3D v4. To me (but that's just my opinion) that's more important than yet another X-Plane scenery.
  24. PatrickZ

    Santiago de Compostela Preview

    I'm glad to hear that the development of Madrid is still going strong, but this also rises a question as both you and SimWings are working on a new version of Madrid. Both you and SimWings publish through Aerosoft, but Aerosoft only publishes one scenery per airport. Which one will that be? Last time I checked your Madrid scenery was further into development than SimWings who had only just started. Of course this doesn't mean anything, SimWings is known to be a fast developer so they might catch up on you. But if you keep developing you might be able to release before them. The first release is always a bonus.
  25. Have you got any proof for that because it's the first time I hear that. All my life people have been saying above 25 fps the human eye doesn't see the difference anymore. That's what everyone is saying, including me. I can't see the difference either, and believe me when I say I have looked at it.